21 July 2012

Remember 9/11

One day that haunts our minds and makes us take a second to think about our lives has to be September 11th 2001. Remembering this may bring back the harrowing memories of what happened in New York City ten years ago. A place that was left in a unthinkable state on the fateful time of 9/11 has been rising upwards from the ashes of that fateful event. How has New York moved on from that unspeakable event? What is there for us and the world to remember 9/11?

You ask why I wanted to visit the 9/11 Memorial? I wanted to see the sight through my own eyes. The New York City skyline will never be the same, but a breath of fresh air is certainly making its way through the Financial District. As there is no way to bring back the same Twin Towers, a development is taking great shape before the world's watching eyes. One World Trade Center will give hope and prosperity to the once devastated site. A sense of awareness has been awoken by a large part of humankind as this new focal point has become a holistic tourist attraction or should I say place of remembrance? I thought it was necessary to pay my respects to the people that lost their lives during that devastating act of terrorism over a decade ago. As displayed the new tower is dominating the Lower Manhattan skyline, giving the district back its grand appearance that was once visible. Being a tourist or a traveller doesn't have to mean theme parks and amazing attractions all the time, its just as enriching to spend some time to reflect in a new environment to truly understand how lucky we are to be doing what we do! 

Construction of the entire 'Ground Zero' area is still a work in progress. Change is coming to the former area of the Twin Towers but through the tragedy there seems to be something positive that progressing to signify a new chapter in the life to remember of New York City's darkest day! Witnessing the energy around the work area is something else, whether the passers-by are making their commute or just taking a break there is a feeling of cohesion and hope in the air. I for one pass the construction site when I take the PATH train to World Trade Center Station from Newark Penn. From a visitor's point of seeing things, there's a feeling of excitement in the air and I am sure that this part of NYC has some things to look forward to. I hope that the new development brings a feeling of strength to New York City!

I have a knack for visiting places that are out of the ordinary. For instance I took it upon myself to seek the Headquarters of The United Nations. Now deciding to discover the 9/11 Memorial Site. My visit to this endearing place may have only been brief but in the end it was extremely insightful. Finding a pace that felt like it was a pocket of calm in the centre of all chaos was great to experience. The 9/11 Memorial Site remembers the dark times of the terrorist attacks that blighted New York City over 10 years ago. Whereas entry may be  free it allows people from all walks of life to admire the exhibits and to remember the cause. A feeling of calm definitely descends upon the memorial site considering the main construction area overlooks the four corners of the site. In-particular the North and South pools omit a feeling, which could be classed as sobering. When looking closely at a place like this its an unspeakable shame that the attacks happened in the first place. New York City has stayed so strong!

Getting a feel for the 9/11 Memorial was easy but I wouldn't say it was a happy experience at all, emotion is conveyed in many different ways but I just didn't think it was respectful to be joyful and not remember the real reason for the memorial site being present in the first place. July 2012 brought some crazy weather with the day I spent at the 9/11 Memorial experiencing a tonne of rain and gloomy weather I didn't see the dreary conditions an excuse to hop back on the PATH train back to Newark Penn Station because I had something to attend to! As far as popular places of interest go I would have to say that the 9/11 Memorial site was a hype of activity with the large numbers of visitors taking their time to view the thought provoking sights at the memorial ground. Looking back I would have paid to visit this Memorial site but in this instance I'm showing my sign through this blog. Ground Zero has a significance to its name but I wouldn't associate it with a jubilant time whatsoever!  


The 9/11 Memorial site gives New York City Financial District a sanctuary where people can pay their respects in peace without feeling the full craziness of the city, for this place has to be taken quite seriously its not like seeing the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building! I found this memorial site had a feeling of calm where I could take a moment's solace to think about things. The future brings a new exhibit to the memorial site, a museum in the grounds of the memorial grounds is currently under construction, well at the time of my visit it stood unopened. Only time will tell what things will be displayed for visitors to see. When looking at the effects of the reinvention of the Twin Towers I could not comment on the grounds of what improvements these new structures will make but simply the impact and the legacy that they are intended to create. Will time be the healer for this situation? Whatever happens I have a strong feeling that the memory of the day in-question shall be remembered appropriately. 

Honestly, looking towards the future I do hope that the new developments and the inclusion of the 9/11 Memorial site will heightened the impact that the terrorist attacks have caused. We can change the past but we can look onwards to the future, hoping that life can move with the times not forgetting the events of 9/11. Captured above to the left is a photo from the 9/11 Memorial site that speaks without words for the stillness of the whole area is quite eerie in one sense but in another its the way one would imagine this place to be. Construction carried on throughout my visit so like I have tirelessly mentioned many times before in this blog the wheels are most definitely in motion. I look back to my visit to the 9/11 Memorial site to know that I don't need to return for I have made my peace and can take what I want from the experience to hopefully understand a little bit more about that day. Take one afternoon or even one hour to visit  New York City's 9/11 Memorial site at Ground Zero, just do it! 

Remembered But Never Forgotten


Joseph Harrison 

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