Something To Remember?... Delta Blues, European Love & Birmingham!

2013 has passed us by and I have to say that it was a good one. I miss 2012 but I have hope for 2014 because I know that I shall find my golden ticket. From my Louisianan holiday to the days spent beside the Bosporus. I can't say that I don't miss my Newark days because I do, I'm not one for moping about as I have visited some places and made memories this year. So blessed!

Taking to the skies I said farewell to my Industrial Placement in Newark. I then made my way to New Orleans and then Orlando to conclude my 2012 American adventure. Me and my friend Fiorella spent time in the French Quarter in New Orleans for two lovely days, even though the weather fared to be dreary we had a great time. My next Delta port of call was Orlando, where I was reunited with my Disney diva Zach Airstarr! Call me sad but I loved transiting through Atlanta Airport! 2013 was staring me in the face so I wasn't about to give up, it was time to keep pushing on. But nothing can last forever so it was time for me to return back to England to continue my degree for the new term. I travelled so much throughout 2012 so I had ambitious plans for the year ahead of me. Life has changed! Sure, I enjoyed an outstanding year in the USA, looking back through the crazy working hours I would do it all again! Yes!

January turned into February, I resumed my studies in Birmingham, moving forward into my next chapter. I had grown close to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Newark Airport so attending lectures was a shock to the system. Being back home was super cool in the respect I got to meet my then baby cousins for in a few months they would be turning one. Being back in Mother England again wasn't that bad. As the semester progressed I kept the faith that I was going to get through the course. I was back at the 'Maltings', I was away from my shared apartment on Lafayette Street, that was another bitter pill to swallow. I had to just be happy with that situation. From 2012s year of travel, I wanted to recreate the same mission for 2013, I made my mark! I had Dublin, Ireland and Bordeaux, France confirmed! I kept my head high and embraced Birmingham once again. 2013 certainly began with a bang, I wanted things to get better month by month! This blog had to work out of the USA! Mark made! 

Getting back to UCB was great, I have loved being back in Birmingham. Yes, I do love my student city! I moved back to the 'Maltings' to find a new challenge, let's just say it was an eventful first semester back. I jetted off to the far flung paradise of Huddersfield! Taking my first National Express coach trip from Birmingham to Huddersfield proved to be a bearable experience, I had a great time reuniting with Paolo Fiorello who I had worked with at Newark Airport. We missed Thomas Johnson from this trip so we met again a few weeks later in Tom's hometown of Northampton. I loved Northampton, some people don't think its got much to offer but I thought it was quirky. The Las Vegas three made their third meeting in April as we spent the day in London, us boys were about town! Working in the airport was great, Newark Airport is a dynamic place, seeing people make their flights each day. Let's move things up! 

I booked my flights and a bed in hostel, seeking adventure in Dublin in March. I saw many places like the Ha'penny Bridge and Kilmainham Gaol both sights impressed me much! I wasn't completely satisfied by just seeing Dublin for the whole trip, I took the Enterprise train link from Dublin Connolly to Belfast Central, Northern Ireland for a day of discovery. I loved Belfast because it showed me a slice of its dark past, a Taxi Trax Tour took me around the Protestant Shankill Road area of Belfast and also across the Peace Line and finally into Catholic West Belfast. Closer to home I loved being back in Birmingham where I found Caffe Chino for a Bubble Tea! American's don't have a clue about Eurovision so I was overjoyed to be at home watching the contest streamed live from Malmo, Sweden! 2012s winner Loreen came back from her winning show with a new song along with her winning anthem 'Euphoria'. Get me to the Village Inn, I really needed to dance! Summer time of my life? It was ace! 

Being realistic, I knew that I wouldn't going stateside! Saving the USA for another time, I had planned a series of European trips. France showed me Bordeaux, Cognac, Chatenet and Jonzac. I stayed in Chatenet, a small hamlet, located 50 minutes from Bordeaux Airport. Thanks to a promo deal with Monarch Airlines I purchased my flight to Bordeaux and then to Barcelona, another trip that got down right scandalous! I wanted to get back to Europe to experience something extra. I embarked on my Spanish adventure from July 1st to July 5th starting in Barcelona for two days I took in all of the sights including La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell. Moving onto the charming town of Tarragona for my third day, I loved life as I lapped up the culture! Yes, I lived it up in Sitges, a rainbow seaside town, needless to say things were eventful! Spain loved me mucho! Ireland, France and Spain kept me living, I crave travel! Oh, I do!

I had to take one more holiday during the summer of 2013 before Amsterdam! Jetting off from Birmingham Airport with Turkish Airlines had to be done! Aside from the family holiday I took a few days out to spend one weekend in Istanbul, I loved my time in Istanbul! Take me back to Istiklal Caddesi where I found a Topshop and Turkish tea house on the same street! Things got real near Taksim Square! I spent three weeks in the Turkish holiday town of Calis Beach that is located along the Turquoise coast. I missed two holidays in Turkey due to my American work commitments, I suppose I couldn't have everything but I loved what I experienced in Turkey. I spent the day lazing at the world famous Oludeniz beach and finding a bargain or two at Calis's Sunday Bazar. It was time to finish my degree at University College Birmingham. Time was ticking, it would soon be time to dodge passing bicycles and meet Mary Jane Holland! Taking it back to Turkey felt correct, it was time. I'll be back!

Rounding off 2013 with another foreign trip me and my brother Lewis went to Amsterdam, we had a great weekend! Mary Jane Holland was definitely around so things were very mellow! Things had to get back to business, my studies kick-started the final year of my higher education. Birmingham had showed me something new, with the festive season upon us I had to make the best of what time I have left in my student city. Things have been changing but I'll always have my student haunts to remember. From seeing the new Library of Birmingham to spending the last days of sunshine at Cannon Hill Park. Friends come and go so I was ready for the change, if you don't make the cut then move on. Studies were getting really intense so my blogging had to take a back seat but I got to see my Portuguese lovely Ines Ladislau whilst she was on a layover from her Dubai flying duties for Emirates. 2013 wasn't bad! It was major! 

I would like to say that my blogging is starting to pay off, with a Christmas video for Visit Birmingham and an invitation to a Visit Berlin tourism event. Things have been challenging trying to balance my studies with blogging so I kept things local around Birmingham so I could have the best of both worlds. Visiting Cadbury World to find out that Bournville is really sweet like chocolate and experiencing the Frankfurt Christmas Market kicked off the festive season just right. In November I took the train up to Liverpool and Chester for the night, seeing the RopeWalks and reuniting with my Disney friend Kat. I extended my Scouse trip to see the Clock Tower in Chester for a few hours, I really liked that place. Looking back on Christmas 2013 I have to say that I got into the Christmas spirit good and proper, I ate, drank and got very merry indeed. After being back for the year since my year in Newark has been a challenge to say the least I can say that 2013's been great! 2014 be so beyond!

Goodbye 2013!

Joseph Harrison


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