13 July 2013

Tarragona's Little Secret...

Have you heard of Tarragona? I chose Tarragona as my next target! It's a damn good job I have a sense of direction, my journey from Barcelona to Tarragona via Sitges proved to be rather problematic but ended well nonetheless. It's no secret that I'm missing Puerto Rico, so I wanted to get lost in this gem of a medieval Spanish town! Vamanos! Me refiero ahora!

Roman, Roman, Roman, you say?! Well yes, Tarragona has a Roman flare about it. Captured to the left is the Amphitheatre that I found at the top of the hill, close to Rambla Vella. It was amazing to see such a contrast between locations as that very morning I had left behind Barcelona for the seaside town of Sitges, to then discovering this Roman marvel so it was a pleasant surprise. I decided to admire this ancient point of interest from a distance as I had so much to see in such a short space of time. Being so far up from the sea was great as I could gaze into the distance, the Mediterranean sea on a sunny day is a view that can't be complained about! I despise maps so I half followed the street signs but my heart wasn't prepared to compromise, you already know that Tarragona was giving me life! The Roman vibe shined through the chilled streets of this Spanish town! Had I been taken back to the 'Rich Port?!'

Did I forget to mention that Tarragona is really easy to access by train from Barcelona Sants Station by using Renfe Media Distancia trains, be warned if you're travelling from Sitges as I discovered at my own peril! After my stressful journey I was completely satisfied that Tarragona was definitely serving Mediterranean realness! The train station was small but boasted electronic departure and arrival screens so I was in the know for my return journey back to Sitges. Don't worry about walking lots, this town is centred around small sections that are accessible without a map. I was hungry for Tarragona, the pace of Barcelona led me wanting something sweeter with out the crowds! Barca seemed so faraway! Serving hot couture the Roman Amphitheatre looked just how it should of with its semi-crumbling facade I knew Tarragona was the trick for me! I wasn't paying no admission fee, taking my photos from a distance I'm paying my contribution in this blog. Oh no she better don't!

Tarragona's old town took me back to somewhere that I loved good, somewhere that I visited in September 2012. I felt like I was back walking through the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico! With the 'Plaça De La Font' in front of me and the alfresco restaurants dotted along the street I was in heaven! Forget any preconceptions you had about Spain because this town breaks the mold, leave the buckets and spades for later! Taking a few moments to take in the scene I had encountered I was down right in love with Tarragona's 'Plaça De La Font!'. I do suppose that invasions can eventually be beautiful, I think it's a stunning blueprint for a new territory! That part of town showed me a maze of quaint side streets that I didn't question like I had done in Barcelona, I respected the foundations because Tarragona served something that can only be described as legendary. No pierdas ni un momento en Tarragona!

The weather was beautiful, not to hot but just right so all my worries had gone! Tarragona's old town was just mystifying, I want to go back their now! From the hustle and bustle of Barcelona it was bizarre but super to feel the calm that Tarragona's old town brought to my trip. I decided not to eat at one of the restaurants pictured as I wanted to walk a little bit further to discover more, but I know if I didn't find anywhere better I would have been back to the 'Plaça De La Font'. Anyway, I must tell you a secret because I never originally intended to visit Tarragona, due to family recommending this town I just couldn't resist a jaunt to this sensational town! My family recommendation paid off, so next time your nearest and dearest advice a place to visit just go for it! I appreciated the council building that stood before at the end of the parade of restaurants, I would love something like that in Bilston! For Spanish colonial chic you need to see Tarragona! No, that wasn't a question!

Embrace La Rambla Nova! A formidable yet charming street that runs through the center of Tarragona's town centre. It's the centre of the 'Nouveau Riche' with posh designer shops and a pedestrianised walkway. The abundance of trees accentuated the breeze as it cooled down the heated afternoon. La Rambla Nova De Tarragona had such a lovely vibe, chilled yet the local people still went about their business without a fuss. I didn't really notice the tourists, something that I love because some of us can be a rowdy and shameless bunch of folk! Not me for I'm good like that! By this time I was so hungry, so much so I nearly ate a Dominos Pizza, such a no no! When in Spain its best to be adventurous and enjoy the local cuisine. Ay, dios mio!

In the distance of the photo on the left is pathway to 'El Balcón del Mediterráneo', another reference to the Roman Era. Forgive if you do not understand my Spanish talk, the above place translated into English as 'The Balcony of The Mediterranean'. Trust and believe, Tarragona is a town I will never forget! Onto the subject of food, we all love a bargain and to eat well without feeling guilty about the bill but Tarragona ticked all of those dreaded boxes. As the time grew closer for me to get my train back to Sitges I found a lovely little street-side restaurant that had special deals on their food and beer, a perfect combination! I ate two delicious courses and drank two ice cold 'Mahon' beers for as little as £12.00! I was loving the arroz Cubano! Tarragona served in all the right places!

Tarragona ... Seguir Sirvendo 'Mediterraneo Estilo!

Joseph Harrison

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