Life's A Drag... Miss COVID-19, Drag Race Italia & K-POP Glamour!

Miss COVID-19's world tour might be coming to an abrupt end soon, now that would be some welcome news! Miss Rona, why do you keep trying me? Direct from Italy, Mama Ru brought us a brand new international 'Drag Race' treat! 'K-Pop!?' Yes! South Korea serves those pop bands with the most energy and routines! Give me London's West End theatre but make it 'Drag!' OK!?

Miss COVID-19 really came through with that epic 'World Tour' plan, she had enough energy for a nonstop two year campaign of terror! Thinking she was so fancy, people had 'Miss Rona' giving us a whole new sub-section of slang and terms because she was about to turn our world upside down! Sipping our 'Quarantini's' because when you're bored in the house bored, calling that mixed beverage a 'drink' was not the mood! Over in the USA, I saw that people were making names up for Miss COVID-19, baby we didn't need to give this parasite anymore mind! Tearing through each continent, Miss Rona had us talking about her as if she had just won Miss World because her worldwide pandemic had her name on our lips and inside our minds! Corona wasn't going to keep a good queen down, Mama Ru had her legendary hopefuls locked up because Miss COVID-19 needed to be reminded that 'Drag Race' had already mastered the art of 'isolation' before 2020! Halting life, this toxic trick had me flying back home to the UK! Catch me outside! 

Baby, this deadly diva has transformed herself four times since her debut virus dropped in March 2020! When the news all goes quiet, trust and believe Miss COVID-19 always makes a comeback with a brand new variant! From 'Alpha', to 'Gamma' we really didn't need that 'Delta' collection because Miss Rona had us tripping! Her farewell dates have been booked, 'Omicron' will be the last leg of her 'World Tour' because quite frankly we don't want to drink anymore 'Q'tini's' in another 'Lockdown!' No, we do not! Don't worry Miss COVID-19 because your days of causing 'World Pandemic' Realness will be over soon! Anastasia AstraZeneca, Princess Pfizerina and Maddy Moderna are all coming for your diseased ass, they are all hot to trot with that immunity giving 'Vaccine Sensation!' 2020 and 2021 weren't the mood, neither were they the category, 2022 doesn't have room for a villain like Miss C-19! You won't need to lip-sync Miss 19, 2022 will kick you out! No, we are not jealous of your variants! Consider that 'Herd Immunity!' 

After Chile (The Switch Drag Race), Thailand, UK, Canada, Holland, Spain & Down Under (Australia & New Zealand), the announcement came for 'Drag Race Italia!' Slated for a December 2021 release date internationally on 'WOW Presents Plus' with exclusive coverage within Italy on 'Disvovery+ Italia'. RuPaul had definitely struck up some business with his Italian queens, looking for his first Italian child! Entrusting 'Priscilla' with the head judging role, she had worked tirelessly as a professional Drag performer. 'Pri' had worked hard in Mykonos! Actress and all round television personality, 'Chiara Francini' blessed those six episodes with love and light! Adoro! 'Tommaso Zorzi' became 'Priscilla's' second 'travel companion', being a commentator and media personality, he had no issue making his opinions heard! With only six episodes and eight queens, 'Drag Race Italia' had me appreciating every single second of that debut Italian addition to the 'Franchise!' France, Philippines & UK vs The World need to hurry! 

'Drag Race Italia' premiered during a pivotal time in Italy for LGBTQIA+ Rights, this empowering show sure brought the spotlight on the queens to promote love, sparking their own revolution of love! 'Ivana Vamp' brought her own spin to the 'Race', representing Tuscany with pride! 'Enorma Jean' reminded us that she was 46 years of age, several times she brought her fire and passion! 'Divinity' didn't let her Snatch Game ruin her flawless runway presentations! 'Ava Hangar' broke boundaries, destroying the idea of gender with their statement looks! Signorina Simpatia, was who? Miss 'Luquisha Lubamba' picked herself up each week, remembering what the judges said! Miss Congeniality, Miss 'Luquisha Lubamba's 2007 Britney Spears having a meltdown gave me life! 'Le Riche' grew in confidence, showing her true colours! 'Farida Kant' melted our hearts during the wedding challenge! Becoming victorious, Turin's 'Elektra Bionic' turned it out! The first season of 'Drag Race Italia' has left me wanting Season 2!

Before the UK's second Lockdown, London's legendary West End theatre district benefited from a certain sprinkling of Drag magic! So far several runs of this 'Murder Mystery' style 'Dragatha Christie' theatre show has included the likes of Holly Stars and Myra Dubois. Drag Kings have trodden the boards of this smash hit 'West End' show such as; 'Kemah Bob' and 'LoUis CYfer' during the earlier run. From RuPaul's Drag Race in the U.S came the fabulous 'Monét X Change', 'Willam' and 'Courtney Act!' Collectively their presence within the show gave a certain USA and Aussie charm! Staying with the cast after COVID restrictions lifted, 'Willam' RU-turned to Death Drop alongside RuPaul's Drag Race UK's 'Vinegar Strokes'. V became the new Lady of London! By some miracle Death Drop's 2021 run served 'Out Of Office' Realness, scooping Drag Race Down Under's 'Karen From Finance' out of Australia's bulletproof lockdown! Keeping it up for the Kings, 'Richard Energy' and 'Georgia Frost' served astoundingly sharp masculine make-up!

As England and the rest of the UK emerged from the depths of the third Lockdown, Tuckshop took over London's Garrick Theatre in the 'Draggiest' of ways! No Pantomime Dames or token characters, these new 'Drag' shows on the 'West End' served their own headlining energy! Ranging from Ginny Lemon to Pan Asian troupe 'Bitten Peach', a whole host of queens, kings and performers took to the stage! The Cocoa Butter Club's 'Sadie Sinner', 'Darkwah', 'Chiyo', 'Lasana Shabazz' and 'Amazi' all took to the stage at the Garrick Theatre. Black Excellence? I do think! 'Juno Birch' and 'Liquorice Black' both amazed those Post-Lockdown Drag loving audiences with Tuckshop on the 'West End!' Many other acts became a part of that amazing collective of Drag on the 'West End', they glittered! Oh, Death Drop went on a full on theatre tour, cementing there's a nationwide demand for performing theatre Drag in the future! Come on Tuckshop take your performances on a nationwide tour! Drag belongs on every stage! Slay!

South Korea's 'K-Power' stretches from Drama Series, Health & Beauty products but one musical element Drag's things up to another level entirely! I first took 'K-POP' seriously during 2015, I was living in Wuhan, China and 'The Wonder Girls' comeback hit 'I Feel You' was pumped into the streets of my local Guang Gu area most days! I was hooked, I needed to know more and from that moment I loved 'K-POP!' It's not the 'be-all and end-all' when it comes to Korean music because both Korea's have music genres away from the infectious beats of 'K-POP!' No, don't start me on DPRK's 'Moranbong Band!' These 'K-POP' performers epitomise the standards of 'K-Beauty' with their en-trend hairstyles, co-ordinated fashion and that flawless skin! 'K-POP's' Boy Bands always have me taking a second and third look, 'IKON' had me feeling my own 'Love Scenario' when I saw their 'K-POP' cool style! Don't get it twisted, I am not nor will ever be a 'KoreaBoo!' Lets 'appreciate' rather than 'appropriate!' 감사합니다 for the music! Thank you, K! 

During my two previous visits to Seoul, South Korea, even at the AirportExpress platform at Gimpo Airport those Korean men had their hairstyle did right and their complexion smooth! That 'K-POP' standard might be questionable to other presentation approaches in other parts of the world but this Drag transcends into the everyday public in Korea. Sure, I was more than distracted! 'Queen' nightclub on 'Homo Hill' in Seoul's Itaewon had me clocking those Seoul guys knowing their 'K-POP' routine to the finest detail! The female groups command attention like their male counterparts, such groups like '4MINUTE' and 'Girls Generation' have laid the 'K-POP' foundations for Girl Bands like 'Twice' and 'BlackPink!' With their choreography snatched, the near perfect next-generation of 'K-POP' groups high kick with their catchy Korean anthems with a few memorable English phrases thrown in for good measure! Pretty 'CAMP' if you ask me! Being popular in Mainland China, I could always stay up with the latest sounds! 전설상의! 

한국의 힘! K-Power! 

 Joseph Harrison


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