21 August 2013

Muzzy's Place: Kayaköy, Turkey

Muzzy's Place, a friendly oasis of calm in the village of Kayaköy, Turkey. Offering the perfect getaway for all of the family this restaurant turned bed and breakfast caters for a day by the pool, an evening meal and overnight stay. I have stayed at this inviting place many times and I'm continually impressed with the high standard of exceptional quality service. 

Muzzy's Place offers the perfect solution to anyone's sweltering hot summer's day in Kayaköy. Over the last couple of years myself and my family have stayed at this fantastic place on many occasions. If your looking for a convenient location and worthwhile for money then Muzzy's Place is one of the best choice's to make. Complete with swimming pool, restaurant, bar and a small hotel with enough rooms to keep the atmosphere chilled and peaceful. The Kayaköy Dolmuş stops directly outside Muzzy's Place, so there's no excuses. Surrounded by the rolling hills of Kayaköy Village, a serene settlement that has a little secret to tell you. Once a ancient civilisation comondered by Kayaköy's Greek population until 1924. After the Greek population vacated their simple stone homes a lifetime of decay began to take place through the hills of Kayaköy. Time almost stands still in this Turkish ghost village.

Even if you're not a history expert its a fascinating place to spend a few hours getting closer the village of ghosts, a drink or two a Muzzy's Place should chill the heat down. Located four miles away from the centre of Fethiye is Muzzy's Place, a hotel and restaurant that has a small friendly ethos. Stay the night or for the duration of your holiday surrounding deserted ghost village. Muzzy's place offers a sense of calm within the fruit bowl that is Kayaköy, I for one can assure you than Muzzy's Place offers just that. A 'fruit bowl' might sound the most bizarre way of desribing Kaya Village, but the way the mountains surround the deserted village it looks like a enlarge 'fruit bowl'. Mustafa, the owner of Muzzy's Place ensures that every guest is catered for and nothing is too much trouble. The waiters are all really friendly and always have a 'can do' attitude about things. I'll be honest, I love Turkey! Leave your resort or hotel to experience a slice of calm in a local beauty spot. Enjoy!

Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner there's no better time to take a seat and order some delicious food at Muzzy's Place. I recommend the Turkish breakfast, I look for a place that serves authentic Turkish food. But if your taste buds only agree with food from England then you won't be dismayed, take a glance at the menu for a selection of English dishes to enjoy. Kebabs and pides are also available, pizzas and pides are cooked in the wood-burning oven to add that extra Turkish flare. Don't go thirsty during your visit, there's draught Tuborg beer and local and imported spirits to choose from. For the kids there are a selection of freshly made milkshakes and ice cold soft drinks. No afternoon should pass by without having some time for a cup of Turkish tea or an chilled glass of Ayran. I bet you haven't heard on the grape vine that Muzzy's Place offers a great selection of wines, I would go for the Nevzade wine.

But as the sunsets it wouldn't be right to not have a cocktail or something stronger, when we're on our holidays its ok to enjoy ourselves! I'm more a Ayran drinker, that Turkish yogurt drink is made freshly at Muzzy's Place so that's good for me. During my last visit to Muzzy's Place me and my family enjoyed a village breakfast, consisting lots of authentic Turkish breakfast items that I loved. If a Full English Breakfast is more your thing then that's ok because that can be catered for at Muzzy's Place. No need to book your table, just get return downstairs after getting ready from a day by the pool the tables to place your food order, its really that simple. Lots of hotels can get quite crowded but Muzzy's Place is all out in the open so the cool evening air and open environment helps things, I would agree that its a lot cooler in temperature in Kayaköy when the sunsets. I recommend the Kofte meatballs served with fresh bread and salad, to drink I suggest an ice cold Ayran.

Muzzy's Place will be ready to take your order! Muzzy's Place caters for everyone but has all the special ingredients for a great child friendly environment. The pool area boasts an outdoor play area with slides for the swimming pool. For little swimmers the shallow end of the swimming pool is raised so parents can let their children enjoy themselves without having to worry too much. For all the sun-worshippers there are a large number of comfortable sunbeds to catch the best of the sun's raise. Muzzy has everyone in mind, we know that sunbathing isn't everyone's cup of tea so there are Turkish seating areas to stay in the shade and to relax in comfort. I must add that the view from around the swimming pool is idylic, take in the views of the mountains and farms that surround Muzzy's Place. It's all about de-stressing at Muzzy's Place, so take a chill pill and enjoy a bottle of Efes?!

Children and swimming pools aren't best combination but rest assured the situatuon at Muzzy's Place is stress free. Holidays are for chilling out, not babysitting so keep reading I bare good news! Moreover, that must of been a sign that kids are occupied and enjoying themselves out of sight even though they are beside the pool. Like I mentioned before the slides and play area close to the shallow end provides the perfect distraction to give parents the added bliss of at least five minutes quiet during their pool time. Having a bite to eat during the afternoon can be done, the dining tables are close by to the poolside area or you could have lunch served to you. Drinks and ice creams can be enjoyed around the pool area, so nobody needs to make the trip back and forth to the bar during the tanning time of the day. The view from the pool as you swim is just lovely, with the mountains in view its a welcome break compared to the nearby holiday resorts. Enjoy Muzzy's Place! 

Why not stay overnight in the heart of the 'Ghost Village?' The Çavuşoğlu Hotel is an extension to Muzzy's Place, this hotel has been a part of Muzzy's Place since 1982. During the mid-summer season its only £25 for one night, which includes bed and breakfast. The room that has been captured to the right has been recently modernised, complete with ensuite bathroom, cable television and air conditioning. I have been lucky enough of stayed at Muzzy's Çavuşoğlu Hotel three times over the years and haven't encountered any problems with any of the features and facilities. So, even if you have a villa in the Fethiye area of Turkey its a great way to add a special touch to your holiday by staying at Muzzy's Çavuşoğlu Hotel for a night or two. Get away from the horrid ways of the Brits abroad to experience something authentically Turkish. I enjoyed my stay at Muzzy's Place, I know you'll love it! Take a break?

Keep things simple, enjoy the day at Muzzy's Place in the afternoon and stay over night. Rooms all feature en-suite bathrooms so families are all catered for, because as we all know its a military operation getting ready after a day by the pool. I've stayed at Çavuşoğlu Hotel twice before to find a comfortable room each time, value for money is ensured because all guests have the added luxury having a transfer by Muzzy's Place to and from your hotel or villa. Being the independent traveller I would choose to stay here during one of my trips with the ease of the transfer and the competitive room rates at the Çavuşoğlu Hotel. It doesn't take a fool to realise that Muzzy's Place is an all round winner! Teaming all the components from the proactive staff to the extensive menu I would seriously recommend a trip to Muzzy's Place for an all round relaxing experience within the deserted 'Ghost Village' Kayaköy so get your stuff to together, get away to Turkey's Turquoise Coast?!

Kaya Is Calling!

Joseph Harrison

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