My Eurovision Song Celebration: 2017-2020!

2017 and 2018 was missed and 2020 was cancelled, during my year with no mistakes I had climbed back onto the Eurovision Song Contest float, 2019 that was! Rotterdam, The Netherlands was poised to slay but Miss Rona had other plans! The hiatus gave me a chance to take a longer look at my favourite annual event! Europe, Miss Rona won't take the crown! No!

Isarel's IMRI brought the looks and a lively start to the contests grand final! Poland's blonde 'bombshell', Kasia Moś served a strong vocal with 'Flashlight'. Easy listening by Austria with 'Running On Air', his light pop rhythm impressed me. The Dutch trio OG3NE came through effortlessly with their empowering number, 'Lights and Shadows' was so much and more to me! I lived for the lively saxophone beat from Moldova's 'Sunstroke Project', bizarre but very catchy like a Eurovision bop should be! I was in China during 2017's contest, life was hectic with that Saturday, was I out on the town? There was something really nice about Italy's 'Occidentaili's Karma from Francesco Gabbani, I needed a translation! Topping Poland's blonde 'bombshell', Anja from Denmark gave me life with 'Where I Am!' Kicking myself, what would have driven me to miss her amazing performance? Utter stupidity on my part entirely that I missed that contest in 2017, without a contest this year I don't have any excuse to miss another show! No, I cannot!

Portugal lost me, it was a slow song with no movement, the vocals couldn't match the other countries but somehow Salvador Sobral won the contest with 'Amar pelos dois'. Dihaj from Azerbaijan had me transfixed, her production was mesmerising with horse head masks and speaking in tongues. Croatia's plus-size pop-opera wonder impressed me with his switching styles and languages during his entry, Jacques Houdek served Mariah Carey tones in one sense then Pavarotti in the other! 2017 wasn't the strongest contest, with consideration my favourites had to be from Poland, The Netherlands and Denmark. Oh, I have forgotten something! Greece's 'Demy' switched her breathy ballad into a nightclub-like banger! A short half-time performance from the previous years winner, 'Jamala' brought some much needed soul! Having the time during 2020s Coronavirus lockdown has given me the chance to pay attention to 2017s missed contest, I feel better now! 2018, ready? You know I loved Denmark and then some! Of course! 

I will be honest the period around 2018s contest was no joke, I was in Beijing where I had a lot on my plate with my then teaching job. I paid attention through social media to find out the winner, of course it had to be Israel's Netta with her electronic anthem, 'Toy!' Australia? Yes, since the 60th year of Eurovision, the Oceanic nation had been granted a short-term right to perform. Jessica Muaboy brought nothing but light  and positivity to the stage during her performance! Being of Aboriginal Australian descent, she's a true Indigenous First Nations Australian entrant to represent her country! Commercially known in the United Kingdom since her stint on the X Factor UK, Saara Aalto represented her Finnish nation with 'Monsters'. Led by her fabulously slick dancers, Aalto slayed her performance, the energy brought something to the contest because the previous singers didn't attract my attention. Finland had my vote for sure! 

Greece did not compete during 2018s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, the usual grecian fire hadn't been served. To tell the truth, I was really missing Turkey, having withdrew since 2012 citing dissatisfaction with the voting system. Their decision not to broadcast the contest from 2013 definitely had tones of distaste for Conchita Wurst's performance, it was bad but in the name of the competition I really miss a certain Turkish flare! Will Turkey ever make their Eurovision comeback? China first started to broadcast the show in 2017, the EBU didn't apologise for Ireland's two male dancers because Eurovision doesn't discriminate. I can only imagine how positive and empowering the LGBT youth in China felt as they watched? Queue Cyprus! Eleni Foureria served absolute 'Fuego' with her sexy and fiery performance, her dancers were on fire with her dance-worthy Greek Cypriot effort for the competition to be wary of her! Of course, Cyprus whipped her hair back and forth! 
是的, 欧洲! 爱是爱! 爱尔兰, 感谢你! 明白了吗? 

The Mamas started the celebration with 'Move', hailing from Sweden the trio served Hercules, Sister Act, Lizzo Realness with their fiery and soulful banger, truly an empowering bop to help us through a tough pandemic time. Moving towards Russia, Belarus entered with 'Da Vidna' that was performed by Val, with their slick black attire and sultry male pianist and semi-vogue serve, the female vocalist gave her Belarusian groove effortlessly, the home language worked. No, breaking into a synchronised vogue dance routine, the Belarusian trio served sass with a hit of Gay rights! This is why the Eurovision Song Contest is so important for our community! Iceland had me living for its quirky 'Think About Things' geeky groove, I live! Ana Soklič slayed with her gravely tones! Get into it! Ireland's Leslie McRoy brought human rights freedom into song with her 'Story of My Life'. Coronavirus, the Eurovision tradition shall continue beyond your evil wrath! Russia, go on? Russia, won't you death drop for me again? Europe, shine the Rona light! 

Russia was in for the vote, Little Big's 'Uno' served Eurovision gold with a death dropping portly fellow, only singing one to seven in Spanish for the most of the song they quashed any shady business, they were super camp! Malta's 'Destiny' showed Europe that the island nation could truly be a 'Chameleon' with her defiant wind-blowing fabulous banger, with a powerful vocal the message was true! Damir, who? I cannot understand Croatian but hell he was hot! Azeri's Cleopatra broke boundaries! The fire of Cyprus's dance banger had my eyes fixed on that tasty looking 'Sandro!' Come through Israel! 'Eden Alene' gave up all of her Israeli nature with an Ethiopian flare! Ukraine gave us their eccentric selves, 'Go_A' had me lost for words with their bizarre tune. 'Ben Dolic' from Germany served commercial pop! Kamusta Austria! Serbia's 'Hurricane' served post-lockdown me! If they needed a fourth member I am there! Sure, Iceland's insane bop gave me life! Coming home, the UK's game was good! Perdóname Spain!

Here's To Eurovision!

Joseph Harrison 


  1. This seems like such a great experience. Thank you for sharing!

    1. No problem!

      Thank you for commenting, I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this post !


  2. I feel like I have so much to catch up on but this post helps me figure out the highlights from the past few years🥰💕

    1. It's OK!

      ESC has always been uniquely European so don't sweat it!

      There's all the time in the world to recap and get to know it.

      YouTube holds the key for you!

  3. such a great post! I love Eurovision so much (I used to have homemade posters on my wall at 10 years old), and this is the perfect reminder of some great performances (and some that are typically eurovision)!

    1. Thank you!

      Think I was the same when I caught the Eurovision bug? Latvia 2003? Sertab Erener won for Turkey with 'Everyway That I Can?'

      Pure escapism, just what we need this year!



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