24 May 2012

An Evening at The Yankee Stadium

One of my top things to do whilst in New York was to experience a New York Yankees Baseball game at the Yankee Stadium. Well this evening brought my dream to a reality as I ventured to the Yankee Stadium for my first ever baseball game. Being that the Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx I was at first slightly worried but I got over it.

I travelled to the Yankee Stadium independently, adopting a sense of caution throughout my journey. If the truth be told I felt perfectly safe whilst getting off the subway, throughout the game and back through to Grand Central Terminal. Perfectly this game between the New York Yankees and the Kansas City Royals was scheduled for one of my days off. When all is said and done I honestly didn't know how baseball worked, I have only just got the hang of soccer (football) so the two hours I spent watching this everlasting game proved to be a interesting and new experience that would definitely be recommended to try if you haven't watched a baseball match! 

Another new adventure allured me the Yankee Stadium to watch my first ever Baseball game, I had successfully completed all of my sporting achievements. First of all experiencing a basketball match at Newark's Prudential Center between New York Nets and Utah Jazz. Also previously attending my first American soccer match at the Red Bull Arena to see a interesting soccer match between the New York Red Bull's and Montreal Impact. So, by the the time I booked my tickets for the baseball I had become quite accustomed to watching live sporting events. Oh, as well I have seen an ice hockey match during a previous visit to the United States of America. 

Take the 4 train from Grand Central to reach the Yankee Stadium. 161 St. Yankee Stadium turned out to be my final stop, opening my eyes to the region of the Bronx. Considering I'm just mastering the strange lines of the New York Subway system I class this journey as a grand achievement. Once reaching the grand Yankee Stadium the strong police presence could be felt as I did have some mild apprehension about my visit to the Yankee's. Don't take a single shred of advice from people who say the Bronx is dangerous, its colourful for sure but as long as you keep your eyes open to whats going on around you its all good! 

Life is good, I'm loving life in the Big Apple and taking every opportunity to see new places even if its the Bronx! I love the Bronx really, I'm a bad ass bitch with tonnes of attitude so no one's going to bother me! I didn't really see any Kansas City Royals fans at all really, its safe to say the Yankee fans are a loyal crowd standing by their team. Making my way to the highest point of the stadium to find my seat, you know when there's no lift just stairs its going to be high! With my nerves slightly shot I needed something strong to drink, purely medicinal to help me settle into the height before the game began. My Miller beer helped a lot, it would have helped a lot more it didn't cost almost $13.00. The fact I was sitting at the Yankee Stadium waiting to watch my first baseball match was a moment which didn't feel real.

As the game progressed and the New York Yankees made home-run after home-run the atmosphere in the stadium was really vibrant. The only player I recognised was Alex Rodriguez, only because he and Madonna were linked in the press for a while after her 2008 divorce. The Kansas City Royals played their part of the game poorly as by half-way they were losing considerably. I began to wonder how long the game would actually last for as the times was pressing on and I to get back to Newark, NJ in time so I could be prepared for the Subway ride home to New Jersey, it was a long old schlep back home. 

I had never even seen a baseball game on the television before let alone seeing it in real time so I had no clue how long the game would actually last, an experience that I'm glad I just took the plunge with. Two hours into the game with the score 8-2 to the Yankee's, I decided to make my way home due to the mayhem that would be caused by the other spectators when the game finally finished. All in all my New York baseball experience was super, I would choose to go again but wouldn't pick an evening game due the lengthy proceedings of the game itself. I'm really pleased I chose to see a baseball match at the Yankee Stadium, I guess on the whim decisions can actually pay off!

New York Yankee's Thanks For a Bostin' Game!

Joseph Harrison 

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