8 June 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, a devilish desert metropolis made up of casino's, hotels and wedding chapels. Sin City was the choice for my friend Paolo's 21st birthday celebration, being a complete freeloader I gatecrashed this trip that faired to be out of this world. Containing the following ingredients; Gambling, Road Trips and Unstoppable Good Times .. Las Vegas showed us a sensational weekend that would make memories for sure.

You've heard of "The Hangover" film? Well what you're about to hear has nothing on the semi-epic film. My journey from Newark to Sin City proved to be eventful, three words "gin and tonic"! Choosing different airlines between the three of us turned out to work good for me as my sorry state was healed by a shameless snooze in the baggage claim hall at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Meanwhile, my friends had been re-routed on their Delta Airlines flight so by the time I landed in Las Vegas they were still making their way to Sin City, this fault gave a chance to sober up! I chose to fly with Southwest Airlines via Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, which took its toll on my liver! My power-nap gave me some time to get ready for the warm-up to our Las Vegas Experience. Snooze done, Paolo and Thomas had finally arrived! It was off to this place that I have no recollection of to pick up our rental car that we christened  "Marlene" that took us past the world famous Las Vegas welcome sign, Boy were we excited? Hell Yes!

Let me first say that I don't stay in hotels that could be classed as squalor, so our accommodation the Monte Carlo Hotel Resort & Casino gave us the perfect pad to rest after our gambling fueled escapades. I never had a reservation so I waited in the lobby area while the boys checked-in, I had to live up to my Britney persona from the very beginning of this trip! Las Vegas lures gamblers from far and wide, manipulating their wallets to give that extra dollar to win the jackpot. No sleep for the Nevada trio, we hit the Vegas Strip to seek out the countless range of casino's to try our luck and to just have a general nose around. I didn't quite understand the whole politics of the gambling games that were on offer in such venues like the MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood. But we were in Las Vegas Baby!! The time had finally arrived that I was in Sin City! I'll probably never come back to this city because I tell you now it's completely out of this world! Book your tickets and get on that jetplane to the Nevada desert to experience your own 'Viva Las Vegas' experience! 

Our epic assault that incorporated visiting at least seven of the provincial casino's was amazing. MGM's was out-of-this-world I couldn't believe my half-drunken eyes, yes I had been drinking all day! Britney and her Boys had hit the Las Vegas strip like the stars of 'The Hangover' movie! Whilst a short break from gambling in Excalibur's casino I ran off to to buy a vest that displayed a suggestive design, So what! Its Vegas Baby! As we gambled the day away collecting an array of poker chips, the feeling of this immense place exceeded all my expectations.

You can't get away from the slot-machines in Las Vegas, I just decided to embrace every single experience because I desperately seek adventure! This time last year I was finishing my first semester at University College Birmingham getting ready to embark on my International College Program in Orlando, Florida. Did I mention that Tequila was my best friend for the whole weekend? I simply could not get enough of the stuff! I had the cheek to play on the penny machines and still expected to get treated like a high-flying superstar! Las Vegas is a once in a lifetime place! Another Tequila shot please! Oh and don't be cheap with the salt and lime!

Now, the stars of "The Hangover" film featured such casino's like the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace which takes centre stage out of all the other casino's on the Vegas Strip. Suited, booted and ready to take on the night as the lights shone bright through the Las Vegas Strip we made our way to the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace to gamble the night away. These casino's produced my biggest win of $106.00, which was not too bad for me. I loved the system in the casino's, if you gambled the drinks were free-flowing. Tequila became my new best friend as the waitresses' made their way around the casino floor. I didn't care for the big money tables as I was just loving and living for the moment for the memories I made that night could never have a price tag! 

Would I ever consider going back to Las Vegas? I probably wouldn't but never say never! I did previously mention that this desert paradise is a once in a lifetime place, returning could have the potential to ruin things. I actually never thought that I would be able to get to Las Vegas so soon after arriving for my placement, I have my friends Tom and Paolo to thank for that! This trip certainly provided many laughs and I believe it made our friendships stronger, Britney's Boys are the best!! I keep this short and simple...Please visit Las Vegas because for some its a gamblers paradise but for others it can still offer so much more. Being completely honest I thoroughly loved my time in the city of Las Vegas. Truly it was a trip that I will not forget in a hurry.   

Bright Lights, Big City - That's Vegas Baby ! (Oh, Get me a Tequila!)

Joseph Harrison


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