BHX: Hello World!

Birmingham's gone all worldwide! Birmingham Airport wants to say 'Hello World' with its new slogan out there I wanted to see what this West Midlands airport has to offer. I wasn't flying anywhere but I took my passport just in-case, I wanted to just get away but a thing called 'life' got in the way! Fancy a pre-flight meal or find an exciting place to entertain the little ones? Go!

I just needed my bag with me because Birmingham Airport just means one thing to me, a holiday! Change has been going on for BHX for the new International Pier has brought a whole new look for this airport. Our local West Midlands airport has welcomed a whole host of new scheduled airlines that have brought the world to Birmingham so that's a positive thing for sure! Turkish Airlines now fly from BHX to Istanbul Ataturk Airport ten times weekly, opening our eyes to the wonder that is Istanbul, Turkey as well as being a vast transfer hub everyone should be happy with that Turkish Delight!? Dubai is only a six hour flight from Birmingham now for Emirates operates twice daily flights seven days per week. The 'Empire State of Mind' I mean New York City is only a hop, skip and a flight away from Birmingham's own with United Airlines to Newark, New Jersey. Doha soon? Qatar Airways can you make this happen? Go on! Birmingham Airport has a long way to go, we cannot be standing in the shadow of Manchester! 

BHX has transformed its two terminals into one functioning entity, now the new facility marries the low-cost, charter and scheduled carriers in specific areas of the terminal to streamline the whole passenger experience. Lounging around at Birmingham Airport is allowed for BHX boasts three lounges for passengers to kick-start their trip with that added sparkle, Aspire Lounge can found in the main departure lounge along with the No1 Traveller Lounge and the Emirates Lounge is located in the International Pier for First and Business guests. Bangladesh is calling! Biman Bangladeshi Airlines shall be serving Birmingham Airport with twice weekly services to Dhaka, Bangladesh and New York's JFK making this venture a very exciting time for Birmingham Airport. BHX shall be saying 'Ni Hao' to China Southern Airlines in July 2014 for a charter service has been agreed to welcome flights from Beijing on the £40 million runway! We need more long haul routes so BHX can fly higher! Make the Beijing service a regular service! 

All this news made me hungry, as a part of the bloggers that day I dined at Birmingham Airport's very own Frankie & Benny's restaurant. Located before security on the first floor, its a great pre-flight option for any type of passenger to get into holiday mode! I chose the Spaghetti Carbonara, a personal favourite since I was a boy. Being my first time dining at Frankie's BHX location I was pleasantly surprised to realise that this land-side restaurant tailors their menu and service operation to enhance their guests experience, ensuring that overall guests enjoy their meal within the time constraints to work alongside the flight schedules. The core menu consists of the usual Frankie & Benny's favourites but they keep logistics in mind for nobody wants to be anymore stressed than usually when travelling by air, from a food to a flight its all good! You can make your own choice, now you've been informed. I said you're welcome. How about that? Step it up, BHX! I don't want to be harsh but we need to step it up, like I said! BHX deserves better! 

My Carbonara was good, I chose a Pepsi Cola to accompany my meal with a few slices of a pizza style garlic bread as my starter. Our server attended to our needs and everything was brought to the table in a time-orderly fashion. Being part of the Blogger experience at Birmingham Airport was a great thing, combined with a hearty serving of good food gave us the opportunity to get to know each other for blogs consist of many different themes and niches so I really did enjoy seeing things from a different perspective. Who wants desert? Choosing the Banoffee Waffle concluded my Frankie & Benny's afternoon dining experience just right. My best suggestion would be to check-in early to ensure that more time can be spent making the most of BHX's pre-security delights. So, if you're looking for a hearty Italian American meal before making your way through the security check-point at Birmingham Airport I suggest a meal is to be enjoyed at Frankie's & Benny's at BHX! I have hope more brands will be attracted to BHX! Let's have faith!

Birmingham Airport has its very own mascot, well it's all for the children. Zoom joined us for lunch before jetting off on another important flight, it was a hit for the younger diners during the Blogger meet but I found the 'True Blue' icon amusing as well. Going to the 'Sky Zone' has to be done if you're travelling with any passengers aged from 2 to 10 years old. Located opposite Gate 54 along the North Pier is the 'Sky Side' experience aimed at entertaining the younger passengers who will undoubtedly be extremely excited for their flights. The 'Sky Zone' is packed with interactive activities that all tell an exciting story of flight for Birmingham's youngest fliers. I wondered what a younger 'me' would have made of the 'Sky Zone?' That's a question! For me it's all about having an ice cold pint in the Departure Lounge, but I can remember how excited I would get when I had the chance to report to the airport for a flight! I don't have any children nor plan to have any, it was something extra to see for the day. Isn't Gate 54 is for Emirates, B?

Zoom and his friend gave us all Sky Passes to access the 'Sky Zone' but we were staying land-side so it was good to see the ways that Birmingham Airport are engaging with the younger passengers from the point of check-in right through to their experience in the 'Sky Side' activity area. I could definitely see my six year old cousin get excited about the Zoom hype at Birmingham Airport so all is well with the world. I shall keep my pre-flight drinks and the kids can enjoy their time in the 'Sky Zone'. Zoom, I'm really sorry but you already know that I'll be in the Wetherspoons with a pint of Cider! It was also fantastic getting to know the new and recent developments that are taking this West Midlands airport to new heights and opening new opportunities as far as China. BHX, I know I shall be seeing you soon for my flight to Berlin! Birmingham Airport continues to make leaps forward but more long haul directs are needed for us to surpass the likes of Manchester! Yes! My day at BHX Airport was very unexpected indeed!

BHX, Fly High!

Joseph Harrison


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