NYC: Christopher Street, Bowery & NoHo!

I recently discovered Greenwich Village, NYC for the first time! Nestled between West Village and SoHo is a side of New York City that made me feel so at home, so much so that I wanted to relocate from Newark instantly! To be honest the weather wasn't the best compared with my other days off but time is precious, sure I went off the tourist map regardless! Let's get it NYC!

It's been two months since I started my Industrial Placement, I had the bug to see somewhere new in the city. After talking to one of my co-workers I decided to jump on the PATH train to Christopher Street. How could a place so aligned with my senses be less than thirty minutes away on the train from Jersey? I had heard great things about this trendy and historic area of New York City. I absolutely had no clue where I was going but I simply trusted the streets of Greenwich Village to take me somewhere interesting. As mentioned before the weather was not really the best that day, but we have to make the best of what we have! I was instantly impressed by the kitsch boutiques that this area served, it was a new vibes compared with everyday stores along Newark's Ferry Street. Make no mistakes I am loving the realness of Newark's Ironbound District, I wanted more from Greenwich Village! Get it Miss PATH, strike a pose!

It was a far cry from Times Square because no throng of tourists could be seen as I made my way from the PATH station in the heart of Greenwich Village at Christopher St PATH Station! The gods were looking out for me! That side of New York City had a different vibe with cute coffeeshops and pet grooming business for the Rainbow majority, yes New York City had many queens reigning in that neighbourhood! After finding my feet I instantly at home! I was on a budget so those fine eateries weren't meant for me during that visit, I didn't need fine food because those NYC bites I found tasted on point! The streets were alive with a certain 'je ne sais quoi' but I didn't know quite what? I was in the centre of NYC's historic Gay district, standing in the very same place as the freedom fighters sashayed for our rights to just be, to be what we are without any apologises required! In that moment the penny, well cent dropped good and proper, my colleagues knew me very well! YESS!

Jam-packed with a vast range of vintage fashion boutiques, Greenwich Village possessed a charm that certainly caught my eye. A neighbourhood that reminded me of London's Chelsea with a touch of London's Soho Rainbow vibe with a smattering of NYC sophistication added for good measure. Just a heartbeat away from the tenement charm of Lower Manhattan lay Greenwich and West Villages. I was loving those sweet views, yes for those forward young gentlemen! Greenwich and West Village were serving the looks and then some, looks for days! I've been in America for about two months now and wanted see somewhere that hadn't jumped out of the tourist guide! Following my senses and those tasty looking guys I neared Christopher Street, I adored those NYC style fire escapes along with the red brick apartment blocks! Getting it, I knew that the living was right for me in that moment! Come on through, NYC!

I'm not one for going shopping and leaving empty handed, so one charming clothes shop caught my eye. Rag & Bone, is an understated but nevertheless stylish store that tempted my debit card to part with more than a sensible amount of money than I usually would allow. Let's just say that the charm of the shop and its rustic exterior wasn't the only reason I had to purchase something from this gorgeous designer boutique. The type of gentlemen that I mentioned before were definitely present in this store, a shopping experience to remember for a while. Calling all fashion retailers! You need to have a field trip to this part of town because I'm afraid you could learn something from these fashion houses! Let's just say that I can't be attracted to anymore shops that have gorgeous store assistants because I can't afford another luxurious purchase like I made at Rag & Bone! Listen, a treat is always worth having if we work for our money, next time my money will go towards a flight!

Taking my photo of the Christopher Street sign needed to be done, I was done with the Greenwich and West Villages! Taking a random turn onto Bleecker Street I walked further towards Bowery and East Village. My phone doesn't even have maps, its practically prehistoric so I had to use my memory in order to get back onto the PATH when that was needed. I stumbled upon NYU, yes New York University with a certain Chinese vibe in the air I could tell the student population had a diverse feel. Bleecker Street sent me back to school, I was being educated with a real-time NYC education stacked full of endless realness! Was it a woman, man or what was it? I saw an angel, a wonderfully looking human being dressed in their finery, the wig was on-point along with the garments! Those lights and sights during that day time hour had me bedazzled! Stopping for a light refreshment at a local Irish bar, I enjoyed that afternoon beverage.

Not having any GPS didn't bother me, I believe that New York City takes me by the hand and encourages me to take those unplanned paths during my off days spent in the city. I knew it would soon be time to turn around to retrace my steps back to Christopher Street PATH Station for the train back to Newark Penn Station, airport life would resume the next AM! From that faithful suggestion to getting lost in the store assistants blue eyes at Rag & Bone the day took me to places that I never expected to find! The street murals have me live, trusting Bleecker Street had to be the one, I was definitely getting schooled for the better! I'm buzzing for my next adventure over to the city, those crazy shifts will make those Dollars so I can get back over to NYC. Making it back to Jersey, the day had been a success but damn did I walk at least one million miles? Yes! I'm loving this placement life for however long it lasts, every memory made will be blogged about! Living my dream, I am living!

Strike a 'POSE!'

Joseph Harrison


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