2021: COVID-19 Has Changed My World: Part 4!

Right now, we in England are facing a pretty grim outlook during what must be the 16th month of restrictions? Damn right, I am angry, I am feeling upset and really hurt that even now I find myself stuck in this COVID nightmare. When football is the priority, sure the government are turning a blind eye to the ongoing super-spreading hooliganism that is going on! Yes, I am mad! 

There's no doubt in my mind that those who enjoy a match or two of football might become passionate on match day, but let me break this down real quick! Like real quick! Scottish fans were told to stay within their border, did they? Did they heck! Making the journey down to London uninvited, they paraded themselves around the city of London for all media outlets to see their loutish ways. Mask wearing? Social distancing? Anti-social behaviour? All of those boxes could be very much unticked with defiance to the lack-lustre attempts to keep un-ticketed fans away from the English capital city. No, we haven't been able to visit the theatre properly or do any civilised things on scale recently because the UK government has seen fit to chastise other things and then so blatantly turn a blind eye to what antics those fans and others got up to during that match day. It's coming home? Don't get me started! We have been hen-pecked by Boris and his gang to follow the rules but when those '3 Lions' wearing football players started. 

Boris's slack ass approach to these 'Test' events really got some of us hot under the collar and enraged in some other way, he had us thinking UEFA officials would be arriving into the country quarantine free for those Wembley Stadium games! For Johnson to show off the UK as a prime candidate for the next qualifying World Cup after Qatar 2022, was he sure? He was! Ever so scarily, he was sure! Making a mockery of the already diabolical border patrol the UK had already messed up and then some during this pandemic, the rules would slide for a football game and a cash injection? Yes! Miss Rona, strike down whoever you want in that top parliamentary box, go on then? I dare you! Cue the victorious winning of England, we had played well against Denmark who definitely tried to do my England dirty, let me take a breather. I get England won, really did we need to see people hanging from London's double decker buses and standing on top of Tube station signs? No, we absolutely did not! Pure hooliganism, Boris! 

Like during much of this ongoing nightmare inducing pandemic, the NHS took the wheel once again in December 2020. I loathe this British Isle of mine right now, sure that is mighty true but the NHS will only get praise from me. They've been the ones working tirelessly in the hospitals whilst those loutish and anti-vaxxing individuals have been so impatient to get back to their precious little lives! The National Health Service remain over-worked, under pressure and continually bitter regarding that insulting 1% pay rise. Let me clearly waft the steam away that is coming out of my ears, believe me I am tired and gamed out right about now! My time came to book my COVID vaccine, during late May 2021 I travelled to my assigned vaccination centre to take my first dose of the Pfizer BionTech jab. Deep down all I want is to get back to China, for me to return to the overseas life that was halted in 2020, the vaccine stood to be my first step to get off this island that I've felt like a prisoner on. One jab down, my second jab will be soon! Jab me!

I have not been shocked at the half-arsed attitude of some health care workers and those who work with those who are vulnerable! This United Kingdom failed to push through a mandate to ensure those working with those most in danger have been vaccinated! Yet again, I question whether I am living in a third world or first world country, Boris and his motley crew continue to blur the lines, making those anti-vaxxers look just as stupid as those stuttering members of parliament. If someone is so selfish to not want to protect the people that they work with, to be vaccinated against such a merciless virus, then they should be stripped of their profession and pop along to the Job Centre. Controversial maybe? I don't think I am the only person to have hardline beliefs that the vaccine should have been made compulsory to those who are medically able to get jabbed. So, care home staff really need to reconsider whether they want their clients to contract the virus from them? That is a firm choice that Boris should have made law! Again?

I am sure I'm not alone by saying how jubilant I was when I saw that Matt Hancock had resigned from his role as Health Secretary on the 26th June 2021! After three lockdowns, countless briefings and him pretending to cry on breakfast television, it was pure relief to see him as the first of Boris's boys to resign. Big man Johnson has been taking it easy with the old human resources duties during this pandemic, that Barnard Castle eye test and leaked WhatsApp messages suggests he had to keep his cards close to his chest. The storage cupboard? Ew, are you sure? That video of Hancock that showed him breaking his own 'Social Distancing' rules had me feeling queasy but enraged at the same time! He was the one who had told us to stay at home, to consider others and to maintain our civic duty that was to keep our distance. People had kept their distance, so many had been robbed of the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones, to attend a funeral and to hug their Nan! Whilst Hancock got frisky with his aide! Fully disgusting! 

He had dithered for so many months and had dodged Piers Morgan's questions, we didn't need a pantomime during this pandemic because Hancock gave us enough entertainment with his standout stuttering and determined back chat after he was continually bowled over by the media. How does someone sleep at night? Clearly the action that was strategically caught on camera wasn't the first time him and his aide had gotten up-close and personal. No hard feelings, Hancock? That is a vomit inducing thought, though isn't it? Yes! Boris didn't sack Hancock, he did wilfully and silently accept his resignation letter. Replaced and disgraced, the new Health Secretary took over Hancock's role just 24 hours after that cupboard footage was shown for the country to see those rules so causally broken. For someone from government to break the rules, that's something we expected but during a pandemic it was the last straw after he had set the rules in the first place. Am I writing about a film plot or life? I question politics!

Whilst UK residents have been told to stay within the border, we've done just that but as the government's travel 'traffic light system' came into play, it was straight up farcical. We could travel to the Falkland Islands, St. Helena and even Gibraltar. Australia, New Zealand and Singapore were also on the list for UK travellers to make the most of, clearly their borders were firmly shut! No? This 'Green List' had one contender that got people excited, that was the European hotspot of Portugal. For a few snatched weeks Portugal became the travel heaven for British tourists, it was as if people had never been on their holidays before that announcement? I'm sure Australia and New Zealand were collectively wetting themselves with laughter? Yes! The whole 'Amber' and 'Red' lists further weaponised more countries, people were getting tired, frankly we are exhausted. I haven't been on a plane since I flew back from China in February 2020, considering I flew more times than I can count in 2019, so I have never felt more trapped! 

EasyJet? Those English day trips have helped me during this 2021 period of 'Lockdown Easing'. Sure they've have helped but I want to fly, even for a short time I need to be onboard an airplane! Booking my flights to Edinburgh, Scotland for the first week of August 2021 needed to be done, I don't have a return date back to China, of course I am feeling trapped! Staying within the 'UK Common Travel Area', I am hoping to have a stress free passage up to Scotland from England but with the musical that is COVID, I won't hold my breath! Of course, I have mentioned China a few times, I am yet to find out when I can return to my former pre-pandemic life. I won't be sad to leave this country when the time comes, I will feel a sense of relief wash all over me because being back in the UK has been nothing but stress, complication and uncertainty. I refuse to subscribe to a life in a seemingly lawless country, this pandemic has highlighted enough inadequacies for a lifetime! China, you've no idea! It's absolute chaos here! 

为什么? 我的政府如此鲁莽! ... Translate That! 

Joseph Harrison


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