20 June 2014

Maritime Greenwich... Ride on Time!

I'm human like everyone else so my time keeping skills aren't always on point but I know somewhere that is right on time! Greenwich town is home to a myriad of historical and maritime monuments that showed me an insightful afternoon's worth of sightseeing. From the Cutty Sark to a plate of Pie and Mash with parsley sauce I couldn't complain. Greenwich represents! 

Greenwich took me back to Baltimore, USA for the Cutty Sark reminded me of the U.S.S. Constellation in Baltimore, USA. Taking some time I jumped on the 188 bus towards North Greenwich to get to grips with maritime Greenwich for the afternoon. I'm not a tourist in the conventional sense because during my London trip I wanted to push the boundaries by wondering away from the tourist map. Greenwich sounded like a plan! Don't take me for a fool because I knew that something would be waiting for me in a time ordered fashion. The Cutty Sark clipper was constructed to literally sail the seven seas. Located close to the DLR station the Cutty Sark overlooks the river Thames with an air of realness, this sailing lady still makes her coins out of the water. Now a museum I didn't wait to waste the glorious sun. Time is a healer because the Cutty Sark still stands tall today after being lovingly restored. Work!

I left the tube alone because getting the bus to Greenwich seemed like the best thing to do. No questions because I don't have time for your gripes! If I tell a lie I visited the O2 Arena to have a mooch around to see what all the fuss is about, I had visited once before when the now entertainment complex was the Millennium Dome so the transformation was something to take in. I saw a mural of the Spice Girls, they were my favourite pop band as a boy! I wanted to see them in their comeback tour in 2007 but life sometimes isn't fair. I suppose the Olympics generated a much needed boost for the maritime factor of Greenwich's town centre, put your money where your mouth is G'wich! Back to that ship I took in the views and learnt that the Cutty Sark was built in Dunbarton, Scotland. Look out for the foot tunnel, they used to be all the rage back in the day of Victoria! Greenwich is a royal borough, so I know that it was fit for a queen like me, Elizabeth I have the crown!

When it came to my food I had to be a wannabe Londoner by having Pie and Mash for lunch. I wanted to be daring by ditching the gravy for parsley sauce because I asked the server which option would be more authentic. Goddard's of Greenwich had to be the one for my food so I took a chance by sampling some traditional London food, like I mentioned before I always want to push the boundaries. Hand on heart I really enjoyed the Pie but I wouldn't of chose the parsley sauce for it had a strange taste but taking a chance has to be done. From the food I want to backtrack to the shopping that Greenwich town offered from its market. The market had a range of small independent stalls, some of which were selling items that reminded me of my childhood. From vintage childhood reminders to odd bits and bobs the market served a hearty variety, I wanted to keep on seeking something new and exciting.

I knew there had to be another Greenwich on the other side of the tourist appropriate town centre that would definitely contradict the sights that I have just mentioned. I joked with one of the servers from Goddards of Greenwich that Greenwich's maritime heart must be a perfect contradiction compared to other nearby areas of South East London. During my London trip I had explored London's growing skyline with The Shard making its mark on the changing view of the river Thames but in Greenwich I had already seen so much history and culture! London isn't just about the Eye or seeing a West End show, I got out of the city to find something that would keep me questioning the history of such a crazy, beautiful and busy city. Greenwich town sort of reminded me of Greenwich Village in New York City for the small town feeling of the streets and cutesy building made me look back with a smile. Royal Greenwich awaits, get some culture in your life! Be royal!

London was blessed with some amazing weather throughout the majority of my trip, so my view from the Royal Observatory was flawless. Maritime Greenwich had one further thing to show me, I wanted to be right on time so I made my way right to the very top of the observatory lookout point to get the best view of the city. GMT, otherwise known as Greenwich Mean Time was founded at the point that I found at the top of the gargantuan hill within Greenwich Park. Paying the price to see where the discovery of the GMT line since 1675 so it had to be done, the walk up was hard going so I wouldn't be making another visit. In my view I saw across Greenwich Park, the business district of Canary Wharf and the O2 Arena so not a bad view really? Oh my I heard so many American tourists, they should open an United States Embassy up there? Putting my fear of heights aside was well worth the view, have I convinced you? 

Looking back at my Greenwich photos of the view from the Observatory puts everything into perspective. I run most things by a tight schedule so leaving things to chance during my Greenwich day was the best thing to do. I took a chance on the food by dining at Goddard's of Greenwich to be served a tasty London favourite. I caved in by having a Mocha Frappe at McDonald's but that was before I got the bus back to Southwark so that wasn't so bad. I made my way around the Greenwich market where I was taken back to my childhood by the range of 90's toys that were for sale. I broke one of my pet hates by taking the bus in London because Birmingham buses aren't safe so I did look over my shoulder. I really need to get over myself! I have respect for Greenwich for the restoration of the Cutty Sark made the town centre pop! Getting out of the city is the done thing! Greenwich is such a hot temptation with its regal sights and that GMT hype going on! You're ride on time!

Greenwich ... Cuz You're Ride One Time! 

Joseph Harrison

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