Rollin' On The River... Scotland's Firth Of Forth!

My final full day in Edinburgh, Scotland found me making another connection to another new place. I had my plan, heading for that pre-booked train, I had some amazing scenic spots ahead of me! ScotRail took me there, from Waverley Station to Dalgety Bay via Dalmeny, no mistakes were made. Edinburgh knew that I was ready for some serious sights but was the weather? Sure!

Dalmeny? That was what the train station was called, located closest away from South Queensferry I took that chance. Amidst those Edinburgh plans that I made during Lockdown 2, I had mapped out a self-guided visit from Edinburgh to see South Queensferry, the Forth Bridge, Dalgety Bay and to have a Full Scottish Breakfast. As the world returned to some normalcy, well enough for me to make those bookings secure, I worked out that I could comfortably take the train from each point to point with a bit of walking to and fro for good measure. As easy as pie, my ScotRail train arrived into Dalmeny Station just before 09:30 in the morning. Walking the short way from the station to the picturesque settings of South Queensferry showed me a few surprises. Emerging from the wooded walkway from the station, I found myself in the heart of South Queensferry's stunning riverside village centre. Getting my life, I had the main street all to myself! Now, I wasn't mad that it was early on because I had a great day ahead of me. Get it, Q!

Being slap bang in the middle of the main street gave me life, I had finally made it all the way to South Queensferry to make those plans an actual living reality! I loved the chocolate-box feel, the small shop fronts had me feeling as if I was in another world. As I looked for my breakfast spot, something caught my eye, distracting me! I said 'Good Morning' to the 'Forth Bridge' before I had expected to meet it, I welcomed that impromptu morning greeting. Captivated by the bridge, that interaction would needed to be picked up later on because I had things to do! Seeing the Scottish flag flying along the main street reminded me that I was in Scotland still, I wanted to stay just a little longer. Finally meeting South Queensferry felt correct, the cobbled streets and picture postcard houses that faced the 'Firth of Forth' made my heart smile, it was like breath of fresh air. Actually, talking about 'breath' because the air tasted fresh for once, it was like breathing with new lungs for a moment! Edinburgh wasn't actually that far from there! 

My first interaction with the formidable 'Forth Bridge' was a hazy one, the clouds still had that rail bridge covered in a mysterious layer that inhibited my view a little. Giving it some time, after locating my breakfast location I walked down to the harbour that fronted South Queensferry's first class view of the 'Firth of Forth' and 'Forth Bridge. I wasn't bothered about North Queensferry because that Victorian megastructure was the only true contender! Completed in 1890, this bridge was called the 'Symbol of Scotland' surely with the history behind it and the sheer size of it, I would hope that it is still revered as a 'Symbol!' Alright? My Maternal Granddad told me that during this marathon running days, he had raced across the 'Forth Bridge!' With that family milestone told to me, I had no reason to not visit the 'Forth Bridge!' I marvelled at the absolute beauty of that almost 'Fife' bridge, spanning a whole 8,094 feet in length, it looked as if it went on forever! Fife? Yes, the 'Forth Bridge' met Fife at the northern exit. An education! 

The water that stood before me had given the bridge its own 'Forth' name. On the way to the North Sea, the 'Firth of Forth' had me staring at an ocean like river, was it even a river? Now, that was and still presents itself as a worthy question! Let me get back to those books! With its 'cantilever' style, the 'Forth Bridge' was the longest in the world after it had be constructed and then opened, but Miss French Canada came for that title! Beating Scotland's own 'Forth Bridge' in 1917, the 'Pont de Québec/Québec Bridge' took the crown as the longest cantilever bridge in the world and right through to present day records it remains the same. Come to think of it, I have seen both bridges in realtime motion! Lucky 'bridging' me! Back to Scotland, the weather that morning was getting warmer as I stood overlooking the 'Forth Bridge', with the view as my own it did feel as if it was mine to soak up, to remember! Scotland's 'Firth of Forth' already knew it possessed a view that was no less than legendary! Bring it back to the 'Forth!' Q, I was hungry! 

England could hold the breakfast for a moment because I wanted to enjoy a Full Scottish Breakfast during that August 2021 visit. Being the time of Corona, I made sure that I checked out those breakfast serving venues in South Queensferry before I took my trip from England to Scotland. Booked and blessed for that breakfast experience, I had my reservations sorted at South Queensferry's 'Ravenous Beastie'. 'Beastie' looked like an inviting prospect from their website offerings. I made sure communication had been made before time because Sturgeon had Scotland under much stricter COVID social distancing protocols, I wanted that breakfast a lot! Rocking up a little bit before my scheduled breakfast reservation time I was able to get an outdoor table that overlooked the main street. Ordering up the whole place, I had that Full Scottish Breakfast on the griddle with a bowl of porridge on the double! My pot of coffee gave me that caffeine fix, I needed every single drip drop drank! OK! That photo was no joke, I waited so. 

Those Scottish breakfast settings were just right, my Full Scottish Breakfast arrived right on time! Beginning with the Scottish porridge was the winning choice, those oats tasted silky smooth! Hands down, that bowl of Scottish porridge was the best I had ever tasted, period! Nobody could tell me anything different that the 'Ravenous Beastie' had gone and served the best breakfast in town! Yes! Fight me! Building myself up, I then tucked into my Full Scottish Breakfast, that was another taste test that won gold, yes it won gold! Those tattie scones tasted amazing! The square sausage had that flavour! I loved the haggis, that was the second portion of the stuff, now that had been two days in a row! Scotch nationality, please! As one total package, the whole breakfast was an assault on my taste buds in the best way! Full English Breakfasts could royally fly away, I wanted to replace that breakfast meal with the Scottish variation! I needed to walk off that breakfast bonanza, paying for my breakfast, I paid my compliments. Bye!

Taking Station Road, I found myself surrounded by the same wooded pathway back to Dalmeny Station. Taking that Inverkeithing bound ScotRail train across the 'Forth Bridge' had me rolling on the river the right way, with the best view in the house! I only had a few stops before my train arrived at Dalgety Bay, it felt amazing to be back on public transit with it feeling so normal. Now, I had an idea where I was supposed to be heading for but my Apple Maps decided to play games, unsettling those charkas it did for sure! Finding a side road, I pulled back the hands of time in my favour with that recalculated route. Taking the right directions, I sensed that the waters that made Dalgety Bay were finally firm in my sights. Meeting my match, that destination was found and it was worth every single step from the station. It didn't take me long before I found a boulder to sit on, that vista wasn't what I had imagined to see but it things were looking flawless all the same. Taking in the view from every possible angle, sure Dalgety Bay looked lovely. Bliss!

The peacefulness and serenity that surrounded me had me feeling as if the city stood a thousand miles away from that chilled Dalgety Bay moment, the noise stood at a safe social distance away from that location. Taking in the views, nature and vibes that fronted me gave me the time to see how beautiful Scotland stood to be in that moment, I had the world where I had wanted it for a long time. I was able to choose my points of interest, I had managed to find that pocket of calm independently, I didn't need to subscribe to any group or program because I had it all covered! Powers restored, the serene nature that made up Dalgety Bay gave me that piece of sanity back, I needed a wee can of Irn-Bru then the train that would take me back to Edinburgh. The morning and afternoon had ran like clockwork, from the ScotRail trains and countless views and tastes, the day had been a success! Breaking beyond those city walls had me the best day ever, I don't follow the crowd because I runaway from it! Did I see the airport from the train? Oh yes, I did! 

Home time? No! You Better Don't! 

Joseph Harrison 


  1. This was a very descriptive exploration of your trip around some truly lovely parts of Scotland. It makes me excited for the time I will eventually be able to visit my sister in Edinburgh when I return to the UK. Love the Scottish breakfast too!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words about my blog post!

      I loved every second of that day, it was just the tonic!

      I am so happy that this has evoked such emotion!

      Thank you!

      Joseph - Desperately Seeking Adventure


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