Sunday’s Service… Manchester, England: New Islington's Noise!

Damn! Manchester had me feeling that Birthday hangover in the worst way! 31 was not treating me well after that Canal Street, Manchester night-out! Revisiting Ancoats gave me another flashback moment, New Islington's preppy eateries refused my paper so I headed to the Northern Quarter. Manchester, I didn't have the mental capacity to deal with those refusals! No!

The Rochdale Canal had me following its calm man-made waterway, the Royal Mills in Ancoats had found me once again! Reunited with that Victorian former cotton mill, that initial 2014 Manchester visit threw itself at me so I wouldn't forget! During that 'Sunday's Service', truthfully all I wanted was something to eat and drink because turning that extra year older had me feeling delicate with all of that alcohol onboard, I wasn't about to take kindly to any mistakes. The walk from my hotel allowed me to trust Manchester once again, during that Sunday mid-morning time the streets showed me the way from the city centre over to Ancoats without any issues. New Islington? Yes, before my visit to Manchester I had looked at places that would be along the canal-side. Making my way past the Royal Mills had to be done, those researched views from Google Maps could only then come to life. I had one place in mind to eat, Pollen Bakery had a lot to live up to and for this reason I was excited! With only cash in my man-bag, I wasn't playing! 

Of course, Manchester continued to school me with new facts and landmarks served but most of all, I felt a sense of 2014 with me. During that original trip to Manchester, I had the advantage of living in Birmingham within a central location. 2021 had me appreciating that city centre location within Manchester for the trip, it allowed me to soak up a once lived in situation. New Islington's Cotton Field Wharf & Marina had me looking at something shiny and new, it looked like a very expensive Manchester M postcode for sure! With already feeling a sense of geographical dysphoria, those new build canal-side apartments had me imagining my life as potential 'UK Hun' for a quick second! Ey! Those New Islington Marina views may have dazed me for a short period of delusion but getting back my life in China is the main priority, sorry Manchester! Regardless, I loved the aesthetic around the marina just because it was all very of the time and a world away from my current West Midlands home. New Islington, are you sure?

For a Sunday afternoon, the eateries along New Islington's own Marina Promenade were positively buzzing with people who were eating their overpriced bites and shakes. I made my move on Pollen Bakery, at first I ordered three things but without any 'plastic' I was denied my order. To be honest I wasn't going to fight or contest that outcome because the energy would remain positive being my 31st birthday, I didn't feed into that 'contactless only' energy. Sure as I might, I tried two further preppy looking establishments but the same 'card only' situation occurred both times. It wasn't meant to be, Manchester had another plan for me. Trying to conserve my spends, I saw it fit to carry cash around with me, the method to my madness did save me because I wasn't allowed to spend any of it! Walking away from that missed dining opportunity, the scenery around the wharf and marina impressed me much, it all looked fancy! The Chips Building? I was about to be fronted by a rather interesting looking development. Yes! 

Moving in a counterclockwise motion, the Rochdale Canal wasn't in my view because it was replaced by the Ashton Canal. The Chips Building stood before me, its high level of modernity alongside the aged canal-side showcased the perfection juxtapose. Developed by Urban Splash, the Chips Building shared its location with the 17th century built canal way. Much development had taken place since that first 2014 visit to Manchester, during that 'Sunday's Service' in 2021 allowed me to see something completely different. Well, after some reading I found out that Manchester's Chips Building was completed in 2009, seriously where was it hiding before in 2014? Now, that's some shady shade! Still without any lunch I was getting progressively more hungry and with that the hangover continued to progress awfully. Manchester's Sunday light allowed me to appreciate the city from a different angle, it had all been part of my plan! I daren't look at how much those New Islington apartment cost because I want one! Not this, no way, M! 

Eastern Bloc was not messing, they were more than willing to accept my cash money! Northern Quarter's own Stephenson Square had been ignited with a spark, the makers market was in full swing that Sunday afternoon. Not feeling like getting embroiled within that maddening pedestrian crowd, I took my seat within the outdoor seating area at Eastern Bloc. Ordering a BLT had to be done to help soak up those liquid decisions from the morning just gone by, to add something warming to that chilly November afternoon I ordered the potato and leek soup because I could! Not wanting a cold drink because I just didn't want one, I ordered a latte because I needed the caffeine to keep me afloat until I could get myself back to my Premier Inn hotel room. Whilst my order was being put together I couldn't help but stare out at the nearby market with a puzzled view, weren't and aren't we still deep in a pandemic situation still? People had certainly lost the need to wear their masks, well I was a fine one to judge! It seemed chaotic.

My food tasted amazing, if truth be told the soup didn't last long because it did just the trick! The BLT lasted me a little longer, I ended up finishing it during my walk back to my hotel. The latte helped me out, it was just enough to give me that kick but the damage had been done already! From those preppy outlets along the Cotton Field Wharf Marina, protecting my energy I loved those rejuvenated New Islington canal views. Consider my money saved! Thanks! The flashback at the Royal Mills had me feeling those 2014 feels, to be a student without a care in the world! Let me go back? No, I'm far too busy! Chips showed me the epic contrast between those canal tow-paths and modernity, Manchester had also been extremely busy, indeed! Turning the lights down low, my hangover didn't have time for Manchester's Sunday street markets. Those life saving snacks and coffee, they had me centred and refuelled. Manchester's 'Sunday's Service had me feeling delicate, why did I drink so much? Miss thing, don't try and justify this, not today M!  

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Joseph Harrison 


  1. Sunday services are the best one from the new northern quarter and the general assembly kind of things in Manchester. The blog is showing the detail of that place with the visuals of the multiple slots in the that can get the idea of hoping and closing around as well.


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