To Cambridge, England... Thanks For Everything!

Cambridge, one of England's historical university cities had been on my travel to do list for a while. Booking a coach on a whim I took no prisoners during my day of 'Educational Overness!' King's College passed me at a lazy pace during my punting trip but taking time out along Parkside impressed me! Oxford schooled me well, but Cambridge had something to say! Money! 

Choosing or even considering Cambridge as a university was never a prospective option for me. This historic city of knowledge wasn't on my wave length for many reasons, cost and entry requirements being at the forefront. Arriving bright and early, I was ready to hit the cobbles of Cambridge to be schooled by another class of university colleges! Leaving my Megabus alongside Parkside, I followed a direction that I wasn't familiar with, finding myself at a Dunkin' Donuts I was tripping back to a Newark, NJ state of mind! Refuelled after I enjoyed my breakfast bagel and iced coffee, I was feeling hungry for some Downing College! I didn't know what to expect? Entering the grounds of Downing College felt strange because it was a working place of study, something told me that I should tread with respect. Mixed with a Roman flare, I admired the grounds of the college with a level of appreciation with it being part of one of the worlds most famous universities! I can't stand people who have selfie-sticks! No, I really despise them! Noo! 

Founded in 1800, Downing College had been schooling students for over 215 years in a wide range of arts and disciplines. After doing some research, I had found out that these university students have the opportunity to study Anglo-Saxon studies, Medicine and even Philosophy! My Hospitality and Tourism Management degree that was awarded to me from the University of Birmingham, that did me just fine! In the sun the regal student accommodation looked practically palatial from the outside, the tuition fees and rent must be murderously expensive? Difference is amazing, it separates but the contrast of backgrounds brings us together because we all have a story to tell. Cambridge was lifting me up, getting away from the usual was giving me life for certain! Cambridge's Parkside stood a few paces away from where I was standing, I knew that I would revisit that part of town. I'm not the museum type so I carried on to see more historical sights! Interesting stuff! I had grand plans for the day! Cambridge, we ready! Let's go!

Cambridge presented itself without any single flaws, I was served something truly lovely and wholesome! With each trip that I take within England, I see that I'm from a beautiful country that has oodles of history and charm! The Historic Centre of Cambridge was filled with a crazy torrent of tourists from an international background, not to brag but we've got a major country to represent to the world! Choosing Scudamore's, I relaxed into my shared punting tour along the River Cam, I was ready for some truth to be spilled about Cambridge! Our gorgeous host guided our punt through the winding waters of Cambridge. Something, somewhere told me that Oxford was going to get a verbal warning! If you've got kids, make sure they behave or just leave them at the punting station! Some just won't be told! Focussing on the sights along the River Cam was the perfect distraction! King's College served 'Educational Overness' alongside the River Cam, so I was very much impressed! Cambridge, let the river flow! Best of Britain? Yes, C!

The punting game looked like a popular way to spend some of that Cambridge day but for some it was a Hen Don't! I was schooled about the ways of governments past when the residents of Cambridge would board up their windows to escape an un-welcomed tax. That sounds like daylight robbery?! The flow of our punt along the River Cam was a relaxing affair, passing by numerous regal halls of residences that looked as palatial as Downing's own! Gaining their name from the River Cam and the many bridges that connected the two sides of the city, it doesn't take a fool to realise that resulted in the name, Cambridge. I also learnt that the status of the grass was higher than anything else, making that reference I've not seen such a well kept lawns since my Disney days! Costing only £18 as part of a shared punting boat tour I really didn't see anything wrong with that price, I noticed the talk spoken by Scudamore's punters stayed comical and enthusiastic throughout unlike their competitors. Competition was rife on the River Cam!

Embracing dry land once again, I was intrigued by King's College as I had only seen it from a lower platform as my punt flowed down the River Cam. Cambridge's winding city centre was heaving with tourists, so I ditched that hype to take sanctuary in the chapel at King's College. After dodging the passing bicycles, I embraced the quiet of that place of worship, still awash with tourists but I blocked them out of my mind as I saw a dazzling portrait of the Madonna with child! The Madonna was serving post-pregnancy 'Realness' with the baby Jesus in her arms! As a previous university student I don't know if I would have coped with a constant flow of tourists trying to muscle in on my student quarters? I don't think that would have been for me! Birmingham showed me greatness in its own way! From what I had seen so far in Cambridge had been more than I had previously imagined, with the picture postcard views I couldn't get enough! Oxford had some competition, in actual fact I liked both towns in equal measure. Sure! 

I captured an image of a normal Cambridge student street, fashioned in the stonework of yesterday these seemingly looking Victorian terrace houses called right at me! Tucked away from the vibrancy of Quayside, I got a real cool vibe from this regal student city, was under some kind of spell for certain? Yes! I didn't see many Midsummer Murders committed but the city of Cambridge has loaned its backdrop for many a successful television drama. I contemplated walking along the River Cam to the village of Grantchester but when I remembered that drama I recognised some of the sights from my Cambridgeshire day. As the day drew to a close I found the Clarendon Arms pub to sink a few pints of Cider, I appreciated the 18th century energy of that Cambridge public house. Let's just say some that pub golf lot were part of a certain Middle Class background! Go sit yourselves down! My day in Cambridge may have been very long but I made the most of its charms, loving a new city! Taking the coach back to Birmingham was long! 

Cambridge Schooled Me! 

Joseph Harrison  


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