9 July 2012

Half Time Whistle

After five first-class months the half time whistle has sounded. I cannot believe I have been in Newark for five months, time certainly flies when your having fun or when your working so much?! Since my Virgin Atlantic Airways flight landed at Newark's Liberty International Airport things have been intense, rewarding and slightly stressful. Working at the airport brings many challenges, somehow I don't think my remaining six months will be the same! So, as I look at things at this halfway stage I believe that my progress has been fair for this current stage as I have so much more to achieve. Seriously, I still have to pinch myself to believe that I have been given this opportunity. 

Newark is a place that certainly keeps you on your toes, something's always going on and its not always good. Nevertheless, this city offers a haven which I have had the opportunity to live in for the first five months of my placement. The Ironbound District has some seriously tasty Portuguese restaurants that I have grown to love, something tells me I'll stay loyal to these places for the remainder of my time here in Newark, New Jersey. I've adapted well to being a Jersey and New York City Boy so thing have been great so far! Being away from the norm has been something that's been good to deal with, I suppose variety is the spice of life after all. I have love for Newark but nothing beats having New York City on my doorstep! I have managed to master the NYC Subway network and only have to consult the map if I'm sort of lost, I guess things have become normal for me now. I would like to say thank you to the almighty PATH train, for this mode of public transport makes getting to Downtown NYC and Midtown Manhattan really easy! I'm just a New York City Boy! 

Family are my number one, so Its been one of my hurdles to get through whilst being away on placement. My new friends here have kept me going when things haven't been to rosy. Working at Hallmark Aviation Services has given me the opportunity to meet some great people who never cease to keep my spirits high when things aren't too good. Two of these friends are Paolo and Thomas, these guys have been my saviours. Honestly if it wasn't for Paolo and Tom living two seconds away down the road the first half of my placement would have been a different story.

From the random days we spent in New York to the bizarre times during our Las Vegas trip its been emotional to say the least. They're leaving very soon and I won't lie, I shall miss them lots as they've been there for me since I have been here in Newark. The next five months shall stand as a challenge to enjoy myself without Thomas and Paolo, for I know if I met any other people at work they would have some big shoes to fill to compare with the like of Paolo and Thomas. It's a journey that I have felt honoured sharing it with this pair of friends who I will love as brothers. This might sound a bit obscure but it was meant to be that the Las Vegas three met in Newark in February 2012! So, I dare say we will meet again upon my return to England next January. So watch out Huddersfield and Northampton there'll be a reunion!

I have set myself the challenge to be the intrepid traveller whilst being here in America, Its my first time discovering the delights of the Northeast coast. Viva Las Vegas! Myself, Paolo and Thomas made the journey to Nevada for four days of fun, also making a cheeky visit to Los Angeles as well. Certainly a trip I will not forget for a long time, well the parts I was incredibly intoxicated on the flight back to Newark. I have tried to utilise my days off to the best of my ability, its been my challenge to see a new state every month. Newark is located in the middle of some great states which have a selection of superb cities. I visited Philadelphia a couple of months ago, a city that left me quite speechless due to its contrast between social classes and environments. Also New York, a city that has given me some of my best days here so far. I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico. So, its official that I have accomplished so much already, but have a lot more to achieve until I fly back to London Heathrow.

Finally, I have found medium of blogging very helpful as its given my the opportunity to describe and illustrate the experiences that I'm having here in America this time around. Desperately Seeking Adventure has given me the freedom to blog about my experiences at New York's Pride March and also my first baseball match at the Yankee Stadium. It's been a great way to share my new discoveries with family in the same way as a letter could, hopefully painting a more colourful and exciting picture than the norm. So here's to another six months of faithful blogging for the world to read.

Keep On Going Joseph ... 50% Done ! ! !

Joseph Harrison

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