Sitges, Spain: Queen Of The Seaside?

I wanted that good good so I chose Sitges for my last two days of my Spanish summer trip, a fabulous choice that I don't regret making! Watch out for the rainbows as I present Sitges, its a seaside town fit for a Queen! Bow down because Sitges only wants those guys with style! Brit was unleashed for a little while! If you know what I mean? Ay Santa Maria, Gloria Dios! ¿Qué vida!

Sitges welcomed me with a friendly greeting, the sun was shining and the beautiful people were out to play! Finding my hostel wasn't too difficult, well maybe that wasn't so! I had chose to stay in 'Sunny Sitges Flat' which was close to the railway station, getting to and from Barcelona and back to the airport was the easy part! I found it on for more information. I had come to Sitges to have some fun and finish my holiday in style! Sitges isn't difficult to navigate around because I pretty much saw all I needed to in perfect time. This friendly beach town showed me a wide array of coffee shops and cute restaurants dotted around the winding picture postcard streets, things were looking very kitsch indeed! Sitges had something to show me, I knew exactly what I wanted to see! With those Spanish men I knew that I would love Sitges! With my day done in Tarragona I was free to soak up all of what Sitges had to offer!

Sitges is known for its Gay friendly attitude and welcomes everyone from the Gay community to come and enjoy themselves, so my first impressions were exactly how I imagined them to be. If truth be told I saw a mix of couples, singles and families go about their business during my time spent in Sitges. Lots of city slickers call Sitges their weekend home as the Rodalies train service connects Sitges to Barcelona Sants Station within thirty minutes. Judging by the picture captured on the right Sitges is a town thats made up of cute little winding streets that ooze Spanish sophistication. The men were gorgeous, as I walked past the cafes it was a sight to see them chatting and sipping their mixed drinks! I was being served all kinds of 'Old San Juan' realness with those cobbled historical Spanish streets! I was ready for the night time, I was down for whatever! I would need to be careful with my words, family weren't about to find out about my nasties! Me gustan los hombres Espanol! Exactamente!

When the sun sets the party starts in Sitges, something told me that my two nights spent by the seaside were going to be a blast! By a stroke of luck I met Chris who was staying in the same hostel as I was. We hit 'Carrer Bonaire' at around 11pm to find things hadn't really got started yet. 'Carrer Bonaire' is one of Sitges' main Gay party streets, lined with many Gay nightspots. Myself and Chris found ourselves in Prestige Strip Club, it was still quiet but we saw Rylan Clark's identical twin making his way around the club, he had a figure that many women would envy! It was a relief to be out on the town after three days of intense sightseeing, cheers to that Sitges! We discovered Queenz on Carrer Bonaire a little earlier but we saved that place for later. Did I have any plans for the evening ahead? I can't divulge such information! Who was I kidding I wanted to have a shameless night in Sitges! Yes, she was ready!

As the clock struck midnight it felt right for us to go back to Queenz, we had heard that things get crazy there on a Wednesday night. Queenz was an absolute scream! The bar staff were lovely and they certainly do know how to make the perfect 'local' Vodka and Coke! You've got to ask those questions because more liquor for your Euro is always a good thing in my book! Queenz was serving carnival night that night so things got pretty crazy, we met a Drag Queen who was so fabulous and for some reason the bar staff thought I looked a little bit Spanish! I loved Queenz so much I went back the next night and even though Chris had moved on to somewhere new, I still had a great night! The DJ played all the songs I adore so I was living! So, thank you Queenz for two super nights out in Sitges! If I do come back to Sitges in the near future I'll be there for a 'local' drink! I've already told you I'm not revealing anything of that kind! I'm no Bougie Queen! Perra, yo era escandalosa! Yes!

When the hangover hurts bad get to the beach, its what I did! I knew exactly where I was going because I made a detour from club to club the previous night so it was perfect! Making my way to the Rainbow flag section of the beach, I bathed in the sun and took a little swim in the sea. Clocking the talent wasn't a difficult task at all! I wasn't feeling in such a pretty state so I just stayed within the Rainbow flagged area, the weather was beautiful and I couldn't complain about the view! The beachfront was busy with all kinds of people so let's not be the hypocrites and discriminate! Sitges can be my baby! Forget the families for one moment because the hombres were serving body, body and more body! I did feel like 'I need to hit the gym!' but I'd rather bronze my skin and not care what the plastics think! I'm not usually a beach bum but I I took a chance on Sitges's 'platja'. My hangover was right hideous! Oh, no!

Sitges has a lovely beachfront with numerous restaurants that looked lovely, but I did my own thing because I was on a tight budget. Sat on the left corner of the beachfront is 'Sant Bartomeu' church, which looked perfectly placed besides the rocks. I had made the right choice to visit Sitges as I don't think I'll forget this place in a hurry! I made use of the supermarket by my hostel as most of my money was spent enjoying myself when the sun went down. Brit was let out for sometime, she caused absolute carnage! My liver needs a holiday because she was abused! From the countless little kitsch streets, designer boutiques, super nightlife and a beautiful beach I couldn't fault Sitges for one second. This seaside town also had a great vibe that I felt completely accepted at all times, from dancing in Queenz Bar to sunning myself on the beach I'm sure that I'm not alone in that notion. Here's to the all of the scandal Sitges served suring that July sejour! Gracias por todo Sitges! Terminado!

Sitges... Estoy Enamorado De Ti!

Joseph Harrison


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