2013: No Autumn Anxiety!

September has already been a month full of excitement and changes, looking back what did I actually accomplish? What things do I still want to seek? October will be the judge of that! From the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam to moving back to Birmingham, did I forget anything? I'm awaiting my student loan because there's more to life than eating! September was lovely! Sure! 

Beginning with a bang myself and my younger Brother made the trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mary Jane Holland! When in the Dam it was the done thing for us to experience the Coffeeshops, choosing GOA as a top pick for its chilled vibe and modern music. Be prepared for the soothing smells of the Coffeeshops, we loved it! Amsterdam is a beautiful place that has many temptations, some of those temptations were not for us! I must admit the working girls that we saw posing from the windows in the Red Light District are a sight for sure! Being cultural during a boys weekend in Amsterdam was possible. We took the liberty of going on a canal cruise, taking in the iconic warehouses and new developments that keep this Dutch city a cut above the rest! No Royal Taste! Negatives aside the energy of the city can be felt in the centre of Dam Square. Amsterdam writes its own rules, enjoy it and respect them!

We made a considerable effort to be responsible tourists that didn't do the typical things that are expected. Dankuwel Amsterdam! Note to self, always be mindful when taking the train from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport because lots of trains all go to stations that end with Centraal. We took the train that called at Utrecht Centraal instead of Amsterdam Centraal, it was a mistake because quote me wrong those Centraal's all read the same when you don't speak or understand Dutch! Nonetheless with the help of a fellow passenger who happened to speak English we made it to our desired destination instead of Rotterdam as that's where our original train was bound for. Flying with Flybe the flight only took one hour, quick and easy it was from Brimingham! Taking it easy on the first night we went for some beers, not wanting to be boring we got our drink on and went to Escape to enjoy our final night in Amsterdam. No takeaways open at 3am in the morning? No stress found in Dam!

Whilst at home in Bilston I made it to Wolverhampton to run a few errands. I've been quite the globetrotter over the last two years so I have not been faithful to places that are closer to home. Like most places over the last two to three years the economic situation hasn't been too kind to our high streets and retail companies, I wanted to see if Wolverhampton still had its spark that I remember from my college days! I made my way around the city taking the current sights in with an analytic approach to determine how I felt about Wolverhampton. To be truthful I was not really impressed but also felt sorry for this city as I had grown up at one of the city's Irish pubs that's now a betting shop. Wolverhampton will make its comeback soon. Wolverhampton certainly didn't resemble the edge that Amsterdam did, remembering my location it was like life had came crashing down, I was not impressed by those sights! I needed NYC!

Located by the headquarters of Wolverhampton's City Council is St.Peter's House a building that brings back fond memories. For two years I went to St.Peter's House for my drama classes with the Christian Drama Club (CDC). With my six other fellow actors we had a great time rehearsing for shows and having a great time, it was a place that allowed me to make some great friends for sure! My September visit to Wolverhampton was a sobering state of affairs, I saw some fashion faux pas committed by the locals, sort it out Wolverhampton! I'm no Gok Wan but I would be serving some shade towards the ill-dressed Wulfrunians, girl they need the truth!  I don't really know when I'll be returning to the city streets of Wolverhampton. I see another blog on the cards about Wolves! Birmingham would take me back underneath its wing, I need that positivity back into my life! My final throw of high education was about to begin! Looking back, Wolverhampton needed to play caught up, quick! 

Birmingham has some hidden gems that have brighten up my university life. Cannon Hill Park allowed me to have a relaxing afternoon. The weather had taken a turn for the better with sunny spells blessing the Birmingham area, I took a chance on something new so Cannon Hill Park sounded like a plan. Leaving my student halls behind me I was excited to see something outside the Maltings because it can be boring sometimes. Setting off for the park I made a pit stop at Aldi to buy lunch as breakfast time had past by then. My eyes were opened up to the Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, new discoveries are made everyday! I'm no stranger to spending time at a park or open space for last semester I spent some time at the Edgbaston Reservoir, its so much better to enjoy the best of the weather beside some nature. Birmingham is landlocked so any lake or man-made water space is much appreciated. How Birmingham still looked great! Oh!

Back to my park-life, I took some much needed time to clear some head-space for the stresses of moving back to Birmingham had got to a level! I opted against having an ice cream because my last serving was less than satisfactory. Captured above is the view that I had at Cannon Hill Park, it was bliss just to take time out, others can be so draining! I'm a cultured soul who likes to mix things up compared to the average university student. I would say to any university student in Birmingham to get up and get out to see something new. I've been at University College Birmingham for almost three years now and I'm constantly discovering new places within Birmingham. Entry to Cannon Hill Park stood to be free! There were no excuses about not having enough money! My liver needed a little break, the park healed that! I had a great time at the park and look forward to more days spent out and about that don't hurt my already weak financial predicament! Who needs money? I didn't! 

September, DONE!

Joseph Harrison 


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