Flying High… easyJet!

Flying high? Who, me? Going on a plane? For the first time in 18 months? No? Yes, me! On that flight I would board! How had it been a whole 18 months since my last flight? Miss Rona, we need to have a word! It was only going to be a short 50 minute flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh but I was living to have that view from above! EZY took me back up into the clouds!

Telling the truth, I was thankful to have an actual reason to leave my house on the 1st of August 2021! Real talk, taking that Avanti West Coast train service from Wolverhampton Station to Birmingham International during that early morning hour had me excited for once! Life being stuck on this island hasn't been very exciting, I was once used to an international life, one that consisted of long haul international flights and worldwide trips only! Being cut off just a slice, I settled for Scotland because even though I'm fully vaccinated I wasn't about to be paying for those pre and post COVID tests with my vaccinated status! I was very sure, the European continent will have to wait! Anyway, hitting the ground running I found myself at Birmingham Airport, the AirRail Link had been suspended so I had to board the replacement bus, the joys of travelling during a world pandemic, I guess? Time to check in? No, I had pre-checked myself in and had my online boarding pass on my phone! Yes, I was at an actual airport! Pinch me! Don't!

easyJet please forgive me because I'm about go off topic for this next paragraph! There was too much for me process during those early airport terminal moments at Birmingham Airport during that August morning! Emirates and Turkish Airlines were both still flying? That gave me hope because I am trying to return to China and flights are pretty sparse from the Midlands, with that constant connection to the East, it had me thinking! The new extended 'Departures' moment gave me the chance to see Birmingham's upper level in a more professional light, things were looking more 'International' for once! Passing through with zero liquids, I breezed through the actual security checkpoint because the terminal appeared to be really quiet during that August morning. easyJet, I've got you! To even be walking through the 'Duty-Free' gave me actual goosebumps! I'm not being funny, we need that 'Travel Traffic Light System' to end! The 'UK Common Travel Area' might have to do because Rt Hon Grant Shapps ain't even sure! No! 

Sitting down at the departure gate felt surreal, I had not been in an airport location since I had landed back into the UK before the first initial Lockdown. My 2021 destination wasn't China but it gave me some hope that my life will resume with the possibility to fly once again. Arriving from a previous destination unknown, my flight EZY502 was being prepared on the tarmac at Birmingham Airport. It was magical to see the apron buzzing with activity, I had not seen such a sight for 18 months as mentioned before that moment. easyJet was about to take me on that first flight, I remained thankful for that opportunity becoming the real thing. Boarding called our names, the reduced passenger load made our way to our Airbus aircraft. Of course, I had to take my apron side airplane photo because 'Flying High...' deserved a comeback like never before that August 2021 flight up to Scotland. It felt correct to be boarding an aircraft after such a long time! Sadly, those 'Swissport' passenger agents could have watched their Ps and Qs! E, I was listening! 

Had I forgotten how to fasten my seatbelt? No, I will always remember how to do that! Boarding was completed pretty swiftly, our doors had been armed and we were ready for departure. Finding myself in that 22C aisle seat on-board that Edinburgh bound easyJet flight felt absolutely correct, no mistakes or delays had been encountered! Being a small airport, Birmingham's taxiways meant we were lined up on the runway in a north facing fashion! Zooming down the runway, it was a feeling like never experienced before but in the same breath it was like no time had passed since my previous flight from China. Those flying feels won't ever leave me! I had imagined that my first post-pandemic flight would be on a larger jet to a Far Eastern location but easyJet would be the one to Scotland. Maybe, I've mentioned that several times but I'm not bitter because my choices have to deal with the constraints of this ongoing COVID mess.  Anyway, Edinburgh approached and I was thirsty for some in-flight drinks! OK!

Being a short flight from England to Scotland, that didn't stop me from ordering a beverage and a snack in-flight! No! Opting for a chilled 'Dewars' Scotch Whisky and some original flavoured 'Pringles', I already knew what I wanted! Sipping on my Scotch on the rocks in the clouds had me feeling good, my 'Pringles' kept that boozy choice from taking over because I had only had a bagel earlier. People did look at my choice but I didn't care one iota because I had not been 'Flying High...' for one one year and a half, their opinions were not welcomed! Keeping in mind, my flight would be touching down into Edinburgh, Scotland in around 30 minutes. I finished my drink and snack before the attentive crew passed through the cabin with a waste bag. I really took pleasure to enjoy my drink and snack because it felt like a whole occasion, I hadn't had that chance for what felt like an age! I luxuriated in that easyJet in-flight refreshment moment because I could! If time permitted, a second drink? Oh, I'll hold that thought for the next flight!

One massive change to the programme was the presence of face masks, they had been permitted throughout the whole airport experience at Birmingham and I was happy to continue. Yes, I kept mine on! I had to wear a mask on the first flight from Beijing to Abu Dhabi with Etihad in February 2020 due to the heightened presence of COVID measures, I had no issue to continue wearing my mask throughout that Birmingham to Scotland easyJet flight. The crew didn't have any anti-maskers to deal with on-board that flight, they have a job to do and people like that should not be able to travel if they want to play games! I usually take much excitement to talk to the cabin crew on-board my flights but respecting 'social distancing', I decided to stay seated and to leave that missed interaction for another flight in the near future. The crew completed their duties well, it was a very short flight and would be one of many during that day for them to complete. Regardless, it was great to see the easyJet crew working in a normal sense. E, let's fly! 

Honestly, taking the photo that's captured above was so very freeing! To see those clouds below looking like fluffy white marshmallows had me feeling some kind of way, the best kind of way! Being a light flight, I wanted to make the most of the empty rows of seats that looked over the wing. Once the seat-belt sign had been switched off after take-off, I made my way to one nearby vacant row for my easyJet wing photo opportunity. Nobody could tell me anything different, I had to make the most of that super quick flight because it had been a hot minute since I had last been 'Flying High...!' Every moment felt right, the initial speed of the take off would never usually cause a reaction for me but that long lost feeling was great to experience. Each bing and bong made by the in-flight systems gave me life, I was back in the skies once again and those sounds reminded me of that 2019 international jet-set life. Miss Rona, I'm coming for you with a loaded COVID vaccine, you've over stayed and you were never welcome in the first place! Easy!

Leaving the English border behind us, we crossed into Scotland so effortlessly. That milestone of the flight ensured our descent had well and truly commenced. I was feeling all kinds of excited, it was like I had regressed back to a child-like presence because it was like I had never experienced a flight landing into an airport before? Yes, I felt like it was a new experience due to the absence of not being able to travel for such a long time! Disembarking from my EZY502 flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh felt amazing, to be at my destination after feeling so cut off from the world meant the world to me. Edinburgh Airport was perfectly formed even though it was still very subdued during that late-morning time. I managed to find the upgraded airport tram link, taking me from plane to city within 60 minutes ensured my whole airport to final destination experience had been seamless and one I would love to repeat! Some would say that it was just a 50 minute flight, I would say it was an amazing experience! Miss Rona, you really need to leave! 

Thank you, easyJet! 

Joseph Harrison


  1. Yay! I can feel how much you missed flying and this is a much welcomed step in the right direction🥰🎉

    1. Honestly, it was a tonic to be back at an airport and up in the skies.

      I wished I was in the air much longer but baby steps.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Joseph - Desperately Seeking Adventure


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