2014: My Hometown Glory? ... Birmingham, England!

Birmingham was great to me but at the time I just never that, I don't need to look back because I always make a comeback every once in a while. I went back to Birmingham the other week to see what was good. Bilston gets me down sometimes, Birmingham had something to give me back! I knew that the Botanical Gardens and Bubble Tea would be a great combination!

Birmingham, since I've been gone I have had to rewrite the book. I have been doing so good but I never needed a reason to revisit my student city. Someone had left the lights on, this city has changed fast! My blogging is crazy right now so with my crazy margins I needed a snap of UCB's frontage. Graduation is upon me, I never planned on attending, I had my Emirate idea of being a Cabin Crew for the airline but I was brought back down to earth when I didn't get the job. Nevertheless, I've been back to pick up my transcript so I will be graduating with honours in September. Fast forward to the present I booked a trip to Newcastle so with an early coach I made an afternoon out of it, choosing wisely to print out my papers for the journey at the resource centre. My life is in transition at the moment, things are on the pause button, I sure get excited about small things. Birmingham, I'll walk these streets again! Yes!

Choosing a university closer to home has worked in my favour so I took the Metro to Birmingham Snow Hill from Bilston Central. It's mad to think I now make any excuse to visit UCB when in the last year I hardly ever attended. I still got all my work done but I preferred a good lie in because nobody loves 9am lectures. The resource centre gave me life, as silly as this sounds I really enjoyed the quiet atmosphere that took me back to the frantic days when I planned my Dissertation. UCB you got me looking at you in a whole new way! I'm tired of waiting, I just want to graduate already! UCB I want you to tell me what you're waiting on! Why Birmingham before Newcastle? The Geordie Shore got me looking once more, I was just like its time to see what that North East city had to offer me. Going back to Birmingham was a no-brainer! The studies have been completed, the results are in, there's only three weeks until my graduation! UCB, I'm going to work this out good and proper!

Bubble Tea is the cure for a lot of things. My current hometown of Bilston won't ever know what Bubble Tea is, I chose Birmingham! Caffe Chino knew I was back! I had planned to meet with my friend Kelly in the city but it wasn't meant to be so I went ahead with my original plan. I chose to drink a Hong Kong style Bubble Tea, accompanied by a Hong Kong style cheesecake. I love things from Hong Kong! Birmingham's Chinese Quarter reminded me of happy times from my university degree course. Aside from Bubble Tea and cake I took some solace from my visit to Caffe Chino. I learnt the art of buying Chinese cakes and pastries upon my first visits to Caffe Chino, this time I knew the drill because Bilston hasn't got a clue what I enjoy, Major's chips are amazing but I just want some Bubble Tea! Cathay Street will always look a certain way for me, I know Birmingham is changing. Oh, I should have bought some Oolong Tea! Boo!

Chinatown, to me that part of town always looks like a kaleidoscope of culture, colour and flavour! Undoubtedly, one of my favourite parts of Birmingham's Southside I just can't get enough! It has to be Birmingham's Chinese Quarter. Chinatown I have love for you! So, Xie xie! I'm a mad one for planning things, time in my book must be respected so I broke that rule completely. I wasn't feeling too good but I knew that my sweet treats would set me in the right direction to the Botanical Gardens. Since Blackpool things have been slow but it's been refreshing to see the simple things in life are keeping me going. Bubble Tea and a visit to the Botanical makes everything good again. I'll be back in Birmingham for my graduation in a few weeks but I have some things planned until then until I get my papers all in line. Thanks again Caffe Chino! Headache gone, all was right with the world! Birmingham will be waking up to a new tomorrow with the expansion and modernisation going on!

Chilling out for the afternoon I walked for what felt like a million miles like really, I gave up on my iPhone map route to reach Birmingham's Botanical Gardens. I had been once before when I was aged seven, throughout my University College days in Birmingham I vowed several times to visit again but I failed. With my departure to China approaching I used my spare afternoon to my advantage and got something done for a change. Using my student discount I made my way through the plant houses, the heat was humid and the plant-life impressed me much. I'm not the best at reading so I had mooch around the gardens, found a seat that overlooked the manicured gardens to read my book. I'm trying to finish 'Fresh Off The Boat: A Memoir' for the third time so I made the best of my attempt. Opened on the 11th of June 1832 the Gardens are in Edgbaston, Birmingham's exclusive side. Yes, Birmingham does classy ish!

Needless to say I couldn't believe a council estate lay a few minutes away from the image captured above. Let's just say that the time I spent relaxing with my book in the gardens was lovely, taking time out to zone out can be great. Getting back to Birmingham was the thing I needed before my Geordie weekend, let's just say it was nice. Bubble Tea and a little visit to university put me right, Birmingham is changing but I'll be back soon. I have to express that the Botanical Gardens brought it! I'm easily pleased so the greener pastures of the manicured gardens shine for sure. Birmingham, you sure know how to keep bringing it! Choose Birmingham's Botanical Gardens to take the stress out of the city, I know what I would rather be doing! Birmingham I know you recognise this! Would you visit Birmingham? I honestly don't care if this blog sounds boring or if you think it lacks character, I can look back at my last Birmingham day with a smile. I must look forward, there's no going back B!

Birmingham... Best Believe!

Joseph Harrison


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