Something To Remember? ... New Year's Dread, Broken Borderlines & Soul Searching!

I wanted to shake off 2014 so badly, I was so over that period of uncertainty and post-university depression so I looked ahead to the new year with much anticipation! Putting my best foot forward I believe that 2015 has been a productive year so far. From the Rock of Gibraltar to making plans for the future I'm taking each day as it comes! 2015, I expect big things from you! 

Staring London's Tower Bridge head on I welcomed the New Year with my mum and dad in Shad Thames, London. I had ventured down to Rotherhithe, Surrey Quays and Deptford before the clock chimed 2015, I was already in a New Year state of mind if I'm completely honest! Appreciating the sights of that corner of South-East London I saw it fit to head west for once! Upon my arrival to Hampton Court Palace it felt like I had crossed the finish line for the tube and bus journey took the biscuit! Blogging and travelling is my art so I will suffer for that passion of mine! I was served 'Royal Highness' within the walls of Hampton's own Court Palace, I wasn't looking for anything less than regal! Turning towards an exotic vibe I went on to find the tropical greenhouses of Kew Gardens, I had to dash! Richmond's Riverside opened its heart that January afternoon as I watched a calmer side of the Thames Path serve. Get it L!

Going to Deptford was a random choice, I was looking for some Vietnamese food as the New Year approached. After making my way through Rotherhithe I was to be greeted by Surrey Quays, choosing Mama Pho on Evelyn Street I dined on some uncomplicated Vietnamese favourites of mine! If the truth be told I would have to admit that the iced Vietnamese coffee was the best part! Aside from London I was in talks with a few opportunities in a Far East country, I was giving that avenue one more chance before my job hunt would take a different road. I saw London as my outlet to run to but with my savings dwindling and the high cost of things in the big smoke I had to return to the West Midlands to hatch a plan. When would I make my London comeback? I had to get real, sort my life out and get on with the game! University life seemed like a distant memory at the beginning of 2015, I knew deep down I needed to get a goddamn grip! 2015 keep pushing me forwards! No, T!

Well, my passport was starting to get pretty dusty because I hadn't used it properly since I went to Germany. I had looked at Gibraltar for a while but finally bit the bullet in January 2015! It seemed like a lot happened during that first month but I saw my Gibraltarian break as a chance to draw a line in the sand, to give myself a new focus for the year that lay head of me. That British Overseas Territory served me all the comforts of home but I couldn't get over their Llanito chat! Making the most of my trip I stayed over the Frontier in Spain, the border town of La Linea de la Concepcion showed me a great time. I reconnected with a Spanish vibe that I had missed from my time in America during 2012, hearing the language again and experiencing the culture gave me life! I enjoyed a full English breakfast in Gib, took a siesta in Spain and got suitably merry in the evening thanks to La Linea's many cheap bars! I was wining L! Wepa!

Landing back into Birmingham with another purpose to blog, looking at my financial situation I decided to scale back my operation to four blogs per month. I still wanted to carry Desperately Seeking Adventure into its third year but I didn't want to compromise by the quality of the posts that would be published, something had to give B! Flying high for only a quick second I enjoyed my short stint along the borderline, that time away on the continent gave me the chance to get slightly crazy but evaluate the final part of 2014 so I could move forwards. I didn't look to Birmingham for that first part of 2015 because I needed a plan to get me back there in some capacity. I always go on about hustling my grind to get me onto my next far-flung operation so I got my job interview on! Bilston wasn't giving me life so I knew something had to give, I didn't study for four years to fail! So, thanks Gibraltar for taking me to the skies and gracias to Spain for offering me an adventure! I wanted more!

Putting my Hospitality and Tourism degree to use I applied for a shortlist of possible jobs within that industry. After much deliberation I took up an opportunity to become a hotel receptionist at a local hotel in Walsall. I had a purpose in life for my post-university life had been quite unpredictable I relished in my new found employment. I settled into the groove with my training programme, learning the different functions of the hotel to understand my reception role further. Being back in a guest service environment continually enables me to make a positive difference to their stay, each day brings new challenges but nothing good comes easy. Flashing back to my airport days I can now recognise why I enjoyed working within an airport environment where the unexpected brings twists and turns. Certain elements kept me on my toes but I know in my heart so I always give my best each and everyday! I wanted more!

2015 has been good to me so far, I gained employment and ticked a destination from my travel bucket list. In the grand scheme of things I feel like I've gained something back, being able to put funds aside makes me feel good so if the clouds fill up I'm good for that rainy day. Making new friends has been a blessed thing for me to add right about now, spending so much time in one place it has enabled me to widen my circle whilst working in a job each week. I can't say for certain what the next year has for me but either way I will take each new day as it arrives, this new year has made my wake up and fix up in a way to see that going to university has helped me one way or another. I take the simple things from my check-ins, learning where people have traveled from and what their week has in store for them excites me because people all have a story, Oh, having a Starbucks next to reception is always a temptation but every job must have its perks! Make mine a Mocha Frapp V! Get me!

Even though my university days are over I made it over to Birmingham in March 2015 for an amazing day! Making my way over the city for different reasons I wanted to make the best of the day ahead. Finally paying some attention to Birmingham Cathedral enabled me to catch a different glimpse of Birmingham's ever changing Colmore Row Business District, she be looking fine! Switching up my usual Southside ritual I hit up Caffe Chino for a Hong Kong style Bubble Tea but instead of having Chinese food, I went all Turkish! Giving Smallbrook Queensway one chance I chose Rod Roj to dine on some delicious Turkish food. Did I forget something? My inner Material Girl forced me to part with some of my hard earned cash! I knew with my new t-shirt I would be looking on fleek the next time I would hit up Birmingham's Gay Village! I had been stressed out during that time, my Brummie day gave me life! Get a move on Birm! Go!

2015 has thrown some shade for sure, but with the craziness I know all will be worth it in the end! Back to Birmingham boo, you're a bitch! Hitting the road I went back down a student route to see the Joseph Chamberlain Clock Tower within the grounds of the University of Birmingham, it was a sight that I never got to during my student days but acted as the perfect excuse to revisit Birmingham. Leaving that flash of educational Realness behind me I hit the canal path to find Harborne, something told me I was going to see a village kind of vibe but I wasn't going to be deterred by that disappointment. Walking down a street that looked like 'millionaires row' I ended up in Edgbaston with one place in mind to have a drink or two! The Edgbaston Hotel looked good to me, this boutique hotel followed me on Twitter a few months previous so I went for something classy. Enjoying two fancy cocktails I was impressed with the Art Deco setting that I was loving! Don't be shady, G!

2015, We Be Ready!

Joseph Harrison 


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