To Orlando, FL, USA... Thanks For Everything!

I made the short trip from New York to Orlando to see my Disney friend Zach Airstarr, my fabulous co-worker and friend that I met during my Internship at Orlando's Walt Disney World Resort. This GaGa loving diva touched my heart, I knew that I had made a friend for life, something told me that I needed to get back to Orlando without haste! I saved the best until last!

Touching down in the Sunshine State to catch up with Zach, so much time had passed since we had last saw each other. Those Delta cookies didn't keep my hunger at bay so we had a Kiki at IHOP! After our quick bites we continued our Kiki! If truth be told I had chosen to be stupid by living out of a rucksack the past week, travelling light proved to be restrictive. To feel the sun on my skin was great, the wet weather in New Orleans just wasn't fun as my post-placement cold had me feeling really unwell. The Orlando heat was the best! We hit the Orlando Premium Outlet to find me some new threads for the weekend ahead. American Apparel was my retailer of choice, I had just been paid so we shopped like Material Girls! I wanted to find PacSun but never did so we went back to Zach's place ready to meet his boyfriend Dawin. 2011 seemed like a really long time, I loved Orlando more! That mad Disney love lasts forever! Yass, Orlando!

Our dinner of choice turned out to be a lovely meal at 'Bahama Breeze', I enjoyed some lovely 'Bermuda Swizzle' cocktails, but by that time my hectic turnaround from New Orleans via Atlanta and my early morning departure had caught up with me. From shopping to a KiKi, then finally an episode of 'Sex and The City' before turning in for the night. It did feel ace to be in a place to visit friends from Disney much like my Toronto weekend, my other trips were much more independent so being with Zach and Dawin was an absolute treat! My first day back in Orlando was amazing, it was even a pleasure to arrive back into Orlando Mc Coy International Airport since I was last there on my way back home from my Disney Program. My Industrial Placement would be going out with a bang! The day had been full packed, I needed rest before turning up at Parliament House! I had not been out to a club properly during my placement, I needed that! Fuego B! I wanted the magic of Disney first!

Bright and early 'The Fabulous Three' all set off for Walt Disney World Resort, our original plan was to visit the new 'Fantasyland' at Magic Kingdom but with us using the staff passes it was a blackout day, we hatched another plan to ditch Magic Kingdom for EPCOT! Never mind, our plans changed so we visited Epcot. It was quite strange walking through Future World North as it was the location that me and Zach made our Disney days fabulous. Feeling hungry, we made our way to Mexico on the World Showcase. I had to pinch myself for I was back in the security of the Disney bubble even if it was for a few hours at least! I loved the tacos and enchiladas from the Mexican pavilion at the World Showcase, we dined with the world in our view. Seeing 'Spaceship Earth' since working at Disney was amazing, getting back to my all-time favourite Disney Park. I was finally old enough to drink around the world! Cheers O!

Margaritas all round for us as alcohol can be consumed at Epcot, a policy that I agree with 100%! Norway served me a lovely pint of Carlsberg beer, somehow I don't think Carlsberg is Norwegian but I enjoyed my pint all the same. The weather was beautiful and was a welcome change compared with the rain that was served in New Orleans throughout the previous trip. We eventually reached the United Kingdom section, I led the way by going to the Rose & Crown pub to order an ice cold pint of Strongbow Cider! I hadn't indulged so much with boozing during my work placement in New Jersey apart from the odd occasions, I was ready to turn up around the world at EPCOT's outstanding World Showcase! Yes, I went back to the Rose & Crown pub in the United Kingdom pavilion for another pint of Strongbow Cider! Mexico served some lunch and the rest of our chosen countries kept the drinks flowing! I was living to be back at Walt Disney World again! I needed a nap before the night!

Disney was great but we were ready to marry the night! Going to the gargantuan Walmart nearby I found yet more Strongbow Cider! I never got the chance to shop at Walmart in New Jersey! I was living for that boozy shopping trip! Getting ready, we applied a range of luxurious fragrance's before hitting the club! We will always be the 'Flower Bomb Bitches!' Pulse Orlando wasn't popping, cruising down the North Orange Blossom Trail we turned the party up at Orlando's Parliament House! The Latino's were looking fresh to death, I was definitely living for that night at PH, Orlando! Slaying on the dancefloor I loved life with Zach and Dawin, at that moment I realised that I have such lovely friends! Finishing our drinks it was time to grab some McDonald's before resting our heads! New Orleans was equally as memorable with Fiorella but I had gotten over my cold, I was living for a Disney themed and fabulous weekend in Orlando! My Orlando, Florida experience was on-point! Get it, Florida!

Packing my rucksack, I bid farewell to the crazy canine that is Fendi! That dog has it's own drag name, I was living for the ratchet and scandalous behaviour of Orlando's infamous Drag Dog! Of course, Miss Fendrea Shitzonyou loved me! Getting back to Orlando was the perfect way to conclude my final week in America after finishing my Industrial Placement, reuniting with Zach for our weekend to remember was everything to me and more! It's true to say that I have a special love for my international friends that I don't see an awful lot of the time, I love them all for very different reasons! It was true to say that Zach and Dawin welcomed me into their home and into their hearts as I felt a part of each activity that weekend. I truly loved my Orlando weekend, from the KiKi in IHOP to dancing for my life at Orlando's Parliament House! I boarded my JFK bound flight with a quiet demeanour, I was going to miss my Orlando lovelies very much! Zach, I kept my promise to return! Yass B!

Flower Bomb Bitches!

Joseph Harrison


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