2013: Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market...

Birmingham has decked the city with its Christmas lights once again, bringing the city streets back to its sparkling festive glory. New York City looked after me last year, I missed the last Christmas so I wanted to get the best of this years festivities! Even though the crowds get maddening at the weekends, I was up for the market! Oh, I enjoyed Brum's Christmas Market! 

It's that time of year when the Frankfurt Christmas Market sets up shop along Birmingham's Victoria Square and New Street! From the 14th November to 22nd December, dates vary annually. the market would trade. Marry the night and let Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market make all of your holiday dreams come true! I was in New York City last year so I have been looking forward to this event! Indulge in some rich picking because the gifts and crafts that are on offer are out of this world. Birmingham brings it big during this time of year, I love it! I know that you will as well! Be dazzled by the glittering lights in the winters evening sky. Birmingham has been serving some chilling winter weather recently and we don't want to let that be our excuse for not visiting this German Christmas Market! Navigate the sparkling and winding paths that are laden with possible purchases, we should all enjoy this! B, I'm back! 

Above is the Birmingham craft market that over looks Paradise Forum and Birmingham's Town Hall, don't be fooled because this is an extension of the German Market as it all merges together, well it all looks so good there's really nothing to worry about. I have fallen in love with Birmingham all over again, each time when I see the vista captured in the photo above. This city has got to have one of the best Christmas markets and I'm not just say that to make this blog sound perfect. I'm being truthful because at the end of the day, who likes a liar?! Last year I spent the festive period in New York City and funnily enough I never saw one Christmas market, I guess Birmingham's 'Got Talent?' From gourmet snacks to mulled cider and the hippest stocking fillers this market pleases the whole family, now that is genius! So put your hands up and make them talk to give your applause to Birmingham for serving us with such a fab festive treat! Birmingham will always be my student city! Go!

Happy Christmas Birmingham! Well almost! Victoria Square is alight with the joys of Christmas, the festive season is definitely upon us! Me and a friend broke away from our hectic university lives, looking for something festive to do. People come from far and wide for this vibrant addition to Birmingham and I don't blame them! I have been to many places across Europe and North America over the last two years but know that Birmingham holds the key to my student heart. The month of November is special to me for it's my birthday day month and the Frankfurt Christmas Market opened on the 14th November, a nice coincidence! Now that's what I call immaculate timing Birmingham! I'm not a fairground person but the merry-go-round impressed me much. I cleverly chose to visit the Frankfurt Christmas Market in the week, I wanted to take my time to experience the market stress-free. Brum is my shining star! Yes!

I like to do things at my pace, I would definitely say I have a mature mind for my young 23 years spent alive! I have recently been quite anti-Christmas but as soon as I saw the bright lights and heard the singing of Christmas songs, my 'Bah Humbug' Scrooge attitude melted away like an ice cream on a boiling hot summer's day! Variety is the spice of life because a bit of cold weather is welcome once in a while, I'm going to make the most of the market and the city as I only have one semester left. Let's keep this simple, Birmingham is becoming a well known tourist destination so with the longevity of the market being in Birmingham its no secret that the market gets super busy. Timing is crucial when going about town during the peak times, I made it my mission to enjoy the festive season in Birmingham without dodging the crowds at the weekend. After the stress I should say a big thank you to Birmingham for bringing back my Christmas spirit! Don't be a scrooge! It is my last Brum Xmas! 

Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market is all about the food, choose between one of the many stalls that sell delicious German snacks and treats. From Frankfurters to handmade chocolates there's a rich and delicious treat to suit every taste. I went crazy by having two German hot-dogs because they tasted so good! Save those pennies because they are worth it for a delicious bite to eat at Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market. Christmas is only once a year so it doesn't matter if you have one or two many treats from the market during this festive season! Enjoy a Bavarian Beer or some Mulled Wine, when choosing to indulge in one of these beverages you will be able to keep the themed glass for the Bavarian Beer or the decorated cup for the Mulled Wine. Things get packed at the weekend so I visited on a quiet Monday evening. Birmingham, you served me some treats! I want more! This student life! 

I've not been to Frankfurt yet but I felt closer to what some of the qualities would be like for the Frankfurt Market always seems to be very authentic. Talking of Germany, I wouldn't mind visiting a market compare with Birmingham. I shall be back before the 22nd December for I have to enjoy some Mulled Cider because it's the perfect winter warmer, also what else is a student supposed to do after lectures for my final year is shaping up to be very hectic! All work and no play, now that's a grim thought! What would be your favourite treat to enjoy at Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market? Birmingham's New Street comes alive during the late afternoon into the evening for the glittering Christmas lights dazzle in the cold winter skies over Birmingham's premier shopping street, being at the German Market only accentuates the feeling of Christmas season. Mix things up with a spot of shopping in the Bullring because the German Market is located close to the stores. B, you be stylish! 

Are you on the hunt for a collectors item or something to impress one of your nearest and dearest? Yes! Well, you have abundance of choice at Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market it's like being a child in a sweet shop there's just so much choice! Captured to the right is one of the stalls that sits in the middle of New Street that sells a wide range of beautifully crafted Russian dolls and many other Christmas themed collector items that could make the perfect stocking filler for this Christmas. I loved the Russian dolls, I suppose buying one of these would be lot more cost effective compared to travelling to Moscow, Russia to buy one? But we can all dream! By the time I walked past the stall captured to the right my hands full with food purchased from other stalls along New Street so it wasn't the best time to think about handling ornaments! Remember, go shopping and then grab some drinks! I saved my money for the food! Go!

I couldn't spend freely with my paper but I made the most of what I purchased at the market. I took more from the experience and atmosphere of the market itself rather than the delights that were on offer. I will be revisiting the market in the coming days for its located practically on my doorstep so that's cool with me. If you plan to extend your stay in Birmingham because of the Frankfurt Christmas Market then I salute you! Let's get on with this festive season already, I'm not waiting one second longer! This time of year brings Birmingham's best features to life, along with the colourful and inviting market its the perfect time to experience England's second city. I'm really glad to be spending my final year at University College Birmingham in this city because it allows me to get back to what is great about this place. Birmingham is where my life is right now, I'm just going to embrace it! I feel blessed to have the Christmas Market back in Birmingham for this final student winter celebration! 

Holidays Are Coming! 

Joseph Harrison 


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