12 June 2012

Road Trip Los Angeles

Ever wanted to just pack up the car and take a road trip? Well that's what me and my two friends did whilst holidaying in Las Vegas. Our destination would be Los Angeles in the state of California, luckily Paolo could drive as this road trip wouldn't of been too successful. Now, Marlene please get us there in one piece please!

The Las Vegas three set off into the Nevada desert for the four hour drive to the land of showbiz err Hollywood, Los Angeles. Paolo drove us all the way through the Nevada desert, to be honest it was quite bizarre going from the grandeur of our hotel to the barren desert within thirty minutes or even less if I remember correctly. Marlene sped through the searing heat of the desert, it was amazing to view the searing desert scenery. Our previous day in Sin City had been pretty full on to say the least so the early drive had some negatives, thankfully I can't drive because if truth be told I did have a snooze on the way.

Around two hours into our trip we needed some time to grab a little breakfast, my McDonald's orange juice just didn't last longer enough from 5am. In the middle of nowhere we found Peggy Sue's Diner, a truly bizarre place that felt like it had stopped in time. Our breakfast was quintessentially American, we were piratically American anyway, so we felt right at home. The mayhem of Las Vegas had begun to catch up on me as I just wanted to be tele-ported to Hollywood Boulevard already. Fueled and raring to drive onwards, I was really excited to reach the state border of California as we wanted to experience a brand new state! 

We soon left the desert behind us for the scenery started to change, civilisation seemed to be kicking in for it was a blessing to pass through the California Inspection post without any trouble. It was insane to think that we had passed through the Nevada desert! I was over the drive by the time we saw road signs for Los Angeles, bring on Sunset Boulevard! The sprawl of hills and trees slowly turned into houses and sooner or later we could see the urban sprawl of Downtown Los Angeles. I love the Downtown but we weren't going anywhere near that for certain! Growing ever restless to see the Hollywood sign for a second time in my life, I was like "Marlene go a bit faster please oh! It's the horrendous Los Angeles traffic!" 

I couldn't believe my lucky that I was about to be part of the 'Hollywood' vibe once more and see the towering palm trees that act as a focal point in the city of angels! How would I learn to adjust back to New Jersey life after this crazy day?! I honestly never thought that I would be making my 'L.A.' comeback anytime soon, so I could not believe my luck! Anyway, patience is a virtue and all that sensible stuff. I knew that I, Britney would become an even bigger star because we were going to the celebrity capital of the world! You better work Bitch! 

A star is born! Well we reached Hollywood safe and sound and with good time considering our break took up to one hour. The Hollywood Walk of Fame had not changed one bit since my first visit back in 2005. The shear amount of tourists going about their business really annoyed me, I just wanted to take in my new environment in peace! Trying to take pictures of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre took some patience as the hurricane wave of tourists made it impossible to execute the simplest of tourist duties. Me and the boys found a great deal to see the homes of the stars in Beverly Hills. I'm not being funny but a certain Christina A's house didn't impress me much...ah Britney's "Strong Than Yesterday!" Drama over. We also saw the house that Sonny and Cher shared during their famous marriage and the security post at Brad and Angelina's huge Beverly Hills mansion! How the other half live! Our tour took a quick interval by Rodeo Drive, it was like stepping into another world completely! I know one day I'll be back and shopping at the high fashion boutiques whilst getting my fix of Botox too! Los Angeles was fantastic even though our original plans had changed me and my friends still loved our day. Get me back to the excess of Las Vegas, I need to live life back in the fast lane! That's a Demand! Britney and her Boys !!!

Driving, Deserts and Hollywood ... The Perfect Combination for Another Great Day on Our West Coast Adventure

Joseph Harrison

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