21 November 2014

My Birthday Flashback: 2012-2014!

Happy Birthday to me! Birthdays are cool but I got bored of a cake with candles, after all its one day that deserves a few strong drinks as time goes by! Seeing a new place sounds cool to me rather than asking for x,y or z for that b'day? Yes! I'm going to flashback over my over last three birthdays but did anything stand out?! Where will my next birthday take me?! 

Feeling reckless I booked two Canadian trips in 2012 to Toronto and Montreal so I could celebrate my 22nd birthday twice. October brought my whirlwind weekend in Toronto, touching down at Toronto's Billy Bishop Island Airport  was a comfort to say the least! I saw the CN Tower from top to bottom, I was almost tripping from the viewpoint because I don't have a head for heights. Getting lost afforded me the chance to see Toronto's Chinatown and Harbord Village, offering me a fresh vibe compared to my New Jersey morning. Toronto took me by the hand, reuniting me with my Disney co-worker Alexandra who showed me a stellar night out! After our meal at Jack Astor's we pre-drank some more then hit Fly nightclub in the heart of Toronto's vibrant Gay Village. I had an amazing night but I'm not going to be trashy because a gentlemen never reveals that kind of information! Oh I also saw the Niagara Falls! 

November 14th 2012 arrived, I boarded my Air Canada Jazz flight from Newark to Montreal, Quebec. French Canada called me for a reason, the language didn't sound very modern but the French that I heard sounded good to me. Staying at L'Hotel I had booked a luxury room with a budget price tag that happened to be located in the heart of Montreal's Old Town known as 'Vieux Montreal'. Contrary to belief certain parts of Vieux Montreal date back to the days of 'New France' you know I'm all about a vintage vibe! Getting to know the city didn't take long for I had discovered the Metro so getting to Rue Sainte Catherine took a quick minute. My birthday celebrations were great if not a little random, well no one ever passes up a free dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant so yet again Canada loved me good! The Notre-Dame Basilica took me away from the North American continent if only for a moment, American life had got me crazy to see something European. Merci Montreal!

Time doesn't have to be an issue, I see those turning hands as a challenge to see as much as possible. My 23rd birthday beckoned as I had almost finished the first semester of my final year at University College Birmingham. I embarked on an overnight trip to Liverpool and Chester to catch up with my favourite North West city. That time Liverpool showed me the RopeWalks and the historic Chinese Quarter opposed to the iconic sights like the Liver Birds or the Albert Docks. I returned to Liverpool because I love that Scouse city, I always make time for my Disney friend Kat who lives in Southport. Her Disney Princess is growing into a beautiful girl, making our Disney summer seem like a while away! Liverpool sure brings the comedy!

Fresh from my second Scouse outing I took the Merseyrail down to Chester for the afternoon. As mentioned previously my previous birthday had been spent in Canada so I wanted it to be quintessentially British. The Clock Tower reminded me of the time element of the day so I made damn sure I covered as much as I could whilst in Chester. St Werburgh Street and the area around the cathedral took me back to the United Kingdom Pavillion at EPCOT's World Showcase. The Medieval architecture gave me a sense of disconnection with the city hype of Liverpool so I appreciated that tonnes. With the Welsh border close by I took a slow walk along the waters of the River Dee, I fancied seeing the borderline! Through my time spent in Liverpool and Chester I had a really good birthday! Yes!

London called me for a second time in 2014, I had something to celebrate this time though. My 24th birthday was very fast approaching and I had nothing planned so I was packed off to London. I'm not one for shopping but I really enjoyed getting spoiled by my mum with my Primark fashion purchases I liked that shopping trip. My actual birthday started with a terrible hangover but that didn't dampen my day one bit, or did it? Chinatown called for my usual Soho Bubble Tea and Dim Sum fix but that hangover sure returned like a reoccurring nightmare! Piccadilly Circus called me, I was on a mission to get some snaps because the early November sunset worked for me. Yeah my birthday was cool but I treasured the time I spent with my mum, we don't see each other as much now because of her work so that time was nice. With my new threads I had some work to do! Trust and believe London!

So my official birthday had been and gone but I saw my London trip as one complete celebration so I had a plan to execute! Dressed to impressed in my new city chic threads I made it to London's former Olympic Stadium to see what was going down, followed by a gourmet pie from Borough Market and finally a stroll down Bermonsdey Street to be with the yuppies. The sun had set, I was ready for the night and I didn't plan on returning home anytime before the morning light! The London Underground took me to my kind of London, you've already guessed Soho haven't you? Hitting up the Village in the heart of Soho I made the most of the cheap drinks, I wasn't going to take that for granted on a Saturday night in London! If you're not ugly then you should recognise your good looks so I made the most of my genetic gain whilst at Village, mama didn't raise no fool! Were you at the National Theatre? No but I'm glad I looked cultured enough boo! Let's just say 24 is working for me B!

Keep Your Cake & Candles! I Just Want The Party!

Joseph Harrison  

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