Life’s A Drag... UK Huns, & Maasai Warriors & Military Uniforms!

UK Hun!? No, I'm not talking about Ruruvision because UK Series 3 brought us a whole lot of chaos during October 2021! Rewinding slightly, AllStars 6 brightened my June teatime like a Thursday tonic. Pandora Boxx was right, life is just 'Ri-dicc-dicc-dicc-ulous!' Yes, 'Ridiculous!' From Maasai Warriors to those army uniforms, drag is valid in every living life form! Yes, it is! 

Serving what!? Victoria Scone entered the Werk Room as the first AFAB queen in Drag Race herstory, Ru knew the score! Opening the doors, UK Series 3 showed us that RuPaul had cast a stellar bunch of queens, many of whom stood fresh in their careers! AFAB? That means 'Assigned Female At Birth', sure the Drag Race machine is changing but baby we need to see Victoria on Series 4 in 2022! Let's just say that Ms. Scone had a little injury but she'll be back for her Rudemption soon! Don't hate her because she's beautiful, Choriza May became the UK's first 'Reina Immigrante!' I stayed ready for that Spanish/UK crossover, I had missed the excellence served by 'Drag Race España!' Echa, Echa, Echa Pa' Why Aye Man! Bringing 'British-Singaporean Energy', River Medway served her best drag with that show-stopping '旗袍' Realness! River, 加油! Vanity Milan told us that 'the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice! What's for dinner? Dirty Rice! Misteeq's Alesha Dixon ate up Van's 'Scandalous' lip-sync! Yesss!

Drag beast from the East? Dagenham's Ella Vaday put the funny in Snatch Game with her Nigella Lawson 'Microwaveyy' hilarity! Get her a 'Greggs! Burnley's Elektra Fence gave us spoiled little girl on battery acid during that pre-elimination smackdown! Queen of the Pyramids, Anubis bore the brunt of the 'Brighton Curse' even though she served squid ink on the runway! Screw the elimination order, I'm living my 'Drag Race UK Series 3' fantasy! Home Alone She Better Don't! Scarlett Harlett brought her 'Bianca from Eastenders' to the runway not before that Snatch Game American movie nod! Delivering her own rendition of 'Scary Spice' during that 'Night Of A 1000 Spice Girls', Charity Kase kept her looks scary fantastic! Series 2 veteran, Veronica Green came back for her chance to compete after Miss COVID-19 played god! Ronnie, you're a star! Birmingham born babe, Kitty Scott-Claus was ready to steal that crown but 'Oh My Christ' she was really ready! GC impersonator stole that candy! Krystal Versace won! 

Drag exists in every corner of the world, from the city to the Serengeti there are looks being served! One way or another we all put on our Drag every single day, for those who's Drag means more than a personal statement then please let me delve deeper. Those Maasai Tribe people adorn themselves in brightly coloured fashion, generally the Maasai people prefer to wear red amongst other African prints. The custom to shave their heads can be traced back to a 'coming of age' tradition, signifying other pivotal events marking their life's journey. The Maasai are famed for their elaborate 'Jumping Dance', during the male 'coming of age' ceremony known as 'Eunotu' the category can very much be a musical one. Originating from a 'Nilotic Ethnic Group', the Maasai people mostly live across parts of Kenya and Tanzania. There's no denying that their colours stand out, the Maasai people understand a statement colour! Their Drag is undeniable to see, their style defines their life's customs and path with vibrance. Sure, the Maasai people serve!

Cross-sections of people around the world all have their own way to express themselves, through their Drag their cultural identify can free flow! In India for instance, I have seen exquisitely designed saree's served on the streets of New Delhi. China's brides bring out the finest qipao dresses, such rich blends of red and gold served their Chinese patriotism through style. During my time as an English teacher within a Montessori focussed kindergarten in China, I created many cultural works that depicted national and tribal dress such as those worn by New Zealand's Maori people and Pacific Islanders in Papua New Guinea. Without using the term 'Drag', I was able to show my young learners that regardless of our cultures and locations we all serve a different form of 'Drag'. Sure, one day I really want to visit Africa's Kenya to experience a slice of Maasai culture, to see their everyday tribal Drag! Drag means more than a certain 'Race' reality television series, sure we must look closer to everyday life. Ru, the world is our runway!

Jiggling those titties as World Of Wonder brought AllStars 6 to the runway, I was living for that Thursday evening relief! With all these shows around the world, having a U.S based 'RuPaul' show had me feeling ready to tune into some good American Drag attitude! Jiggly Caliente and Kylie Sonique Love brought a whole new era of 'Female' into the AllStars 6 Werk Room! My prayers had been answered because T.K.B brought Season 6 'What Do You Do Successfully?' Realness to AS6 with that ATL flare! Pandora Boxx brought back that Season 2 excellence from way back in the day! The cast for AS6 was strong, serving 'Elephant Queen' it was time for Eureka O'Hara to upgrade that bridesmaid status to the winning place! Sarena ChaCha brought her snatched wigs back to the competition with a glow up and a half! Akeria C Davenport had me living and then some to see her back on the Race! She wasn't the villain nor the drama but Scarlet Envy presented 'pretty!' AllStars 6 had me loving life once again with that weekly dose! 

AllStars 2 had been the glow up, during that rescue remedy season I loved and lived for the 'Glamour Toad' each week! Back, back, back again, Ginger Minj returned to the competition for AllStars 6 to retake a certain 'Drag Race' journey. Each week, I would genuinely look forward to seeing Ginger during that AS6 season watch! Bringing another kind of 'Purple Reign', a calmer Rajah O'Hara made us all say 'Oh My God!' Filipina powerhouse, Jiggly Caliente came back with her truth radiating on another level during that 2021 moment! Bringing her own milk, glass and bag of cookies, Silky Nutmeg Ganache amazed the viewers from the very beginning! Pouring yet another drink, Silky came back with her own stronger self-poured drink during those legendary lip-syncs! Silky brought that good liquor! Jan's Gran would need to be penning another letter to Mama Ru, the face crack of the season Ru-turned! Of course, I am already gunning for AS7 but we'll get 'UK versus The World' first! Kylie Sonique Love embodied truth, deserving the crown! 

There's not sugarcoating this, I love a man in uniform! Nobody could ever change my mind, I'm nasty like that! Eyesight set on the mankind, serving 'Armed Uniformed Military' Realness will always be my catch of the day! That Drag is snatched, serving like a commander in-chief those Chinese and North Korean guards and suited personnel have given my eyes all they've wanted! There's something about those Tiananmen Square suited, booted and guarding types, well those displays of authority have me under a spell without telling any lies! Being out of that Mainland China location has left me rather unimpressed with the uniformed services in the UK, those vanilla looking brothers are not the ordered category! During the early stages of the first UK Lockdown, I kept seeing reports that the British Army would be patrolling the streets!? Listen Boris, do not threaten me with a good time! I couldn't even get my vaccine administered by a male army personnel, seriously? Miss COVID-19, you know I really need some 中国 authority! 

When I visited a famous official site during my time in Pyongyang, DPRK, that was something else! I was on my absolute best behaviour during that official Kim inspired visit but those guards had me distracted in the best way! I had to check my location, it wasn't like Seoul and because of those super sharp uniforms and freshly cut hairstyles, I had to keep it together. My inner-thot kept asking me to breaking the rules, that form of Drag had me caught up in that military finery. Police, Fire Service or any Uniformed Service, I am a sucker for an official looking male wearing get up of authority, now that is my Drag! Bring in the military, start a war, I want to see all of those choreographed routines and drills ten times and then again! I'm about to get myself into trouble! When I go back to East Asia I will be looking in that direction all again, no question when it comes to that authoritarian style! Drag is multi-faceted, it is beautiful and it breaks down boundaries! When it comes to Drag, there's no question I wouldn't change a single thing! 

Drag Is Life! 

Joseph Harrison


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