Wuhan: Guiyuan Temple, Tortoise Hill Park & Qingchuan Pavillion...

Wuhan keeps on showing me more and more, each weekend gives me another slice of this Chinese city! Crossing the mighty Yangtze River on two occasions I wanted to see more of Hanyang, a developing Wuhan city district that's got body! I checked out Guiyuan Temple, I saw the city from a hill top park and serving some Realness at Qingchuan Pavillion! W, I stay ready! 

Going underground I found Guiyuan Buddhist Temple without any problems, supposedly one of Wuhan's most popular temples I wanted to see what all that fussing was about! People needed to have some damn respect, kill your conversations and leave your camera alone because a temple commands respect! Feeling slightly delicate from the night before I was looking for some divine intervention from the two faced deity that's know as a Guanyin. My knowledge of Buddhism isn't good. I appreciated the main temple shrines and gardens, built in 1658 during the Qing Dynasty this Buddhist temple still gives life and protection. I won't compare the other temples that I have been to in Wuhan, each house of religion possesses a different flex and vibe, therefore I won't place judgement but I wasn't a fan of all the people who almost made the place look messy, I didn't appreciate that negative energy Hanyang! No!

Trust and believe, I wanted to get the best from Hanyang because my friends in Wuhan kept throwing shade on this developing part of Wuhan. Being based in the Optics Valley means most things are shiny and new so before Hanyang follows suit I wanted to capture some Hanyang Overness! Honestly, it's unbelievable how negative some people can be! The two faced deity at Guiyuan Temple gave me life, in a way it pushed my hangover to one side! A stark contrast was served in many ways, the backdrop for the temple was a huge span of towering flats all looking pretty council looking if I wasn't mistaken?! Nevertheless, that Buddhist deity had a watchful eye on both sides of the temple to show that being two faced isn't a complete crime! Guiyuan is a Buddhist Temple not a photo opportunity, I have no respect for people who disregard rules that are set in such a peaceful place of worship! Like a prayer, Wuhan will be taking me to more temples and shrines! Yes, Wuhan!

With my visit to Guiyuan Buddhist Temple complete I returned to Hanyang a little while later to continue my desired plan within that Wuhan city district. Away from the super-shopping centres I made my way to Guishan Park, but I didn't see one single sign for that park. Consulting a translator after my day out I found that Guishan Park is the Chinese for Tortoise Hill Park, putting that confusion to one side I was ready to see what was so special about that Hanyang park. Paying my £1.50 entrance fee I climbed to what felt like the top of Hanyang and Wuhan for the incline didn't show any signs of decreasing. As I made my way through the vast Tortoise Hill Park I could catch the occasional glimpse of Wuhan's manic cityscape, she's a city that's forever serving something truly epic! To be surrounded by trees and a simple form of nature whilst being slap bang in the middle of a crazy city was amazing! 

The Tortoise Mountain TV Tower stood in front of me, it stood vacant within the sprawl of trees and park life. Whilst walking through the park I could sense that specific parts were either under renovation or hadn't been in service for a while, it didn't affect my visitor experience but it was quite bizarre nonetheless. Things make me constantly question the safety of some things here in China for the steps down to the road were super steep and didn't have a banister, I don't do stairs so let me have that declaration! Whether there was life inside the Tortoise Mountain TV Tower I'm sure something's being down because the view would be incredible, another tourist moneymaker Wuhan could make use of?! Guishan Park had been on my tick-list of places to visit in Wuhan, I want to see everything I can possible see in this Chinese city! Pushing my fear of heights I made the best of the stunning views of the Yangtze River as I walked closer to my next Hanyang destination. Hanyang was on fire B!

Concluding my Hanyang discovery I found Qingchuan Pavilion, after researching some alternative things to see in Hanyang I came across a series of beautifully crafted sights of interest. Admission is free, I was more than OK with that because money isn't the best subject right now for me! I had no time to loose, I wanted to find the Qingchuan Pavilion building to admire the colourful paintwork and Chinese architecture that in this case dated back to the Ming Dynasty. Like most things that have been built during the 1300's some structural help has been given to the buildings of Qingchuan. Taking a moment or ten to take in the views of the Yangtze River, I could see the Yellow Crane Tower on the other side of that mighty river! A hotspot for newlyweds, a gorgeous young couple were having some wedding photos snapped at the entrance to the Pavilion, the brides dress looked flawless! Yes, that new Mrs. served up! 

Taking some steps down from the Pavilion I found a quaint courtyard that oozed Hua Mulan Realness, I frankly don't care because the many alcoves and passages gave the same scene that Disney film gave. I know the status of that Disney warrior princess is questionable and Disney's depiction of the legend of Hua Mulan but this Hanyang cultural gem served something that I could recognise from that said princess film. Getting a few timeless snaps of the many buildings that made up the compound I could leave for Guanggu feeling that I had achieved exactly what I had set out to see during my Hanyang days. Whatever change Hanyang sees in the future I know that these three gems will be in my mind and safeguarded in this blog, does everything have to be all shiny and new?! Whenever Wuhan takes me next I know that I won't be walking to the top of Guishan Park again or whatever its professed to be called! Taking everything into consideration, yes I'm hung up on Hanyang! 

Hanyang's Got This! 

Joseph Harrison 


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