Next Stop... Bristol, England!

Time waits for no one, I extended my trip to Bath with an afternoon in Bristol. I wanted to experience Bristol's city centre to see for myself what Bristol had to offer! Enough of this introduction, I wanted to see Bristol already! Let's get this together because this Bristolian Harbourside city has got hidden talents with S.S. Great Britain in the yard! Bristol, no parties!

Fresh from my day of Roman discovery in Bath I was ready to hop on the train back to Bristol for an afternoon of sightseeing before my return back to Birmingham. I mentioned before I had previously been to Bristol but it was only for the night and I literally went to a party and saw the train station so I wanted to see the city behind that eventful party! I retraced my steps from the moment of I disembarked my Megabus the previous morning to begin my day in the Harbourside city. Ditching the tourist map, I relied on my memory from looking at Bristol through the medium of Google Maps. Captured to the left is Central Promenade, which stands in the heart of Bristol's city centre. I was ready for my Bristolian afternoon to begin! Why did I choose to visit Bristol? I say why not?! My coach back to Birmingham left Bristol that evening so after arriving from Bath I took to the streets to experience Bristol. Work Briz!

I appreciated the Central Promenade, I could tell that Bristol would serve up tonnes of understated realness! The previous day started off as a whirlwind, hot in my pursuit to reach Bath so I remembered this central point well because it was located just a couple steps away from Colston Hall where the Megabus dropped me off in Britstol. Bristol had a lot to show me, I recently remembered 2013 in a retrospective blog, so I wanted to follow from my travel successes to start 2014 with a new zest for seeking adventure! I really feel quite frustrated at the moment, whilst I'm not stressed out my with university work I feel extremely restricted with my budget as my student loan mean I lack funds! Days out like this will be the key to keep on travelling until I finish my studies and secure a job! South-West England didn't take long to reach from Birmingham, I was up for a change. Bristol didn't really have a busy vibe, everyone got on with their day in a cool and collected manner! Get it, B!

Adding a royal flare to my afternoon in Bristol I took a stroll from the Central Promenade to Queen Square. I gained a higher appreciation for this part of Bristol's city centre. Queen Square reminded me of London's Grosvenor so this side of the city impressed me much! I must add that the weather was absolutely darling that morning, it was slightly chilly but the bright blue winters sky was quite tolerable. The semi-busy Bristolians made their way around Queen Square as this meeting point meets in the middle of Bristol's Harbourside and the Temple Meads Railway Station, it possibly acts as a convenient path between the key spots in Bristol's city centre? Queen Square now acts as centre of business as most of properties are now solicitors, times have changed. Queen Square showed that modern Bristol has time for monuments that tell a story from the city's past to keep living to this day. Bristol was sitting on a huge secret!

Dating back to the 1700's Queen Square really has a story to tell, with the statue of William III now being declared as a grade I listed building along with Custom House, which is now a grade II listed building. That square had links to the Transatlantic Slave Trade? Research found that it did! Bristol has huge shoes to fill for my day in Bath showed me the Roman legacy of yesteryear, so I was loving my surroundings during my time in Bristol. I could envisage myself strolling across Bristol's Queen Square during the 1700's for that would make me feel so lucky! I noticed a slight spat of development going on but I think it was all in order to regenerate the other side of Queen Square and the surrounding area. Make your mind up, throw caution to the wind and get to Bristol! I have a feeling that I'll be getting back to the West Country within the next couple of months for I have to experience a nightclub that goes by the name of Capone's, I can't wait for my next Southern trip! Bristol, serve it up!

I never knew such a picturesque sight would greet me in Bristol, not to talk down on this West Country city because I don't want to direct any hate towards Bristol! The Floating Harbour and Harbourside were lovely additions to the fabric of Bristol's city centre for I had only seen this side of town on a map. Captured to the left is the Floating Harbour that lies only a heartbeat away from Bristol's Central Promenade within the centre of town. As I walked beside the Floating Harbour I was very much enjoying my current surroundings, Bristol is quite brilliant! I noticed that the 200th anniversary of the Floating Harbour was being celebrated with displays that explained the mechanisms of this former Bristolian waterway. The Floating Harbour has hidden depths! To the left is Brunel's SS. Great Britain, I would have to say that Bristol reminded me of Baltimore, USA due to the similarities of the historical harbour! Choices!

Not to forget that located at the foot of Bristol's Central Promenade is the Harbourside, a vibrant area that brought the waterside, restaurants and the cathedral together as one. The time I spent along the Harbourside may have been brief but I made damn sure I took in all of the sights that stood before me. I could tell that a night out at one of Bristol's Harbourside establishments would be an exciting affair! I did make a brief trip to Bristol's Cathedral to find that it had the look of a mini Notre Dame. I loved this side of Bristol's city centre, it showcased a vibrancy that was translated effortlessly. From the Central Promenade to the charms of Queen Square Bristol's credentials shaped up pretty damn fine! Getting around Brizzle by foot is easy, everything is very accessible. The Harbourside and Floating Harbour acted as a fond reminder of my time in America, moreover I am learning to be content with visiting places in England. Bristol impressed me much, I'll be returning!

Bristol... You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me!

Joseph Harrison  


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