Flying High... Delta Air Lines!

Delta Air Lines was my airline of choice, flying me to New Orleans, USA and Orlando, USA. Would I experience exceptional customer service with the added Delta flare? How would their problem solving skills help an under-the-weather me get back to New York's LaGuardia Airport in time for my early morning departure the next day? Delta knew that I was one of the jet set! 

After finishing my final day of work at Newark Liberty International Airport, I had planned to take a weekend trip down to New Orleans, LA. That weekend trip started with an early morning drive from Newark, NJ to New York's LaGuardia Airport, I was travelling with my friend and former co-worker, Fiorella. After arriving at New York's LaGuardia Airport, myself and Fiorella checked in for the short flight down to New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport in Louisiana. We made ourselves comfortable at the gate in the Delta Departure lounge, noticing the iPads at the breakfast bar style food and beverage station was something different compared to my former Terminal B workspace. We were used to airport prices but there was some kind of price hike over at LGA, for what reason we didn't know? Before we knew it, boarding had been called and we were seated ready for take-off! I had flown with Delta twice before that January 2013 early morning, it was nice to be taking another flight with Delta! Delta, come on! DL, got me to NOLA!

The flight down to New Orleans was textbook, it was a chilled flight from LGA to MSY with no delays whatsoever. Fiorella slept most of the way, I was as usual excited to be back in the skies! It was a light flight down to MSY, making the most of the service I enjoyed a G&T or two but they were not included in the ticket price. It was similar to Southwest because Delta do not serve hot meals onboard their domestic short-haul flights. The helpful crew member gave me an extra bag of cookies, that I appreciated. As usual, I found those crew members to be friendly, our MSY bound Delta crew were genuinely happy to help us as we flew down to NOLA. As the weather turned cooler, the rain started to pour as our Delta flight landed into New Orleans. After disembarking, myself and Fiorella made our way towards the exit because we both hadn't checked anything into the flight. Our short Delta experience was easy breezy, we had made it to the city on the Mississippi River! Our LGA to MSY Delta connection was problem-free! Thanks! 

NOLA already knew that we didn't need any 'Voodoo Hoodoo!' After checking into our 'French Quarter' hotel, we hit Bourbon Street to capture the rainy party street for ourselves to see. I don't usually travel with other people but Fiorella knew my vibe and I knew hers, it was going to be great! We made it down to the banks of the legendary Mississippi River, with a riverboat in our sights it was just the best place for us to be in that moment. Yes, the weather didn't play ball but we made the best of our weekend. Not wanting to waste a single second, we went to 'CafĂ© Du Monde' for a cup of coffee and some 'beignets' because if they were good enough for 'Disney's Tiana' to serve up, we had to try them for ourselves! Those 'beignets' tasted great but the location itself was quite touristy, we lived with that factor and moved on to Jackson Square. Feeling our 'Princess Tiana' fantasy, we loved Jackson Square with the French Creole magic of New Orleans's French Quarter in our hearts. New Orleans impressed us much! Those slushies! 

Calling up ahead of time the day before, I wanted to check the pre-booked Bayou boat trip. Due to inclement weather, the tour had to be cancelled, I was refunded but that wasn't the point! Myself and Fiorella chose to visit the 'Garden District', venturing out of the bubble of the French Quarter had us in Downtown for us to catch that trolley bus. I needed some meds but that Walgreens staff member had way too much attitude for our liking, there's being extra but being rude as well, no ma'am! The 'Garden District' transported us back to colonial New Orleans with those larger than life period feature houses, we were truly in the Deep South! Did we go hungry in New Orleans? No! We enjoyed our brunch and breakfast at Stanley's, that 'Poutine' was off the scale and we admired the cool vibe of that Jackson Square eatery. I tried 'Gumbo' and 'Cat Fish' because I wanted to try all of those flavours, those flavoursome combinations helped my cold. I would return to New Orleans because I want to see the Bayou during a sunnier or drier time, N! 

Our trip to New Orleans had come to an end, my flight had been booked to return a few hours later than Fiorella's but illness and inclement weather would change that. Feeling awful, I decided to get to the airport early to seek about taking a different flight, so I could rest before jetting off to Orlando, FL. After taking care of a $150.00 change fee, I was ready to embark on my flight to New York's LaGuardia via ATL. Both of us cleared TSA airport security check-point without any issues, although after realising that my connection flight from New Orleans to Atlanta was delayed, I then contacted a Delta agent to find a solution! Luckily, a helpful agent changed my ticket in a flash. Bidding a rushed goodbye to my friend, Fiorella made her onward connection back to NJ. Pushing back from the gate took a long time because of the rain, I was ready to leave for Atlanta but the captain announced a delay in our departure due to the heavy rain! I was fine, I had a sexy male crew talking to me, my cold disappeared instantly! Hey Papi! 

New York's LGA Airport was finally in my sights, I had a Georgia date with an airport that greeted me back in 2011. Landing into Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport had me seeing Delta airplanes absolutely everywhere! Delta, I had arrived once more into your gargantuan hub again! Catching my flight at the opposite satellite, getting my ass on the 'Plane Train' which took me underground to the correct gate area. I grabbed something to eat, with my Delta LGA bound flight in sight I enjoyed my lunch with the Delta gate agents as my entertainment, they were so funny to listen and watch! My health diversion and weather situation had reunited me with the State of Georgia and its huge airport! Landing back into New York LGA Airport was the one, checking into my overnight accommodation I was able to sleep. Jetting down to Orlando, FL the following day with Delta was fine and the weather was glorious all weekend long. Those Delta flights ended once I touched back down into JFK a few days later. 

Feeling the sunshine in Orlando at the airport was amazing, I waited a little while for my friend Zac to come and pick me up. On our game, we hit IHOP because my eating had been away from the chain restaurants for the most part, the Ironbound had me eating local fare. Reminiscing and cutting up at IHOP was a scream, it was amazing to be reunited with my former EPCOT Future World North ICP colleague. We moved onto the 'Premium Outlets' because I hadn't brought many clothes with me, with pay day just gone and a rent deposit to spend up, I embraced American Apparel! The afternoon was going the right way, the previous day had been a mission, I was thankful for the sunshine and the easy pickings in the Sunshine State! Disney? We would be going to EPCOT the next day with Zac's boyfriend, Dawin. After shopping and cutting up the tea at IHOP, we made our way back to Zac and Dawin's apartment. I got to meet Fendi, the dog! Having a chilled evening, our dinner at Bahama Breeze had me feeling so sleepy! 

Waking up bright and early the next day, we all made our way back to Walt Disney World, Orlando! It had been about 18 months since I had say goodbye to the parks and my International College Program, I was feeling blessed to be back in the most magical place in the world! Being 21, we headed for the 'World Showcase' because you know I wanted to get wasted around the world for the first time! Hitting the UK Pavilion, I had myself an ice cold pint of Strongbow Cider with a dash of blackcurrant cordial! A beer was consumed in both France and Norway, making our way around to Mexico we stopped for some tacos and drank some good Margaritas! Suitably buzzed, we made it back to Zac's for an afternoon nap. The pre-game trip to Wal-Mart had me there for the first time since I was last in Florida, that superstore had not crossed my path in NJ. Hitting Parliament House, we had a great time dancing and drinking, yes we saw some Realness along the Orange Blossom Trail! Getting back out of Newark, NJ was the one, D! 

Delta, Work! 

Joseph Harrison


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