Destination: Washington D.C, USA!

Washington, D.C welcomes the world to experience the true 'Capitol City' of the United States of America. This presidential city is currently home to the Obama's, for that reason I wanted to be a part of the Obamarama vibe! Washington, D.C welcomed me with open arms and showed me a superb weekend. Honestly, this city is truly amazing! D.C, let's proceed! 

Living on the North East coast of America has made room for a serious amount of travelling for me! I didn't spend a lot of money whilst I was in Washington, D.C although the hotel was worth the price. D.C seemed to be the choice of the month for me, I wanted to see somewhere new. Packing up my backpack I made my way to Newark Penn Station for my Bolt Bus ride down to Washington D.C. I passed through some pretty colourful places as my Bolt Bus made its way to Washington, D.C, Baltimore was it? Arriving at my hotel was a blessing, I had splashed out to stay at the Marriott Metro Center Washington, D.C. I should have been so sleepy from that morning shift but by some kind of miracle I had the energy to power through. The White House would be on my list for the following day, I needed some good food and an early night! With the Obama's currently in office, for sure I was all about that Obamarama, B!

Waking up bright and early the next day, I just couldn't wait to explore the Mall and to be acquainted with D.C's other sites! Heading for the White House had to be the first thing I did that morning, with the Obama's in office during my visit, it was imperative that I got my photo snapped outside that Washington, D.C presidential abode. Security was mad tight, rightly so with it being the home and workplace of the president of the United States of America. The sun was shining beautifully, the grind of work didn't find my conscious during that D.C morning. The National Mall had me on the right track, everything was open and the signposts allowed me to save time because no mistakes were made. In the end I didn't meet Mrs. Michelle Obama nor did I see Barack, but my time gazing at the White House was worth every second. What's good Abe, I needed to see that Lincoln Memorial! Washington, D.C had me feeling energised, I kept things upbeat, moving onto the next thing! Let's go!

Speeding my way through the historical delights of this spotlessly clean city. Well, the Mall was spotless, I didn't venture too far that weekend so its not for me to comment regarding other parts of the city. Next on to the Washington Monument for a quick breather, not taking too much of a break for I wanted to ensure that all sides of this amazing city were viewed. I was amazed by the amount of signs that were dotted around the city, I appreciated this very much. As pictured to the right, The Lincoln Memorial proved to be a popular choice for the countless number of coach tourists. Personally, it posed to be another attraction that had a special significance which is always good in my opinion. I won't lie their was a mild amount of construction work going on at that time, but to be honest it didn't ruin my experience. So much culture and history packed into one morning, now that's what I like to see. Yes, D.C taught me a lot!

Before I found the imposing white statue of former president, Abraham Lincoln, I was fronted by the World War II Memorial. I took some time to find that each state and some of the territories that belonged to the United States of America had their own engraved pillar of remembrance. Some other tourists were about just like I was but things were quiet enough for the area to feel still and calm. Back to the Lincoln Memorial, if truth be told I didn't know a lot about the 16th president of the United States of America, it was a lesson in life to find out the memorial can be found on the five dollar bill. My visit to the memorial was simply out of my utter curiousness and to fulfil my checklist of Washington, D.C sites of interest. That section of the morning flowed, the stillness of the Mall and the significance of the World War II Memorial made things feel quite somber and relaxed in the same breath. Taking things towards Georgetown I saw sights of the Potomac River, sure I went back to find the river!

Taking an unplanned detour to the nearby area of Georgetown, this place opened my eyes to a whole new side of Washington, D.C. As the mid-afternoon sun shone throughout the city I was greeted by a site that made me feel less like I was in America. Georgetown is blessed with a quaint canal-side area, only housing one narrow boat it transported me back home for merely a few seconds. Georgetown also featured a number of luxury boutiques, all of which were out of my price range. I was in a state of mild shock as I was only a ten minute walk away from the grand Lincoln Memorial, how could have this been so close? One place that stood out for me was a restaurant that was called 'Paolo's' as my friend shares the same name. Getting myself some lunch I decided to have a hot dog from Five Guys, the chips were so tasty, along with the artsy vibe within Georgetown I was feeling great! I loved my random G-Town time!

I made the best choice to visit this city as Newark gets crazy, I love that place but Washington, D.C. injected some history and elegance into my life during my weekend away from Newark. One thing that I loved about Washington, D.C was that its public transport system was superb. I used the Metro network extensively to access certain parts of The National Mall due to its size. In saying that this city can be accessed by foot easily as the tourist signage is perfectly placed around the best hot-spots. I felt at peace whilst in Washington, D.C because it was a time that I was stressed with work and also my work brothers, Tom and Paolo were about to make their departure home back to England, so my trip to Washington, D.C definitely restored some calm in my life. Going underground I took the Washington Metro from Georgetown towards Capitol Hill. I had really enjoyed my time in Georgetown but it was time to experience one final place along the National Mall. Washington's metro kept me going.

Arriving at Capitol Hill allowed me to see the iconic building that's featured on the usual live news link from the city, I took my time to get some nice photos, keeping things simple I had got some nice ones in the bag! I took some time out on the grass, for such an important government building things were extremely relaxed. Compared with London's Houses of Parliament, I definitely knew that those people relaxing wouldn't have been able to get away with such a thing in London! The day was pressing on, feeling content with my Washington, D.C delights I spent some more time relaxing outside the Capitol Hill building. The National Mall was spotless, things were immaculately clean from every angle. Like I mentioned before I didn't venture into any other parts of the city. Nevertheless, I wasn't in town for any other kind of experience, it had to be presidential! D.C, I lived for the Obama's still!

Done with my sightseeing marathon, I walked back towards my Marriott Hotel that was close to the National Mall. Before reaching my hotel I stumbled upon a huge 'Barnes and Noble' bookstore, by some stroke of luck I found the latest issue of Attitude Magazine! Buying July's copy had to be done, I missed that publication, I even asked the staff at B&S if they had any back issues of that British magazine. Being the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics that had been held in London, I went back to my hotel to watch that show, to my surprise the Spice Girls reunited for the final time as a five piece! Would they reunite again in the future? Any who I ventured out to find the nearest Domino's, let's just say things got real when I turned a few corners away from the National Mall! Relaxing back at the hotel, the rest of the night was very relaxed, the day had been very fulfilled. Washington. D.C had me in the right frame of mind, the next day I would be looking for the Pentagon. All good!

Typically Tourist in Washington, D.C

Joseph Harrison


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