Our Çalış Boat Trip, Turkey!

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey has got to be one of the most beautiful places I have travelled to, its truly idyllic! Taking a Çalış Boat Trip is the best way to be nearer to the crystal blue sea. I have been a faithful holidaymaker to the Çalış Beach area of Turkey for the last eleven years, partaking in many boat trips around the bays and coves of the region. Set sail! Okyanus mavisi! 

On the second day of my Turkish holiday myself and some of my family set sail on a lovely boat trip that took us around several islands and bays that surround the kitsch town of Fethiye. We decided to take a small Çalış Boat to experience another beautiful day on the Aegean Sea. I packed the essentials; including my camera and my notepad with pen. I must admit I went out drinking the night before, my hangover wasn't too bad! A swim in the deep turquoise water washed away my headache! Honestly, what sounds bad about a day like this? Nothing does! The sun is my thing, taking sensible intervals from the raise, I sunned myself on the front of the boat. Boat trips are definitely for relaxing and enjoying the views. Taking in the beautiful blue sea and mountain views felt right, life is a celebration! With family, our Çalış Boat trip entered the bay to sail further away from any town or city, it was lovely to feel the sea breeze! 

Keeping my eyes peeled for the Fethiye to Rhodes Hydrofoil as it passed our small Çalış Boat, seeing that super speed vessel made me want to get to Greece! My parents had originally planned to go for a Turkish Bath but we graciously postponed that outing for a Big Fat Turkish Boat Trip! You can't please everyone but we switched our plan. After arriving a few days earlier I wasn't completely set on going on a boat trip but like always its better once I'm on the boat heading for the bay area, the boat departs from the pier really early and I don't deal well with early starts. Being back in Turkey was something that I had been looking forward to, I didn't spend much time by the sea in Spain because spent a lot time in the cities and hungover the morning I was by the beach so I was up for some time on the boat. If truth be told I'm not all that bothered if I don't get a golden tan because I'm all about capturing every moment through my blog. No, this boat trip won't be the only one! Choices!

Making our first stop close to Aquamarine Bay, by this time the midday heat had brought us all closer to the ocean blue. This bay was perfect, the water felt just right and their was a little pebble beach which I swam over to, I did feel like a Bond Girl swimming to the deserted cove but I didn't see my 007! Ariel, I saw you!  If you have never been to Turkey I suggest you seriously reconsider because its Çok Güzel! The waters surrounding Fethiye are home to some interesting fish, some of which have to be handled carefully because they are poisonous! I don't like fishing! It was time to keep moving or should I say keep on sailing! Going on a private Çalış Boat Trip doesn't have to break the bank, we had eleven people on the boat and it worked out a £35.00 per family. Drinks weren't included, it's wise to keep hydrated with water to save the bill? No booze cruise! Holidays are for relaxing, we can all live the good life!

Our time spent at Aquamarine Bay was lovely, spending time relaxing in the deep blue without a care in the world. Back to the sailing I won't lie I did feel like Rio when she danced in the sand, just picture the Duran Duran music video! Boats trips have been a faithful part of my Turkish holidays over the last decade, there's always been call for a day going around the bays. They're different compared to a Jeep Safari because the boat offers a chance to see the mountains and coastal landscape of the wider Fethiye and Çalış bay area, from the top deck its always bliss watching the world pass us by! If I cast my mind back to this boat trip we stopped around three times, I could really notice the change in the heat because the water felt so lovely and cool. Talking about Rhodes like I did before I don't think I'll be making the trip over the Aegean Sea because I want to revisit the local area. Just to clarify I don't fish, I tried before but I've not go the patients to persevere. Move along!

A sailor needs his grub, so it was a good job that our boat put on a great spread of freshly cooked food, which included; salads, kofte, rice and more. Our food was served during our second stop of the day. To conclude our more than filing banquet we had a sumptuous fresh fruit platter to complete our barbecue meal. As the day pushed on it was time for us to move to another port of call, this penultimate stop was called Rabbit Island, visibly in the shape of a rabbit. The water there was very shallow, it was more like a swimming stop with no jumping or stunts into the water. Yes, I kept my eyes peeled, to my luck I saw some cute fluffy rabbits jumping about their business. Fancying a mud scrub beauty treatment, I took a few steps onto the island. Like before I found the sulphur mud-baths that made my skin feel rejuvenated and refreshed! Not bad for a short stop before the end of the trip? No big boats for me!

As the afternoon drew to a close it was time for the final swim in the ocean blue, Sovalye Island was our the final stop of the day where I enjoyed a final swim in the sea before enjoying some tea and cakes. After our sunshine day cruising upon the Aegean Sea it was nice to know that the boat made its way closer to Çalış, the sea salt get annoying after a while! Our three or so stops gave me the chance to relax and our lunch was simply beautiful. I could easily eat another plate of kofte and fried aubergine right now, it was all so damn good! I must say that Çalış Boat Trips never get boring for me, pour me a cup of tea and pass me the cake because I was sure ready for the villa. Even though I didn't feel so good at the beginning of the day I felt rested and bronzed when I stepped from the boat at the pier in Çalış. I will definitely be enjoying another boat trip within the next two weeks. It's a hard not life being on holiday in Çalış! Telling the truth I have lost count, how many boat trips? Sailing!

Into The Blue!

Joseph Harrison


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