10 March 2013

Happy 1st Birthday... Desperately Seeking Adventure!

Exactly one year ago my blog Desperately Seeking Adventure was born! It's astonishing that this blog has enabled me to capture every single moment throughout my American adventure and beyond! Will this blog continue past one year? I hope so because I have a whole new chapter to experience. Desperately Seeking Adventure will be here to stay! Happy Birthday!

Desperately Seeking Adventure' was created by accident, I honestly had no intention of starting this blog but since the 10th of March 2012 I never looked back. Living in Newark's Ironbound proved to be a life-changing experience that provided my first blog publication, capturing my first thoughts of life stateside and my expectations for the year ahead of me. 'My Month In New Jersey' originally made its debut on Facebook within the journal section that I had created but I soon discovered the ease and versatility of Blogger, I guess that's where the concept of Desperately Seeking Adventure sprouted from? My original blogs from March 2012 through May 2012 were almost like diary entries until I fully realised the potential of this blog. May you ask how I conjured a blog title like Desperately Seeking Adventure? My unforgettable trip to NYC's Battery Park planted the seed for my blog.

Referencing to the movie 'Desperately Seeking Susan' obviously gave me the idea for this blog. Madonna had to be my inspiration but the 'Adventure' part was taken from the challenge I set myself at the beginning of my internship so I wanted to seek 'Adventure'. I was intrigued yet hesitant to explore the Downtown District in Newark, I should of never listened to my co-workers because their words somewhat deterred me from taking that risk. I want to return one day, but something tells me the hipsters may well have killed the ratchet vibe of Newark's Downtown District! Blogging about the most insignificant day out now gives me life, reading about my day out to Philadelphia and that unplanned day when I met the Statue of Liberty! Lafayette and Van Buren were streets that didn't mince their words, I respected the way of that Ironbound neighbourhood through this blog. Desperately Seeking Adventure made it to its first official year, there's no stopping me!

When things turned up a notch during my visit to Las Vegas, Nevada my blog was there for me to piece things back together so I had something to look back on once my placement year had finished. I flew with Southwest Airlines from Newark to Las Vegas via Phoenix where my journey's turned out to be fueled with Tequila and Gin, so my flight blog fared to be utterly shameless! I blogged about my fabulous day at NYC Pride and the delights of the March where I saw Cindy Lauper as Pride ambassador! Work was hard sometimes in the respect I would have to be awake at 3 am in the morning for a shift so I found blogging as an escape to keep myself positive. I made it to Washington, D.C. during late July, this trip provided a blog that was filled with Obamarama chic and the opportunity for me to express the impact of my friends Tom and Paolo who were leaving America at that rocky time. Yes, I was loving life Bish! 

I look back at this quarter of my blogging and placement experience to think that 'Desperately Seeking Adventure' acted as a form of therapy to guide me through a rough time. During 'Desperately Seeking Adventure's' first year I felt myself changing as a person, I become a reporter of some sort but more like a blogger who would make a story out of the smaller things. My numerous visits to New York's Chinatown and Downtown districts encouraged me to investigate and experience places that I would not usually think of going to, those blogs would be the first of many that would be honest and frank about what I saw and the atmosphere of the place because as I have learnt that there's no point sugarcoating things that aren't good for people to hear about a place, its all about being real and honest in my blog! Blowing out those first birthday candles reinforces the immense opportunity that I was given, I seriously underestimated the impact of my year in America. Oh Gurr!

Six months into the life of blogging my momentum of posting blogs on a weekly basis was becoming second nature to me. You could easily say that my blogging habits were keeping me going. September allowed be to write my 'MDNA Madonna Tour 2012' publication, which I had the great pleasure of experiencing the superstar's latest world tour at the Yankee Stadium deep in the heart of the mysterious Bronx neighbourhood. The month of September also brought many other adventures that I took the care of documenting. Taking a break in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico was amazing, that entire trip was captured in 'Puerto Rico - La Isla Del Encanto'. I traveled many times throughout my eleven months in America, taking the liberty of critiquing each and every flight I took. I must admit that this blog helped me secure my experiences and achievements through the medium of words and photos. Me encanta PR!

As my first year of blogging welcomed the final stage of my placement it was time for me to seek Canada, I traveled to Canada twice, visiting Toronto and Montreal obviously blogging about my trips once I had arrived back to Newark. I was reunited with friends, made new ones and embraced a whole new country. I had no sick days left and I even received an email to say that I no holiday time left! December happened to be my final month of producing organic American blogs as I would return back to England in January 2013. I successfully captured my Christmas experience and my final few escapades after I finished work saw me travel to New Orleans and Orlando, those final two trips helped me develop real-life material for my Delta Air Lines blog. I wonder where I will go before the next blog birthday for Desperately Seeking Adventure? I hope to be so meticulously carefully to blog about all of my future travels! When things quieten down I do love a flashback blog post!

Christmas had gone by, 2013 had arrived to see me working my final few shifts in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at Newark Liberty Airport, I would be blogging about that fabulous hangout in time. Packing my bags it was time to go back to England, but would I be leaving my blog in the United States of America? No! Revving up the first UK published blogs from the final stages of my Industrial Placement felt really strange, the show had to go on and the new university term beckoned. Finding something new to help the transition of this blog was thankfully easier than I had previously imagined, I chose Birmingham as my experiment because apart from a few flashback posts I had not explored in England before to then create a blog post! My February 2013 blog publication 'My Industrial Placement... One Year On' provided me with the chance to have some closure regarding my American experience. B, this blog was born in NJ!

Moving back to Birmingham has pushed me to look at Birmingham with a whole new perspective to create new blog posts that reinvigorate my love for my student city. I should really be focusing on my assignments and looking to get good grades in-order to pass the year, but this blog stole my attention without fail! 'Back To Life, Back To Reality' introduced Birmingham and my return back to my student city in a way that I never realised would look so good, I don't care! You could say that Birmingham has replaced my magnificent New York City, I plan to seek a different type of adventure whilst living in Brum this time around. From Macy's to the Bullring! How my life and blogging has changed! Last year was a big part of my life, but I feel that its now the perfect time to move on. Desperately Seeking Adventure will provide me with the opportunity to cherish past events and capture new happenings. Of course my accidental blog in March 2012 will lead me to greatness! Go!

Happy Birthday! 

Joseph Harrison

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