Barcelona, Spain: Catalonia's Beating Heart...

Barcelona is a city that is super cool, sophisticated and crazy in many respects, I couldn't just publish one blog I saw so much! Catalonia happens to be the region that Barcelona belongs to. I've been very lucky recently to discover a whole new side of Spain, an area that's far away from the buckets and spades of the tourists resorts. Anem a arribar al cor de Barcelona! Go, Barça!

Barcelona has a special heart, it's a city that has a crazy cool vibe. Let's take this to the streets! La Rambla presents a whole host of classy restaurants and cafes for all to enjoy. La Rambla has lots of quirky side streets that have personality and edge, its not just a pretty and predictable tourist area. I didn't get lost whilst discovering this part of Barcelona's city centre due the clear signs. I walked so far that I found myself in Vila De Gracia, a super swish neighbourhood that boasts some of Barcelona's top shopping boutiques. I wasn't fooled by the facades of the high-end stores! Barcelona really owns its past because I didn't see many new buildings that were super charming! From the swish to the sketchiness I learnt that Barcelona is like a rabbit warren with many corners that can be explored from the polished avenue of La Rambla but I endorse any sign of urban craze! Tingueu confiança en l'alternativa! Si!

Barcelona is a big bustling city that has so much going on, but let me dispel a common fear about the tales of Barça's pickpocketing woes. Throughout my time in Barcelona I did not have anything stolen at all and I felt quite safe if truth be told. It's all about staying vigilant and trusting yourself. That popular promenade or whatever its referred to really impressed me much but I was already crazy in love with the vibe of Barcelona I took each sight in my stride. I was too impatient for my own good so dinner was out of the question because like each trip I was desperately seeking that adventure! La Ramblas as a whole took me to another dimension, I recognised that Barcelona is a city that serves something different with its timeless architectural wonders and its defiant to dance to the beat of its own drum! Oh, I ate tapas for the first time in a restaurant along La Rambla! I really didn't know what to think but the Sangria kept on flowing so I was very happy with that! Vamanos B!

Welcome to the Plaça de Catalunya! This place took me to the centre of Barcelona's old Spanish vibe. A hype of activity can be felt whilst at the centre of the square with people walking to work, meeting their friends or just taking things slow. As I stood in the middle of the square I gazed at the surrounding grand buildings in amazement! I had a feeling about this sight, the whole atmosphere of the place fitted perfectly with the Barcelona energy. I found this point of interest on the second day I spent in Barcelona. If you have the chance to see this great place I would seriously recommend a visit! Think Piccadilly Circus without the stress and neon lights because the Plaça de Catalunya is a meeting of minds with a busy but relaxed frame of mind it can get confusing. I have such an affinity with Spain and Spanish culture so I being a part of such a moment was all I wanted to do! Barcelona té cap estrès! Well a little bit!

The meeting point for many and the avenue that accesses seven other directions to seven other streets including Passeig de Gracia and La Rambla. De debò B? I found that walking from my hostel along La Rambla brought me straight to the Plaça de Catalunya, well give or take a ten minute walk. If you want to be at the centre of action this square is the best place! I felt that there was a wide variety of people going about their business in the plaza, even though a main road circled the area there was still a feeling of calm and energy at the same time. I found Plaça de Catalunya simply by chance, I really need to start taking more chances! Have I mentioned Barcelona's got an amazing metro? Well, its amazing once you get your bearings because its got way more lines than the London Underground! Give or take a few wrong turns I always found my way back to where I needed to be whilst in Barcelona. I am certainly not a fan of pigeons, so I did some ducking and diving! Ay déu meu!

Obviously Barcelona doesn't do Tesco so the market was the best place to find some tasty Catalan delights. Mercat St Josep La Boqueria showcased top quality market trade! This market pleases the locals and tourists alike. I could not believe the amount of colourful stalls selling sweets and chocolates that looked absolutely fantastic! I must add that the fishmongers were selling a wide array of produce that looked amazing. Talking about fish, I jumped at the chance to try some local market food. My lunch consisted of a piece of beautifully fried Tuna with a large glass of beer. The crazed atmosphere at the market during that hot July afternoon infused the intense array of colours, smells and conversations! Per descomptat jo volia més! Straight up, the markets energy gave me life, the smells and vibes were just right! I found Inka Kola, a Peruvian soft drink that was introduced to me by my Peruvian sister friend in NJ! 

The hustle and bustle of this colourful Catalan market was perfect, I need to be back there now! I have a sweet tooth so I treated myself to some fudge, it was delicious! I had recently watched the UK reality show 'Geordie Shore' before my Barcelona trip, capturing the poultry and cold cuts section for myself felt great. This market is open from morning until night so there's no wrong time to visit! Be ready for the madness of this market its a fast paced hype of entertainment, trust! I feel blessed that I had the chance to experience a place like Mercat St Josep La Boqueria because its super cool! I found yet more urban craze on my unplanned diversion from the market but I was living! That being said I can now see why Barcelona is one step closer to being the heart of Catalonia! Això no era una pregunta! No! Barcelona brought some amazing smells and sights into my heart and mind, it was lovely! For me to leave Gaudi out of the equation didn't mean I lost any love for Barcelona! 

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