Rollin' On The River... Liverpool's Royal Albert Dock, Mersey River & Southport!

Liverpool, a city that held a family connection. Many musical icons spring to mind, one who made her name alongside another singer! During one exceedingly cold October day, I went up-north to Liverpool for the day, one which I will treasure for a long time. From the Royal Albert Dock, to a Mersey River cruise of my own, it was boss! L, you'll never stop me from loving you! 

I always saw Liverpool as an intriguing city, so with that said I decided to make that visit happen! The day that I went to Liverpool felt like the coldest day possible, honestly the cold bit my face as I made my way through Liverpool One from Lime Street Station. I forgot about Birmingham instantly, L'pool had me from the second after my train had arrived! I was captivated! Liverpool for me was easily accessible by foot, I was able to see the Liver Birds and the Royal Albert Dock as I turned onto James Street, well almost! Not long after, I arrived at the Royal Albert Dock with plenty of time to spare, I had a lot to see during my short visit to the city that was made by its river. A modern and sophisticated vibe was felt whilst walking along the waters edge, the historical charm still remained amongst the presence of the many trendy restaurants and the Liverpudlian edition of the Tate Museum & Gallery. I saw it in Liverpool's eyes that the Royal Albert Dock looked ready for the next chapter! Where was Queen Victoria? 

Maybe the cold weather warded away people? For me it was lovely to stroll along the flagstone path to see replica ships across from the Slavery Museum. What these docks were like in their heyday would have been something very interesting to see. During that Victorian heyday, I am sure the Royal Albert Dock saw it fair share of shady trading but those were the times. That wasn't a read, its history! The formidable waters of the Mersey River had me moving on up, I didn't have time to waste! Truthfully, from Liverpool I had expected to experience an honest and straight-forward point of being. Absolutely, I felt the vibe in Liverpool was down-to-earth in the best kind of way! As preserved and fabulous the period Royal Albert Dock prevailed itself to be, I was intrigued to know more about the industrious method that saw Liverpool as the second city during the Victorian reign of the British Empire. That October day had me learning new things, in-turn it was clear that Liverpool had commanded its very own riverside legacy! Go, Mersey R!

Way back when, my Paternal Great-Grandmother arrived at the Port of Liverpool on a vessel from Eastern Europe! I had been told that this family member had changed her name and started a whole new life in the city of Liverpool! She had escaped from the grip of the Nazis! After walking across Europe, she boarded a boat with one identity and found herself in England with a new one! Taking that trip up to Liverpool was a no brainer, boarding my very own Liverpudlian vessel, I wanted capture the vista with the gratitude for my late Great-Grandmother who had arrived to the same view some years before. Liverpool being a port city, had many routes out to the 'New World' so it was quite funny being told that my relative thought she had arrived in New York City when it actual fact her boat was on the River Mersey in Liverpool, England. Call me stupid but I had a feeling that Liverpool would be welcoming me back again in the near future! That Scouse story of survival had me feeling thankful for the river!

For a 'Savage' reason, I really wanted to see what the other of the Mersey River looked like, being the Wirral. As I boarded the MerseyTravel ferry named 'Snowdrop' the bitter wind grew colder. One thing I noticed during my ferry ride was that Liverpool had a magnificent skyline that looked fresh and progressive. Sure, the existing landmarks mixed effortlessly with the shiny new buildings from the view I captured on the ferry boat. Emerging evermore since its City of Culture moment of revival in 2008, Liverpool's skyline was looking fresh and ready for the next chapter! Birkenhead, now that was another story for another day! I had been inspired to cross the Mersey River to see where Ms. Lily Savage aka Paul O'Grady was originally from, for me I didn't get the chance to see Ms. Lily Savage herself in the light of day, that was just so. From my very brief encounter with both the Wirral and Savage's hometown, it was back onto the MerseyRail network. I had some business to take care of in Southport before I went back to Birmingham. 

My October day in 2011 wouldn't be complete without a little reunion with my former Walt Disney World 'International College Program' friend, Kat. I had met Kat at Manchester Airport, we were both nervous about embarking on that 'Mouseketeering' adventure. Taking the same Delta flight via Atlanta to Orlando, we shared that journey! For sure, I enjoyed my time in Southport, visiting the posh parade of shops. The Victorian houses and the beach area both impressed me much! Taking Kats pooch, Noodle for a walk on the beach, the inclement weather ensured that I used my imagination, for me to envisage how the beach could look on a brighter day. Southport served a refined element, that Merseyside region had something about it! I loved Lord Street, those canopies over the shops and cafes set the scene! Another family connection had been near Liverpool because my Mum had worked in Southport during the summer season as a dancer. Seeing Kat was amazing! Her Disney baby wasn't far off being born! Exciting times! 

My first ever day spent in Liverpool, the Wirral and Southport had been packed with much for me to explore and get to know! Would a second be on the cards? At the moment I'm working on this post from my current Newark, NJ, USA location. Even though I am stateside now, I would definitely go back to Liverpool in the near future. My blog didn't exist during that Liverpool day of discovery, with every intention to carry on this life of adventure and travelling, I would love to see more parts of the city and to know more about the Mersey River. Of course, that family connection will keep me returning to Liverpool so I can piece together the journey that was made. My friend had her baby and that will mean I must return to Southport to meet that new addition, since that Manchester Airport bump appeared. The Royal Albert Dock allowed me to see a different Liverpool, lessons have definitely been learned! Get me back to England so I can blog like I am now! Liverpool, like Sonia proclaimed; 'you'll never stop me from loving you!' No! 

Liverpool... Listen To Your Heart! 

Joseph Harrison


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