17 November 2013

It's Liverpool!

It's Liverpool! I ventured back to the city of the Mersey River, where a distant family connection began! I suggest Liverpool for a city break for its simply a dream! Leave the Port of Liverpool and the Albert Docks, this Scouse city has many hidden treasures that impressed me much! Revealing Liverpool's Chinese secret and the RopeWalks. Yes, Liverpool is definitely boss!

Liverpool called me back for a second time, alluring me to recapture the true maritime city of England. I had seen the Port of Liverpool and Albert Docks during my first visit so I wanted to experience a part of the city I never knew existed. Choosing the RopeWalks as my new discovery, I was transported back to maritime Liverpool dating back to the days of Thomas Seel. Choose Duke Street for a slice of true Liverpool because this side of the city centre serves true Liverpudlian grit! I identified with the working-class because that's my background, so this corner of Liverpool satisfied my expectations for sure. I loved this aspect of Liverpool for its a city that has maintained its historical features from its booming port years to today.

Liverpool's RopeWalks has an abundance of restaurants, bars and shops that are right up my street! Choose Bold Street for the best buy for the independent boutiques are kitsch and cool, also try one of the many eateries for a bite to eat for we all like to be different, do you? RopeWalks derives from the use of the narrow streets to make the rope for the ships that docked in Liverpool's bustling port, sailing to the four corners of the globe there was plenty of rope to walk! Let's rewind the clock back to the 1800's for that's when Liverpool walked those ropes! Where else in the country could you seen such a thing? I guess Liverpool has that good, good? Liverpool seems to be a city that chose me, rather than me choosing it! I'll be back again I know that, it must be that family connection? Yes!

Liverpool has two iconic cathedrals but I chose the Anglican Cathedral around the Chinese Quarter. If I'm honest I would have to say that Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral gave me a sense of warmth with its deep crimson stone structure, even though I'm not a religious soul I loved this place of worship. I took a stroll down to the cemetery to get a different view of the cathedral to find a place that exuded a quiet and calm aura surrounding the gardens of remembrance. Now, come to think about it I haven't been to Birmingham's cathedral so I must put that on my list to do. But one thing that made sense was that I felt a connection to this grand cathedral for it sits on a slope, looking over the city of Liverpool protecting the city of the Liver Birds! I blog for the love of it, its very rare if I get paid for it so I hold its blog with a special place for the memories made. Of course Liverpool's a priceless city for me! Yes, LPL!

Keeping close to the Anglican Cathedral stands Liverpool's Chinatown, I learnt that the first vessel sailed form Shanghai to Liverpool in 1834, carrying silk and cotton wool. Unlike other Chinatown's Liverpool grew in popularity with the Chinese sailors who chose to settle in Liverpool, a demand for the comforts of home signified the beginning of Liverpool's Chinatown in 1866. Come to think of it Liverpool must have set the trend in the terms of multiculturalism because it wasn't just the Oriental folk that decided to call Liverpool home. I didn't dine at one of the restaurants in the Scouse Chinatown but I will next time! Liverpool's Chinese Quarter had a understated feel that I liked. Don't get me started because I've being looking for that Shanghai Lil! Liverpool has a vintage Chinatown if I never saw one before!? Liverpool will always have a lasting legacy to its booming port days, things haven't completely come to a halt because the ships keep on trading! Where's Shanghai Lil!? 

Liverpool One is a postcode to be remembered, its really quite simple! Our cities are bouncing back from the recession so Liverpool's done something right. You can shop like a Material Girl during any visit at Liverpool One, the city's premier shopping and lifestyle complex that is only a heartbeat away from the waters of the Mersey River. I took a look in Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and River Island to find some fashion forward items that made my day! I would have indulged in a few too many purchases but being on the move means carrying to many things is a pain in the neck! Just look out for the mascots of Liverpool One, those Liver Birds are most certainly the best dressed! I wanted to use this trip to take a closer look at Liverpool One because my last visit fared to be quite rushed. People got crazy that afternoon at Liverpool One but the next day it was crazy mad! Oh yes, it was almost Christmas!

I chose Days Inn  Liverpool, getting to Liverpool One from my hotel meant I could take advantage of this complex once the sun had set. Choose Days Inn Liverpool for its convenient location, which places itself close to the world famous waterfront and James Street station connecting to the rest of the city! I saw my independent trip to Liverpool as something that was meant to be, that's just life. Shopping is definitely one way for a city to market themselves to the world, so Liverpool's got its shopping priorities bang on the mark! It's not just shopping that brings people to Liverpool One, there's some great restaurants to enjoy and enjoy and that's exactly what I most certainly did! I wonder what the area where Liverpool One looked like when my family disembarked their boat from Eastern Europe? I suppose regeneration is the key? Who needs people to get in the way of your plans? I won't apologise for not visiting the Docks, because I wanted to see a more of LPL!

Liverpool wasn't the only place that I visited my birthday trip, I took the Merseyrail up to Southport to catch up with my Disney pal Kat. Luck was right on my side because Kat won two tickets to a comedy show in Liverpool's city centre. I grabbed something to eat from the chippy and jumped on the next train to Liverpool Lime Street. The comedy show was hosted by Hot Water Comedy Club, a comedy company I hadn't heard of before that evening! I loved the jokes told by the three comedians, it made a change to my usual going out routine. Is comedy your thing? The comedians brought their banter and jokes to the audience, most of it was very tongue and check but hilarious in the same breath. I became familiar with Scouse words like 'Boss' and  'Lad' so I learnt some of the quirks from the Scouse accent. This comedy lark might have to become a regular thing!? Hot Water Comedy Club is Boss! 

I don't revisit places but Liverpool is an exception, I'm glad I chose not to see the Port of Liverpool building or the Albert Docks because I knew that something else was waiting for me. I never knew I would be seeing a comedy show or learning about the date of the first Chinese settlers in Liverpool, now I'm not one for spontaneity but Liverpool brought that one out of me for sure. Where's the Hot Water now?! I have to say that learning new things about Liverpool was great upon my second visit to this regal Liverpudlian city! So, whether maritime history is your thing or shopping till you drop suits you, I suggest you book that coach, train or plane to Liverpool! I loved the RopeWalks, Cathedral and the comedy served by Hot Water! The Cavern Club looks good to serve some Beatles realness?! You best get that Flyover sorted Liverpool! Other cities are cool but Liverpool serves up realness and shows the Wirral how to do things! Liverpool, this isn't goodbye! See you later!

Lad, I Love Liverpool! 

Joseph Harrison 

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