Flying High... Delta Air Lines!

Delta Air Lines was my airline of choice, flying me to New Orleans, USA and Orlando, USA. Would I experience exceptional customer service with the added Delta flare? How would their problem solving skills help an under-the-weather me get back to New York's LaGuardia Airport in time for my early morning departure the next day? I'm part of the 'jet set?' Of course I am!

New York's LaGuardia Airport showed us Delta's own terminal on my first trip to New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport, Louisiana. Myself and my dear friend turned travel companion Fiorella witnessed the beginning of Delta's early morning operation. As captured to the left, Delta Air Lines has fashioned a revolutionary way of serving their customers before a flight. Replacing waiters and waitresses with iPad's that take food and drink orders while keeping guests up-to date with their flight status. A chef stood present to cook those food orders, also accompanied by another person making hot and cold beverages for purchase. Whilst this technological forward service allows Delta passengers the opportunity to experience something different, could this approach decrease customer interaction? So, I stayed as an onlooker because my placement salary didn't cover pre-flight snacks and beverages. I will indulge soon!

OK, Delta this wasn't your drama! Throughout my travelling time with Delta Air Lines using LaGuardia Airport I found the prices of items such as water and chewing gum too high, after working at Newark Liberty International Airport I found it easy to compare the cheaper prices at Newark compared to New York's LaGuardia Airport. I suppose this wasn't Delta's fault but the selection of the amenities could have more of a variety when referring to the price? Maybe not, but who am I to judge? Being a passenger is a great experience, so by each step I took through out my Delta Air Lines experience I know that those issues were quite superficial. But, I thankfully enough to made it from LGA Airport from Newark on-time DL! American airports are very different compared to British airports, we have more affordable solutions with more variety after the security checkpoint. Checked in and waiting at the gate, our mornings flight down to New Orleans departed on time. Let's get it Delta!

Throughout my journeys with Delta Air Lines I was quite Impressed with their in-flight efforts. On my previous New York JFK to Manchester night flight the cabin crew conducted their in-flight service with an abrupt tone. Whereas, on my New Orleans bound flight the service was delivered using hushed tones due to the early morning departure time. Unfortunately, the in-flight announcements were proclaimed with a monotone voice but all the same informed us well enough. Eating something before boarding is advisable because meals are not served on domestic Delta services. But, Delta Air Lines do serve a small selection of complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. I enjoyed the Delta cookies, mini pretzels and peanuts on-board my five Delta Air Lines flights. I did choose to purchase a gin and tonic twice for $14.00 due to Delta only charge for alcoholic beverages. I was excited to fly from ATL!

On the whole the services given by the Delta crew shone through and championed the level of customer service I experienced before from JFK. Throughout my time in the United States I have had the opportunity to experience the service of other American carriers such as; Southwest Airlines and United. Thinking about Delta's service I was pleased with their in-flight services and judging by my previous experiences with this airline I would select Delta in the future. I know what airline to choose upon my next trip to the United States of America! Both flights from LGA Airport to New Orleans and Orlando departed on-time, I landed early into Orlando, that did impress me! Having flown both internationally and domestically with Delta Air Lines I felt satisfied with my flights. Maybe with the Strategic Alliance between Delta and Virgin Atlantic, could I fly with both airlines back home? The Delta passengers made me laugh with their cabin baggage! One of the crew looked mighty fine! Yes!

My original plan was to simply take two round trips flights from New York to New Orleans and then onto Orlando but nothings ever that simple! Feeling awful I decided to get to the airport early to seek about taking a different flight, so I could rest before jetting off to Orlando. After taking care of a $150.00 change fee I was ready to embark on my flights to LaGaurdia via Atlanta. Clearing the TSA airport security check-point was simple, although after realising that my connection flight from New Orleans to Atlanta was delayed I contacted a Delta agent to find a solution! Luckily, a helpful agent changed my ticket in a flash. Bidding a rushed goodbye to my friend, Fiorella made her onward connection back to New Jersey. Pushing back from the gate took a long time because of the rain, I was ready to leave for Atlanta the captain announced a delay in our departure due to the heavy rain! MSY, I made my Orlando flights!

New York's LaGuardia Airport was in sight after my forty minute layover in ATL. I transited effortlessly through the terminals to catch my then next flight. Who knew that I would be revisiting this airport and the state of Georgia? I didn't! On the whole my change of plan worked out well, I arrived at my hotel early at 18:30 allowing me to relax before my fabulous Floridian weekend commenced. I experienced the same excellent service during my Orlando flights, arriving back into New York's JFK Airport. The Delta Air Lines ground and cabin crew were fantastic on all five of my Delta flights between NYC and Orlando via Atlanta. As mentioned before he looked mighty fine1 I was amazed by the new technologies being used and thankful for arriving back to JFK early. Yes, I would definitely fly with Delta Air Lines again! Sure, I want to take a super long haul flight with Delta Air Lines in the future! ATL, I'll return! Delta Air Lines, let us not be strangers? No, I also want to fly into Detroit!

Delta, Work! 

Joseph Harrison


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