18 June 2013

Walt Disney World - Princess Castles, Hollywood Studios and Wild Animals !

The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, USA is a magical place that fills my heart full of joy! Covering the space of San Francisco the four Walt Disney Parks, water-parks and hotel resorts all make dreams come true for millions of people. Let's get lost in all the magic, here's why I will forever love Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios!

Magic Kingdom is the perfect place to start any Disney experience, that’s just the way it is! Every little girl dreams of being a princess, dressed as their favourite Disney princess staring up at Cinderella’s castle. I’m lost for words each time I see Cinderella’s enchanted castle, I want to be a princess too! Walking down Main Street USA always gives me that happy, free and child-like feeling. Every child should visi this place! This part of the Walt Disney World Resort makes me burst with excitement, this part has to be Adventureland where I met Ariel and Eric the last time I visited Magic Kingdom. Having a cold and refreshing pineapple dole-whip close to Frontierland has to be the best way to beat the Floridian sun at Magic Kingdom. 

Walt Disney World is perfect for children and the young at heart. Fantasyland has to be one of my favourite zones at Magic Kingdom, I guess it's a small world after all! Tomorrowland has Space Mountain, a ride that took me to the moon and back again! I couldn't possibly say how many times I have been to MK but each time it has been extra-special! I've kept quiet about my ultimate moment at Magic Kingdom, deep in the heart of Frontierland is the home of Princess Tiana the jewel of the deep south. I met Princess Tiana in August 2011 during my International College Program one evening under the bandstand. Tiana's my favourite! Magic Kingdom is truly magical! I'm such a nerd when it comes to Disney, I would take the Monorail from the TTC to Magic Kingdom during my ICP in 2011!

Disney's Hollywood Studios makes me feel like a movie star! I really don't know where to begin?! I love the Voyage of The Little Mermaid, a show that makes me misty eyed every time Ariel sings Part of That World! Mickey's Fantasia hat always makes me feel like I'm home, back to the studios where I belong! I like to turn things up a notch by riding Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster, now that rock star themed attraction really speeds up! I have memories of Studios back when I visited in 1998 when I was a boy. One thing I always do is grab a ice cold Coca-Cola and a tasty Churros to enjoy in the boiling hot sun. That's how we do things at Studios! I would have to say that Studios is the breakaway park, it has something for everyone from the Pixar zone to the many character spots. I had a few friends who I would visit during my days off when I played at Hollywood Studios during the summer of 2011. No turkey legs! 

I must admit that Hollywood Tower of Terror is a room with a view! The Tower of Terror genuinely scared me but it was a mighty experience for sure! Hollywood Studios actually feels like a real movie set, with real looking movie lots that look the part. I have fond memories of my first visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios, I remember the parade we watched and the kind Cast Member that got me a water fan because I was suffering from the heat! The Muppets are back in town, their show is so funny and captures the true sassy attitude of Miss Piggy. I'm a big kid at heart, so when I got the chance to meet Toy Story's Woody and Buzz Lightyear at the same time I couldn't believe my luck! One thing that I never saw at this park was Aladdin's Jafar, but I can't have everything! The Rockin' Rollercoaster took me to new speeds in a matter of seconds, a much needed thrill ride at Disney! There's really nothing more that I can say about Disney's Hollywood Studios! Get me back there already!

Welcome to the jungle, Disney's Animal Kingdom takes me out to Africa, India and beyond! I had never been on a African safari until I had been to Animal Kingdom. It's a Bugs Life because that's where I saw Flick on two previous occasions. I love the Tree of Life, this wise work of nature always makes me feel closer to mother earth. I have to pinch myself when I'm at this Disney park because its so different from the other three parks. Meet Rafiki and look out for the beauty that's Pocahontas, its the only place you will see her in the flesh! Do you like the Lion King? I love that film, but at Animal Kingdom there is a short musical spectacle that amazed me. Dino-Land is home to the exhilarating attraction Dinosaur, its a ride that shook me up for sure! 

Finding Nemo comes to life in his own show, Finding Nemo: The Musical a show that moved me to tears I won't lie it made me cry like a baby! I have a younger cousin called Indigo Nemo so I was touched by the musical as I was away from home during the summer of 2011. DAK gets overlooked for guests always reference Magic Kingdom for Cinderella's Castle but I have love for Animal Kingdom! I spent a great day at Animal Kingdom with my friend Vikki for her birthday, we both had a great time at AK! One of my first visits to Animal Kingdom saw me take on Expedition Everest, its a super fast adrenaline filed ride that tested my fears! Animal Kingdom, you are awesome! I'm a Disney Kid! I have decided to leave EPCOT to another time because it holds a special place in my heart! Yes!

A Dream is a Wish That Your Heart Makes . . .

Joseph Harrison

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