2020: This Departure Lounge... My COVID-19 Travel Plan: Part 2!

Right now the world is currently in a COVID-19 mess, I need to look forward to life after this awful time has passed. Back with another instalment, I will continue detailing my Coronavirus travel plan, serving new places for the win! Returning to the USA needs to happen with currently nine years left on my ten year visa, Chicago! All-aboard Russia's Trans Siberian Express train! 

Keeping it real, I cannot stress how lovely my comeback trip to the USA was in December 2019. After my North Korean trip I had to apply for a tourist visa, new regulations meant that I was no longer eligible for the ESTA program! Secured and safe, I was stamped into Newark, USA where I spent seven days in the Tri-State area rediscovering my placement year haunts. Yes, Philly! Fast forward to present day, the USA is currently experiencing the harshest figures within the country in some serious times! Things were so smooth for a reason, nothing lasts forever! Anyway, when this stinking storm has past I pledge an allegiance to revisit the USA! Taking in the 'Windy City' I want to get all up into Chicago! Intrigued by its hardened past and south-side realness, I will most definitely be taking in Boys Town and the Downtown! Staying close, I want to embrace the 'Motor City! We've got 'one shot' at life! Detroit! I lived in Newark, NJ after all, I like places in the USA that keep me aware and amazed! I'll revisit Brick City by flying into EWR! 

'Rollin' On The River' there's no doubt in my mind that I'll see myself exploring New Orleans once again! Paying attention to the voodoo and cemeteries that featured in Disney's Princess and the Frog, I needed more time in 2012 but the rain poured and then some! Taking in a dark place, I'm very intrigued to visit one of the nearby former plantations to take time to pay attention to what happened during slavery, also to see the grandeur and to pay my respects to the toil. Going further north along the Mississippi River to Memphis, make no mistake, I'll be taking a stroll down Beale Street but that'll only be after my visit to Graceland! Walkin' in Memphis! Who will I be meeting in St. Louis, Miss Judy? Taking in that Missouri city will have to do before making it up to Minneapolis before flying back to China! I'll do my best to get down to Atlanta and Miami, that's what will keep me busy whilst I have this US tourist visa. West Coast, I will find you! Serving all kinds of crazy I'll get up to SF! Castro, beat Corona, I'll need a party after 2020/21! 

The category will be Thailand! I have spent two Christmases back to back in the UK, once its safe to travel I will make sure my holiday is spent in the land of Siam. My parents went recently, they won't let it go that I haven't been, that will change! Flying into Bangkok with Thai Airways I plan to seek adventure during the day at the temples and gardens, taking it to the water to experience the floating markets. Once the night has come I will be out and about, getting up to all of my usual antics. It's no secret that Thailand has a relaxed view towards the LGBT community with its Buddhist principles teaching parents to love their LGBT because it's the right thing to do! Yes, those cabaret shows will be frequented and drinks will be consumed! Let me get my drag together, I might perform a number or two with the gals! The street food! Yes, I am looking forward to trying all of those street-side snacks! Within close proximity from the Chinese Mainland, it is the same time as flying from England to Turkey! No more excuses post-Corona!

Taking it to the beach I would love to visit Krabi, taking in the old town will be one thing to execute! Getting by beach isn't something that I usually do but with such stunningly perfect views I want to visit Railay Beach! Not going to lie, the views look immense! Living my Bond Girl fantasy I want to enjoy that beach quick-time! Flying up north to Chiang Mai needs to happen, at the moment it's in the earliest stages of planning but I sense something will amaze me there! Getting a photo with the ladies who are from the Karen Long Neck Tribe will need to be done in Chiang Mai! The elephants better be treated right, I would love to see some! Thailand will be stunning, I need to keep calm and carry on before Thai Airways gets me over to the land of Siam! Phuket might be on the cards, even if I don't get there I am sure that I'll have a wholesome experience. Right now, the views are not heavenly but with a lot of faith and perseverance I know that life will bounce back! Mark my words, Thailand's going to show me a good old time! 

Staying at home I was introduced to Channel 5s 'Around The World By Train' fronted by 'Sir Tony Robinson'. During the fifth episode of the second series, Robinson took the Trans Siberian Express from Vladivostok, Russia westbound to Moscow, Russia. Being away from China, my visits to the far northeast corner of the country reminded me of the scenes shown in Vladivostok. I live for its San Francisco qualities, once I can fly I will be free to visit Russia and beyond! Leaving Vladivostok, Robinson headed westbound towards Khabarovsk to find that the city limits used to belong to China, some shady business dealt! From that station he spent two days on the train, the dining car looked very opulent with a very tasty looking menu being offered! For me, vodka would be the only drink consumed, I'd be toasting to Mother Rossiya as the train made its way into Europe's slice of Siberia! Get me on that train, get me a vodka! I will expect the whole trip to adhere to the Russian standard or nothing at all! Understand me, Moscow? да!

Getting off the train as Robinson did, I ultimately plan to visit Yekaterinburg to see 'The Church on the Blood'. Regardless of the past, the godlike image of the former Russian Royal Family looked like some kind of masterpiece. I want to catch a glimpse of Princess Anastasia's image! Moving ever closer to the nations capital, I would find the best parts of the train to enjoy the views. From my China trains, I have every faith that the journey will be smooth but for sure, one heck of an experience! Pulling into Moscow, I want to see Red Square with all of its sights and then a seat at the Bolshoi! Choosing the summer holiday I'll hopefully be afforded, I would love to take the high speed train up to St. Petersburg before jetting back to China for work! Those palatial wonders look amazing and the visa for Russia can be so tricky to secure I want to make sure I cover everything within one defiant swoop! The runway for now is me walking to the kitchen, I'll get my ass to Россия! On my best behaviour, I'll that train across Russia really soon! 

I can't even go dancing, but getting on a plane to Australia will happen! When the world is ready I will be good to go down under once again! I had the immense opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia some years ago. My auntie, Denise was living there during her 'Working Holiday Visa' year, my paternal grandparents took us around the world to see her in Australia! Being 10 hours away from Australia once I'm back in China it would be an absolute travesty for me to miss out on Straylia! I plan on jetting into Darwin via Sydney with Qantas, spending a day or two where those unwelcome British vessels arrived. Boarding the Ghan train at whatever cost, this dark time during 2020 means all the stops needs to be put out! Taking in all the necessary Northern Territory sights, I want to use the Ghan train as my 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' to make it! After Corona's 2020 I will sure need the wisdom of Australia's Uluru! I feel like anything could happen, Australia will be calling soon! Bring on some Voodoo business, Corona needs to leave! 

Learning more about Indigenous Australia will be absolutely invaluable! The Ghan will take me down to the city of Adelaide, that's where I hope to spend a day in the city. Flying high I would live to experience a few days in the Australian city of Melbourne, to experience that Manchester looking place down under, the former British colonial city will give me life for sure! After that I plan to escape to Manly near Sydney for a day or two! Sydney as an adult will be nothing like the first time once the sun goes down! Darlinghurst, let's go out? Yes! Brisbane, maybe? I might indulge some of that 'surfers paradise' life for a few days. The red centre is more important to me! Miss Rona, get out of my way! I have nothing more to say, 2020 cannot go to waste! Rona, don't make a scene, don't worry because without any hesitation I'll be handy! With 2020s thinking space and character building moments, I know that my travel plan will be everything in real life motion. Land of kangaroos and Kylie Minogue, I'm ready! World, we miss you bad bad! 

Corona's Got Me Grounded! 

Joseph Harrison


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