NYC: No Battery Park Blues!

Parks are be places for having lazy summer days with friends or being inconspicuous whilst waiting for a mystery encounter? Parks like Battery Park possess a deeper significant compared to any other park that I had previously been to as this one overlooks the Hudson River in New York City! Where was Susan? I was living my 'Desperately Seeking Susan' Madonna fantasy!

With the sun shining at around 4pm the silhouette of our Lady of Liberty shone in the distance from the banks of the Hudson River over-looking this park in-question. To be honest I did half expect the Queen of Pop (Susan) to strut down the promenade past the stone benches in her famous 80's regalia. Even though Madonna herself didn't turn back time 23 years it would have been a moment to cherish. As I looked into the distance the every day 'NY Waterway' ferries sailed past along with the 'Statue Cruises' boat taking excited tourists to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. A site that's proving difficult to put into words, my current thought process wasn't very rational at that time! Even though I desperately wanted to seek Susan it didn't put a dampener on my day it sort of made it more interesting. I needed to use my imagination to believe what the actual film site could have looked like back in the 80's.

New York City is a place that I'm learning to love and I believe that my feelings for this city will only grow stronger as time goes by. Well, I've been to Hyde Park in London and Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham too, but nothing compares to the likes of Battery Park. I will admit that the wintry state of the park meant that there wasn't much living foliage due to the cruel cold degrees of the winter weather but that didn't matter to me. Battery Park you reign supreme to me! I must remember to keep my feet on the ground for this last month has been a whirlwind, being in one of the world's most iconic city's has been amazing, but somehow I don't think things will be getting any less surreal for a while! Desperately Seeking...? My time spent at Battery Park teamed with the movie influence gave me my blog title for my website, I knew that from that moment on I would be 'Desperately Seeking Adventure!' Madonna wasn't going to be walking along that walkway but I channelled her still!

Battery Park City happens to be located within the Financial District, close to New York City's Downtown. I found this part of NYC quite edgy and business orientated, something that I really liked about that part of town. My aim for this year is to throw away the guidebook I was given at the start of my placement and follow the NYC Subway map to get lost so I find new places that aren't strictly meant for the tourist's view! Battery Park City showed me a new insight to New York City because in the here and now I had only seen the Times Square area. The nearby Chinatown served completely different views for other reasons, less edgier let's just say Battery Park's ambiance put me at ease! I didn't care what my colleagues had in their minds during our visit to Battery Park that afternoon, I knew I was in the right place at the right time! Our Hudson River ferry ride had given me everything! I felt empowered and psyched!

As shown in the photo captured to the right the weather was crisp and quite cold, with the bright sky shining on the skyscrapers they looked perfect! I need to get a grip for this I must sound like a bumbling mess when talking about this park and the crazy emotions it made me feel but I kid you not I loved every second spent at Battery Park. The visit to this part of town was completely spontaneous, something that isn't really my thing as I like to have most things planned to military precision but it never did me any harm. People might have just seen steel and glass structures, I made it to NYC and that meant the most to me! Looking back to my recent trip to Battery Park, I hope that I make a return visit to this area of NYC because it definitely made my day! Getting myself together, I knew that Downtown needed more attention, I could leave the bright lights of Midtown for a few months. I wanted to discover the realness, the chance to be close to NYC feels legendary!

With the affluent sprawl of Manhattan making the surrounding vistas of Battery Park looked so very amazing, It dawned on me that I'm here in America, well New York for the best part of a year. Cliche as this may sound but 'I'm Living the Dream!' The atmosphere made the moment feel more real as the heavy volume of tourists trundled past with their Kodak's and backpacks. One can be very grateful that I'm living here rather than just visiting for a weekend unlike the masses. Enough of that baloney please! I don't know whether it was the time of year but I imagine things to have looked more alive but from the things that I did see, I loved every moment of being back in they city again. Seeing the 'Statue of Liberty' in distance gave me the sense that she had to be my next New York City/Jersey City find! I hadn't seen that iconic symbol of freedom that has greeted so many to the shores of the NY and NJ area.

Feeling very content with my visit to Battery Park and the surrounding Downtown area within New York City's core, it was time for us to take the ferry over to Lackawanna/Hoboken Ferry Terminal. We all went for a few beers and enjoyed some chicken wings. The day had been very random and seriously unplanned but that had allowed me to have the experience that I did at Battery Park. The day gave me a great starting point for the year that's standing before me, I have lots of places within the United States of America that I plan to visit! Back to work I went with a desire to continue with my blog, to carry on with my time off to be consistent so I can plan more overnight and weekend trips. I need to watch the film back to track where 'Susan' and Madonna met along the riverside park! I don't know where my next day off will take me but I definitely like the look of Greenwich Village! I know deep down that I didn't choose to visit Battery Park because it chose me! Let's get it, get it! 

Yes, Battery City Park! 

Joseph Harrison


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