This Departure Lounge... Dreams For Plans: Part 1!

It's true to say, travel gives me life and I won't ever stop pursuing the next adventure because that's my drug! From the west to east coast I'll always be a lover of the United States of America and its many territories but I will leave an extra match before I relight that flame! Life is a journey that will hopefully keep leading me to new places around the world. Are you in? Really?

I long to grace fashion forward electric avenues of Tokyo, Japan! From Shibuya to Roppongi Hills, it has always been a dream of mine to witness the Tokyo culture served within that non-stop Far East mega-city for myself. Like a kaleidoscope of colour, energy and visual grammar, you know I'm going to be recognising the neon vibe in Akihabara to be a part of the gaming culture, Pokemon is all the rage! Music leads to be a huge part of my attraction to Japan in general with the hits of Ayumi Hamasaki being a firm favourite of mine, I like to keep connected to a Japanese state of mind. Harajuku will be my playground, those kawaii Tokyo kids will serve their style but I just want to take a glance to see their individual trend! Sushi is a firm favourite of mine and I won't turn my nose up at some whale, I strive to be different! Capsule hotels will be my desired accommodation for the nights I shall be in TYO, I want to experience the extraordinary! Just try and stop me! If you want to be sure, I really wouldn't do that! Be careful. 

Reminding myself that Asia is a huge continent that I long to explore as much as I can! China is on my radar for many reasons, some of those details I'm not going into to detail because I don't want to tempt fate! India looks incredible! From Bombay to New Delhi, I know that I'll experience more than what a Bollywood movie presents to an audience! I love Indian food but I long to sample some authentic dishes in their homeland. Nepal is a backpackers dream, why can't it be mine? I'm not a trekker but I'll get to Kathmandu one day for sure! Taking it to the beach I'm up for a trip to Thailand to experience a full moon party, find some peace of mind in a Buddhist temple and much more! They might not be Drag Queens but Pattaya is where the Transgender female performers strut their stuff, you already know I want to see their show! I've only been as far East as Turkey, so I plan to go the furthest the continent of Asia will let me! So, from Japan to India via Thailand I'm not taking no for an answer Asia! Just try and stop me! 

A visit to the continent of South America would make my life in one respect because I have a special reason to explain! Rewind to 2012 I lived in a Brazilian neighbourhood in New Jersey, USA where I got pretty familiar with the local cuisine and culture. Together with that time I also took an obscured interest in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, seeing the contrasts between the favela's and the vistas from the Statue of Christ, I'm going to be on a Rio de Janeiro hype for certain! Sunning myself on the Copacabana Beach would be an amazing experience, I could watch the body beautiful's strut their stuff in the sun! The favela neighbourhoods may look questionable but I favour the edge when it comes to a place, I seek the alternative so I know that experiencing something like that would be an eyeopener! As well as the city I would love to serve Amazonia Realness during a possible Brazilian trip! From experience, I found that things that are Brazilian tend to be bigger! Vamos, I want to see for myself! Do you know what I mean? Oh?

Peru has my heart already thanks to my best friend, Fiorella Sanchez. I know that one day we'll visit the wonder of Machu Picchu! An escapade to Lima would be on the cards to marvel at the Spanish Colonial architecture, I honestly don't know when that trip will happen but I better get working! All of these experiences require some serious paper! I have all these grand plans and I intend to execute each one in my lifetime! Where else in South America sounds good to me? Ecuador also looks good to me, I have friends from that country as well so I could always call upon some local inside Ecuadorian knowledge before my South American trip. Mexico isn't strictly in South America but those Macho Libre fights look absolutely hilarious so I wouldn't mind grabbing a filled taco whilst watching a fight ringside! Thanks to my Disney College Program I have friends in all the best places! Coffee is nice but I would love to sample some authentic South American coffee blends, I can dream! I will work, I will work hard to achieve!

Sticking with the American vibe I know exactly where I need to turn up the party! San Francisco's Castro District is on my radar, I'm determined to follow that Rainbow vibe to have an unforgettable time! Pour me a strong drink and let the music play on! Hitting up Downtown SF would be part of the plan to make the best of my time on the East Coast, I'm all about that Golden Gate Bridge but I want to cut it up in the Tenderloin because I'm drawn to the unconventional! West Hollywood already has my full attention, getting into the groove with the muscle Mary's of WEHO would be a dream come true! Don't you dare think that I have forgot Micky's! NO! East L.A. is where I want to be to capture the Mexican vibe of Los Angeles, I'm very observant when it comes to American food documentaries because good food means a win! I know I've got a long way to go! Queen, I want to fly the Rainbow flag along the East Coast of the United States of America! Let's take it back! In my heart, I will go back when the time is right. 

It's been a while since I was a New York City boy, for that reason I know that I will return to the 'Empire State!' Newark must be back in my life in the future otherwise I'm going to go crazy baby! Getting back to the historic Downtown would make my blogging dream come true, I wasn't so forthright the last time I was in the heart of the city with my camera but with a second chance in the Brick City I would concur! I have a thirst to visit Chicago, that windy city looks on point with its towering skyscrapers and urban edge I know that Illinois will be sorry when I'm gone! Making it up to the 'Motor City' has to be done, Detroit has been through a tough time so I want to see what kinds of Overness is being served in such a changing city! Florida will never leave me, I pledged to my friends Zach and Dawin that I would return after my 2013 visit and I will boys! Get me back to the 'Sunshine State' so we can enjoy the golden sands of Fort Lauderdale with a strong drink or five! Yes, BB! Britney will meet me, we will cause some ish! 

Take me back to the 'Land Down Under!' I had the immense opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia on the eve of 2001 to be a part of the New Year's Eve celebrations overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. After seeing 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' I want to take a swag and experience the Northern Territory. I'm looking at applying for a Working Holiday visa because Australia keeps its border tightly controlled. Getting back to Sydney would enable me to party within the Darlinghurst area of Australia's most famous city! I am grown now, I know what I like and with that I want to cause a commotion with those Aussies, well the men folk! I previously saw the Blue Mountains so I would be looking to be at one with the magnificent 'Uluru'. I'm not up for scuba diving along the 'Great Barrier Reef', I'm sure there's something memorable to see in Queensland, Australia. Melbourne has my attention, that colonial city looks ace to me! I better get my plan together, time waits for no one! Not even for me Australia! Border Force, I'm good! 

New Zealand was a winner for my Auntie but I'm not one for adrenaline sports and outdoor pursuits, that is if I'm completely honest! I'm looking at the scenery that blesses the two islands of NZ I could be persuaded. Learning about both Aboriginal and Maori cultures will be a part of my Australasian travel plan! Living the island life sounds like a plan for certain, get me to somewhere like Tahiti or Tonga! Travel gives me life, so why can't I dream within my own departure lounge for the future?! From Chicago to Chengdu, I've got the determination to execute these travel plans within the next three years, or however long it takes me to get the funds to travel and capture my experiences through this blog of mine! I need to get my drink in WeHo then take the Los Angeles Subway over to East L.A. to serve Mexican Taco Overness! Whatever happens I'm prepared to be patient, pursuing any of these travel expectations will enrich my life beyond belief! My wings have grown back, I am ready to fly! Let's get this going! 

I'm Ready! 

Joseph Harrison 


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