Sunday’s Service... Wuhan, China: Seventh Day Shenanigans!

Sunday shouldn't be a bore, no it's still the weekend so me and my friends made the best of that seventh day feeling! Looking back over the last two Sunday's of January 2016 I want to see if they were really fun days? We went shopping, did Sunday Brunch and one of us got a tattoo! When in China it's got to be done, turning the last day of the week into something extra! Yes, W!

Over the last three months I have been extremely stringent with my savings for my Spring Festival holiday, as great as it is to save and have funds it's no fun missing social occasions. Elli had been talking about a waffle cafe that one of her colleagues had mentioned at her school. Along with myself, Elli and Ellen we made it to Jiedaokou for our waffle Sunday Brunch. The best thing about doing brunch was that we met a lot later than breakfast, I don't wake up early at the weekends for anybody or anything unless I'm going away! Only a few stops away from Optics Valley Square Station we made it to Maan Coffee in Jiedaokou before 1pm. I chose the Cheese Sandwiches because I had been craving a toasted cheese sandwich for ages, I love Chinese food but it's always nice to have something familiar. Elli and Ellen went for sweeter options, I was definitely going back for more loveliness the following Sunday! A funday!

Since meeting in late 2015, myself, Elli and Ellen have become good friends, making the best of our weekends by either going out for drinks or having dinner regularly. Catching up on that Sunday was lovely at Maan Coffee because we always have a lot to talk about, we love to have a good old gossip! Chowing down on our delicious and very rich treats we also appreciated the decor and atmosphere at Maan Coffee. Being so far away from home in a Far Eastern country makes it easier when the food is uncomplicated and familiar like Maan's waffle menu. I had to run a few errands on the following Sunday so saw it as the perfect excuse to revisit Maan Coffee for a Strawberry Waffle with a lovely Hot Chocolate. I will admit that this cozy eatery is a little pricey compared to the Chinese places but for a weekend treat of £8.00 I don't see to find a problem with that at all! I can at least say that I have been to Jiedaokou during the daytime! We really need to make happen Sunday Brunch every week!

Channeling our inner Material Girl flow we hit the department stores of Wuchang. My previous winter coat was not keeping me warm during this sub-zero Wuhan winter! Like I mentioned before I'm off on a ten day Spring Festival break to Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou so every little bit of my wage that I can afford has been going into my savings. Fed up with being a complete miser I bought a simple but very effective black coat from Uniqlo, keeping things unified I also got a pair of black gloves and a black scarf to match. The girls made their purchases from Uniqlo as well so we then went next door to H&M. Elli also bought a coat but from H&M, I think? Ellen went all out in H&M with her many purchases, I enjoyed the music whilst she conferred with Elli in the fitting rooms. I was tempted to part with more cash that first Sunday because those threads served Chinese New Year Realness! I wanted the Monkey jumper! 

Dipping in and out Sephora, Elli and Ellen didn't find anything that impressed them much. Mumuso, a South Korean shop was next on our list but I didn't buy anything in there at all. We had planned to visit Baotong Temple for Elli and Ellen had not yet been, unfortunately it was closed by the time we tried to buy our tickets. I went to that temple last September and I'm sure Elli and Ellen will make it there at some point during this year. I returned to H&M on the following Sunday after my second Maan Cofffee Sunday Brunch in a row to burn some serious plastic. I needed some new jeans so threw caution to the wind by getting a pair of stretch skinny booty jeans, a monkey print jump and a long black smock. It did feel gutting to see my bank balance after those purchases and from other events during that final January 2016 weekend. I suppose parting with some of hard earned cash isn't such a pain after all, I really enjoyed myself and I usually hate shopping! Who wants a tattoo?! Ellen?!

Ellen was on a high, she went on to tell me and Elli that she wanted to get a tattoo that afternoon! She told us that she had been thinking about getting one for sometime and being in China it felt like the perfect time to do so. Heading back over to Guanggu we decided that Wuhan Prison's very own tattoo shop would be the best bet for Ellen's first bit of ink. OK, so Wuhan Prison is a well known alternative bar that's located on Lumo Road, not to far from the epic Guanggu Square. Ellen decided on her design, she wanted her name in Chinese to be her first tattoo. The tattoo shop next to Wuhan Prison was very clean and the tattoo artist did a really good job. We returned at 8pm for Ellen's sitting. She was definitely nervous just like I was when I had my first tattoo, but who isn't scared by such a thing? Well, I have to be honest that I've been thinking of getting a classy and meaningful Chinese tattoo! Yes, I need to do some thinking. 

Those two random Sunday's were most definitely fun, teamed with lots of good food, shopping and even a new tattoo we had a great time! I love spending time with my girls here and even if I don't make a tonne of friends here in Wuhan, I know that I have Elli and Ellen to call on when there's something worth us doing during the weekend. Yes, I did burn a whole in my pocket with those purchases but what good can money do if its been sitting in a bank account for months? Maan Coffee acted as the perfect winter warmer with our servings of comfort food and hot drinks we had a relaxed time eating and putting the world to rights. At Wuhan Prison we even had a few pre and post tattoo drinks, being good friends to Ellen me and Elli had a few drinks for moral support. Getting back out the following Sunday was worth it, I've got some really nice clothes and I'm somewhat prepared for my holiday to HK, Macau & Guangzhou. Sunday's now don't fill me with dread I because look forward to them!

More Fun Sundays! 

Joseph Harrison


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