27 June 2012

Chinatown - Backstreets of New York City

Sandwiched between New York City's Garment District and World Trade Center area is Chinatown. A melting pot of smells, sights and situations ready to attack your senses. Depicted in countless big budget blockbuster movies, not! Well that was my idea of what I thought Chinatown was like until I visited this year in February. Nevertheless, Chinatown makes a unique setting for a great experience but its certainly not a picture postcard setting to say the least. Anyway, who wants perfection? This culinary paradise offers an array of choices for the all palettes, from the experienced food critic to the average tourist.

Be sure to take the 6 Subway train towards Brooklyn Bridge to Canal Street, prepare for what you're about to see and take heed of what's being advised. At all costs it could be a wise choice to avoid the shining watch stalls as these imitation Rolex's are not as Kosher as they may appear to be. But, if you must cave into the temptations of buying a bootleg Louis Vuitton handbag don't say I didn't warn you! Restaurants are plentiful in Chinatown, now you're sure to get something that's 100% genuine that is assured. Get your eyes tested for the sake of it, well there's so many opticians around the blocks there has to be a winner. Now, if video-games are your passion then this area offers an extensive range of consoles and games that come direct from the far-east. When I first visited Chinatown I couldn't resist buying some Pokemon cards, not like I already had enough of them when I was younger. 

As the world is aware that there are several Chinatown's across the globe, reaching more cities than New York, London and Sydney. My favourite Chinatown is now in-question as I love London's Chinese Quarter in the Rainbow District of Soho. New York's Chinatown has taken a place in my heart for it has personality and flare. Providing a home to thousands of people who may have travelled from China five or fifty years ago as they rely on the economy of the businesses in this area. Harbouring a raw and edgy side New York City's Chinatown stands strong as any community would do, its not just the people that make the place its the buildings that characterise the strength of the area too.

Its not just Chinese establishments that frequent New York's Chinatown. The name of this area could be seen as misleading as on each street corner there's a different restaurant from South-East Asia.  I found it quite a task to warm to a specific Chinese restaurant so I chose to eat Vietnamese food for the first time in my life! Vietnamese and Thai eateries make their mark on the centre streets of the Chinatown district in NYC. During my first visit to New York's Chinatown me and my friend Paolo sampled a interesting Vietnamese restaurant, we weren't really sure what we had ordered but it tasted mighty fine!

Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant, located just on Bayard Street showed me that Vietnamese cuisine is just as good as Chinese food, it might actually taste even better?! The unknown dishes that were written in a strange language tended to be a definite winner with my taste-buds. I like to try new and interesting dishes that taste different from the norm, something that I quite liked about the Vietnamese food. Telling the truth on a recent visit to Wo Hop, a small Chinese cafe-like restaurant I experience a pit-stop dining experience that I don't want to experience again. Comparing the rushed service of Wo Hop to the friendly atmosphere of Pho 88 I know I will be back to sample the delicacies of Vietnam soon.

If I'm completely honest about one thing I have noticed about the younger population of Chinatown, New York City that I have seen all look cool. The guys and girls all seem to have cutting edge fashion forward hairstyles. See my current barber shop on Ferry Street really isn't making the right cuts for me. So I'm going to play with fire and go for a change by trying one of the many ultra modern hair salons to hopefully achieve the dream barnet. Well, I'm sure that I shall report back if this brave new decision makes me look any less mundane than my current hairdresser does at the moment. Also I will add that the range of opticians on offer look fantastic, I probably would have to forfeit a trip if I bought a pair of designer specs from one of these premium eye stores. Anyway, I'm not going to be a stranger Chinatown, New York City because I can't get enough of your edgy exterior and your beautiful cuisine. Don't get me wrong because NYC Chinatown is a must for any tourist visit as it shows New York City is a place that's quite different from movies that we watch, I love this area really! So, who honestly knows what I will discover next time?!

Chinatown, New York City ... Lovely food accompanied with an exciting atmosphere, which definitely leads for  the  perfect backstreet community.

Joseph Harrison


Anonymous said...

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Joseph Harrison said...

Fee is $18 per day...this includes High Speed Wifi Internet.

Many Thanks,

Joseph Harrison