A Merry Christmas? ... 2012, 2013 & 2014!

Play on, another year has almost finished so its time to get excited for the Christmas period. I have to admit I'm quite stressed at the moment with job rejections and shady broken job offers so the holidays haven't been my priority. Looking back on Christmas's past and present I can't grumble! I know the real workings of Christmas now! Has the magic changed? Yes, very much! 

Turning back the hands of time to Christmas 2012, I feel like its only natural that I flashback to my New York City experience. I embraced a Filipino take on Thanksgiving, I tried some Peruvian food with my girls and also welcomed another Virgin Atlantic flight into Newark Liberty! I was quite frankly dreading the festive season because I had never experienced Christmas away from family, I learnt being away can be just as good during Christmas time. Sometimes even better! I didn't say that! October showed me Thanksgiving, my friend Leah took me under her wing by inviting me to her food fuelled celebration. I met her extended family, ate some lovely food and had a great time! Through my fear I knew that my Christmas in New Jersey would be far from miserable! It was meant to be that I volunteered for the evening shift after spending the afternoon with Val on Xmas Day! The festivities taught me that I could find my feet in the USA! 

Marrying the night! Myself, Fiorella, Valerie and Leah all reunited for a pre-Christmas meal to remember! Choosing Pio Pio in NYCs Hell's Kitchen, we blagged a cheeky booth in the middle of that bustling NYC restaurant. Our food was tasted beautiful, but the company was truly priceless so I'll keep that memory close. Christmas Eve served Chinatown Overness with a healthy serving of Asian food and Bubble Tea to complement my visit to the world famous Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center! It felt like I was in my own 'Home Alone' nighttime moment but in Chinatown with my Pho Noodles and Bubble Tea. Valerie shared her Christmas Day with me, we enjoyed a cosy Christmas afternoon with her friends family circle. Closing our big day we welcomed the VS17 Virgin Atlantic flight into Newark Liberty, I never got paid double time! Now in 2014, I would love to make future festive memories in New Jersey and New York City! Yes! 

I know the festive period is all about being merry but I took that the next level last Christmas in 2013! Family sure comes first so I travelled back from university to enjoy the Christmas holiday in my hometown! I didn't ask for a lot that Christmas but as per usual my Nan and Granddad's living room was bursting with presents that Christmas morning! Having missed the previous Christmas I was very excited to see my new cousins enjoy their day, I dare say they had a great time. I had asked for a few bits and bobs, including Icona Pop's new album and a book about the hermit kingdom of North Korea. I thanked everyone for their kind gifts but appreciated one thing a little bit too much that Christmas Day! Filling my cup from dinnertime I indulged in two litres of Gin mixed with Tonic! Eating my Christmas dinner was a winner but I couldn't string a word together! I was a mess but feeling merry all the same! I didn't care, but I did care the next day because my head hurt! With my Manchester night on the cards, that hangover had to go! 

Prior to the holiday, I spend one evening out in Birmingham after finishing up my Dissertation work to see the lights. Having spent the previous year in the USA, I had missed the joys of what a Birmingham student Christmas was. Heading out around 5pm I headed for the Mailbox. As I walked through the CUBE, I could see the sea of lights as they reflected off the waters of the Birmingham canal that met the mixed use development at the Mailbox. It was a feast for the senses! Walking into the city I caught several portions of the maddening crowds who were all enjoying the Frankfurt Christmas Market. Getting back to the market a few weeks previous was lovely, but in the mid-week to avoid those crowds! Veering towards the Bullring I had a browse around Selfridges, if I had the money I would had bought many things! Lastly, I found the dazzling display in Birmingham's Centenary Square! The ferris wheel shone light a burning Catherine Wheel firework! 2013s festive period had me back where I wanted to be! Luv ya, Birm!

Needing something to take me away from life, I'm looking to London for Christmas 2014! I have already decided that I will be hitting the capital city up from the 22nd of December for the holidays. As per usual I'm hoping to seek a new corner of London, getting on with that portion for myself. Once I'm settled I reckon I'll hit up Shadwell and Tower Hamlets because I'm all about the London people. Getting out of the city, I plan to head west after Christmas Day has passed me by. Heading to Richmon-upon-Thames to find Hampton Court Palace and its own chilled Riverside along the Thames Path. Before heading east, I plan to make a pitstop in Kew to visit the Botanical Gardens. I want a different Christmas, I have a feeling it could be the last spent in England for a little while. I plan to find myself a little job in England, earn some coins then make those China moves happen! Bilston is not doing it for me, I need out! It will happen!

I honestly thought I wouldn't be in the country for this coming holiday season because boo I had plans! Life can be a real pain in the behind so I embraced I would be opening presents and drinking with family on December the 25th, I'm quite looking forward to my London town festivities when I think about the stress this job seeking business has thrown. I won't be blogging about this Christmas in the conventional way but I'll be serving some gems during my time in London. I'm gagging for some Chinese Mooncakes! Oh I forgot to say! How are you spending your Christmas? Do you love it?! Please don't break the dawn because I'm all about that booze and juice! Let's break from tradition, forget that Turkey and open a bottle of fizz because life is a celebration! 2014 has been a year of triumphs and lows but I'm looking towards 2015 for a brighter tomorrow after this festive period! Sure, the last three Christmases have been eventful! 

A Chinese Christmas For 2015? 

Joseph Harrison 


  1. I can only imagine what Christmas this year will be like. I don't hold high hopes for it. But I also imagine it will be memorable, one way or another.

    1. Yes! It’s going to be game changer. Hopefully this year we can appreciate those things we take for granted during a simpler Christmas!


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