Next Stop... Brighton, England!

It's the little things we do, I spent twenty-four hours in Brighton. I ditched city life for the seaside! Experiencing the old and new piers showed me that Brighton has many tales to tell. Everybody has got a point of view but it's nobody's business where I decide to travel to. Get heated up, Brighton's promenade sizzles! Brighton knows that I can't stop thinking about it! Oh!

I had one day in Brighton, so I didn't waste one single moment! Leaving my Jury's Inn hotel I looked towards 'The Lanes'. I can be a material girl from time to time but in Brighton I chose not to shop, although I could have been persuaded to have done different for the wide array of bohemian shop fronts caught my eye for sure! My new favourite thing to do is find a Bubble Tea cafe, I found 'Pearls' in 'The Lanes'. I chose my usual cold milk tea blend with tapioca pearls. If shopping is on your mind then run wild with your funds, many non-high street purchases can be found within Brighton's individual looking shops. Go against the grain in Brighton because that's just how things are down in the beautiful south. The salty air had me from the moment I stepped off my London train, I spent ten days in the city, I wanted some fresh air and to take things a bit easier because it was also my final day in the south! The Lanes include many small pubs and niche cafes that specialise in different blends. Brighton plays by its own rules! Yes. B!

Closing in further towards the promenade I had finally made it to the seaside town of Brighton. I had won a writing competition for Jury's Inn hotels, choosing my complimentary night in Brighton seemed like the perfect antidote to my hectic London trip I wanted to chill things out before returning to the West Midlands. During my day in Brighton I boycotted all major brands to get an honest sense of Brighton because I had heard a lot of things about its alternative vibe. The Lanes showed me that I could shop for fashion fancies without contributing to the high street fashion nasty's. I'm not a mainstream hater but I just embraced Brighton's bohemian scene. Take the train from London Victoria or London Bridge to Brighton's own railway station or choose the National Express coaches from London Victoria, there's no excuse whatsoever to dodge a day in the beautiful south! Forever wasn't over but I knew my 24 hours wouldn't last so I moved on forwards. The sea breeze made me feel far from the city, I enjoyed that coastal town! 

I felt brand new in Brighton, it was like I had been given a new air of freedom that I hadn't ever experienced before. Crazy! Don't call me dramatic because that's just how I felt. The Royal Pavilion was next on my sights to experience, I just couldn't say no! First constructed in 1787, Brighton's Royal Pavilion looks more Indian than anything but it was the retreat for the Prince Regent during the early 1800s. Empire was in full force during that time, so the influence of the style told me everything that I needed to know. Lots of people were taking advantage of the glorious sunshine by lazing in the surrounding gardens of this palatial Brighton residence. I did take some time to capture some photos of the Pavilion and to appreciate its Indo-Saracenic revival architecture but I wanted to keep on moving. It's no secret that some folks have expressed some strange views about the style of the Pavillion in Brighton because some have said that it's not typically British looking, India was a part of the Empire, that was the way. OK?

Knowing which way to go in Brighton, I found the streets really easy to navigate because my sense of direction sometimes can fail me. Call it pure luck I made it to Brighton, I embraced 'The Lanes' and loved the grandeur of the 'Royal Pavilion'. I could finally appreciate something that had a slower pace compared to the constant beat of the city. The promenade grew ever closer but I didn't want my day to be stressful, I suggest you do the same when you visit this town? Being on a budget is what I do best so I took amusement in discovering the kitsch neighbourhood of 'Kemptown'. I wasn't in town for a party so I didn't look for the liveliest of venues, I had ran around London for ten days so getting inebriated wasn't my plan. I loved the architecture around the bars and cafes in 'Kemptown', something made the sea view have a deeper shade of blue. I learnt that having a good time doesn't have to involve getting crazy, I liked being leisurely! Why had I not visited Brighton sooner? No night out would be had, that was for sure! 

It was inevitable that I would bump into Brighton's iconic promenade. I couldn't walk any further south otherwise I would have been in the sea! Swimming wasn't not on my agenda, neither was a short paddle but I made the best of the promenade. So I took a stroll along the beachfront, best decision made. I dodged the seagulls that dived through the skies along the beachfront, I'm not a fan of those birds but it's there home turf! The sun was shining, everything was sweet! I didn't appreciate the main Brighton pier, it was just too much, the area around it on the beach was jammed pack with too much nonsense. You might like but I wasn't a fan of it! I didn't want that judgement to mar my opinion of Brighton's main point so I looked for the original pier that can been viewed in the photo above. I loved that side of the beach, even though the original pier has seen better days it blended well with that section of the beach in Brighton. Not sugarcoating things, the original pier caught my attention for sure! No fairgrounds or rides!

I chose to eat something close to the original 'West Pier', I didn't dream of going back to the newer Brighton pier for I wanted to stay with the bohemian and alternative hype that Brighton does best! It's your life so you have the freedom to decide!? I found a no-frills beachfront ice cream cafe that served hot food, I didn't have breakfast in London that morning so my hunger was growing. I enjoyed my hot dog very much, let's just say I would have spent twice as much for the same thing at the other side of the beach so I had made the right decision in my eyes. I don't get to a beach very often at all because being from the West Midlands. It's the canal or bust in that landlocked part of England! Brighton had served up something extra compared to previous seaside towns I had been to before that day. I was on team sober! When I go back to Brighton I will make it my duty to buy a sweet chocolate treat from 'Choccywoccydoodah', I sometimes suffer from tunnel vision when I'm on a day trip, I miss things! I'd definitely return to Brighton. 

Kemptown, I'll Be Back!

Joseph Harrison


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