2020: A Very COVID-19 Christmas!

As COVID-19 continued to cause havoc it was brought to my attention that Christmas was just on the doorstep, I wasn't in any mood to celebrate! December 2020 has been a very challenging month for me, my mental state hasn't been all that good. Would those festive lights and promise of some presents lift my spirits? Would Boris Johnson cancel Christmas? 2020, you can do one! 

2020 had already been playing in front of me like a cruel melody, telling myself I wouldn't fall for those Christmas lights, I didn't know! If truth be told, I was looking forward to the year concluding quick-snap! Christmas would be very different for 2020s turn, I had already celebrated my 30th birthday during the second national UK lockdown, I had some idea that we would be under lockdown-like conditions for the 25th of December. The briefings continued, Boris Johnson and his cabinet proposed a period of five days for us to mix from the 23rd to the 27th of December 2020. Planning to see my Niece and Nephew was something I was looking forward to, every nugget of hope during 2020 has been cherished! Would I be seeing my best ones? With mounting cases Boris Johnson limited those five days to one, feeling like too many bodies in one place, it was decided things would have to be simplified. I didn't care about the snow falling, I just wanted to see my little loved ones! Pass me the gin, I wasn't feeling festive! 

OK, so those 'stay at home' festive lights started to grow on me. I had not been at home in England for the whole month of December since 2014, I thought if nothing else it wouldn't do me any harm to embrace Christmas. It was a sobering experience, I had taken my 2019 December holiday to the USA without any hassles, it was nice to sit back and think how lucky I had been to experience that wonderful week. Those 2020 Christmas pandemic nights had me feeling very reflective as those decorative festive lights shone over me. I even thought back to my Boxing Day 2019 night out in Birmingham, that night at the Village Inn within Birmingham's Southside had me feeling blessed because that would be the final time I would find myself dancing in a bar/club. Of course, I kept things at home because I keep close that 2020s mess will only overspill slightly into 2021. Switching up positions for Christmas 2020 wasn't something that I wanted to do, I won't be switching for Miss Rona ever again! Christmas, coming through!

Of course, I had become use to those December's at work in China but 2020 messed all that up! Facing up to facts that was totally fine for me not to be feeling OK, I wanted to regress to those former childhood days by getting an advent calendar. I really don't want to forget my Chinese listening and comprehension whilst I spend time in England, finding episodes on YouKu of Peppa Pig in Chinese became the inspiration for my advent choice. Yes, I loved keeping up with Peppa and George in Mandarin Chinese because I refuse to let Corona make me forget my Chinese language skills! Each day I would open the designated window, being 30 I wasn't too pressed that the chocolate was less than bitesize but if I was a child opening those windows, I'd be like 'really?' Being in China, it wasn't something that I would look for but maybe in the future I might look for another advent calendar because it'll be a reminder of my Tier 3 Christmas in England. Could 2020s festivities become anymore bizarre? I dreamed that I was in Australia, B! 

Did I want anything for Christmas? Category was health for all of my family, I wasn't bothered about presents because the time spent with each other was grander than any gift imaginable. Miss Rona continues to rage through my country and the rest of the world with a blatant disregard for life, she really needs to meet that vaccine! Oxford Uni & AstraZeneca have both got her number! Getting through the month of December has been harder compared to other months, I have been feeling tired of this never-ending nightmare, it was a conflict to try and be happy because usually December is one of my favourite months during any given year. No pity party for one because I know that we have all been dealing with our own problems, something had to give because December 2020 was becoming quite tiresome. Blog-wise this month has been blessed, I have had the opportunity to celebrate my 2019 USA trip with three posts that certainly had me feeling nostalgic! There's been enough rubbish for us to have second servings!

Christmas Eve arrived with good spirits ensured, I had reconnected with my iPad to watch a whole host of Drag Race episodes. I discovered the 2018 edition of 'RuPaul's Drag Race Christmas Holi-slay Special', never did I ever feel so ready for Christmas after watching Rupaul lip-sync with Michelle Visage! Of course, the week of Christmas saw me finishing up Drag Race Holland, I needed that light from that reality LGBT focussed Drag series. With Netflix back in my life, I settled down with a bottle of red wine to watch a couple episodes of 'Queer Eye' because I needed some more light and positivity but from the 'Fab Five!' My friend Chanel called through WeChat, she was feeling low but after we spoke about our experiences this year, we both saw that we had our plans secured even though its been so tough in 2020. Would I be waking up early on Christmas morning? Absolutely, no way! I slept in until an appropriate time! 2020 has taught me to value those moments of normalcy. Srta Rona, why are you mad? You're a scrooge! 

We had been given Christmas Day to decide for ourselves to celebrate the day responsibly, deciding to see my Grandparents, Aunts and Cousins for a brief time was the plan. We didn't stay for dinner because we didn't want the numbers to be higher than necessary. I wasn't thinking about presents but I was appreciative for the ones that I received. I had a few sweet treats, clothes and an Ancestry Heritage Test Kit. Amongst other things I had a book that was like a Drag Race bible, detailing RuPaul and her American queens. Absolutely, I was very happy to receive some festive money because I need to extend that World of Wonder Plus subscription beyond next November. I loved my LYNX gifts because personal hygiene is important, definitely not a gift to turn my nose up at! Yes, it was a nice day, it had only just got started at that point. I had a bottle of gin that had been looking at me for the last four weeks, that was my challenge I would gladly take on with much gusto! What would be for dinner? Now, that was a question, B!

Deciding against the traditional Christmas turkey dinner, it was to be that we had a buffet style dinner with oven baked treats. 2020 had broken any form of normality, why should we stick to tradition during a world pandemic? Let's make it a little bit different, so we did! I loved the buffet foods because since returning back to the UK, I really don't enjoy having roast dinners all the time. I hadn't cracked open the gin at that point, I needed to line my stomach before that Christmas drinking could commence. I didn't fancy any sweet treats, going down a savoury route I helped myself to my very own cheese place. I had a selection of cheeses, crackers with salami and green olives. The day had been very different, it was unlike any other Christmas that I could remember celebrating during my 30 years of life! Miss Rona, you had us switching things up but we made the best of our Christmas season during this pandemic! Next Christmas, don't worry I will be back in the world with a once in a lifetime trip to Australia penned! Oh, go away Corona! 

As I poured my first gin with rhubarb lemonade, I knew that there would be no chance of me actually replicating the same kind of night out that I had after Christmas last year. Fearing that, I made it my best to embrace that Tier 3 Christmas night with all of my might! That lemonade was dynamite, the gin literally disappeared! I was kept company with music that I wanted to listen to! If truth be told, I carried on the drinking after Christmas Day because what are those days between Christmas and New Year? I couldn't become any more disorientated, those bottles of red wine and the last bit of gin was a daily requirement because 2020 doesn't count! From Christmas lights to confusion, I have felt a little bit broken during this festive season but I have recognised that I wasn't wrong to feel that way. I think 2020s Christmas has been different due to the pandemic but nobody in my family has been struck down by Miss Rona! Being thankful for the small things, I look forward to a freer Christmas in 2021. Pour me another, Miss Rona! 

Tier 4? ... Are You Sure? 

Joseph Harrison 


  1. I totally felt the same way! I'm glad you could find things to help keep your spirits up💕 This year was such a different holiday experience👌🏽


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