10 March 2012

My Month In New Jersey

My first month of working and living in Newark, NJ has past by ever so quickly. I am truly loving every second of this experience, from the very moment that I arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport the pace of this journey has not slowed down. From my first day in New York City discovering Times Square and watching Madonna marvel the Superbowl, so far its been immense. Picking up another language will be a doddle as everyone in the neighbourhood speaks either Spanish or Portuguese (Brazilian) so having an ear for languages is helping me considerably.

Literally love the Ironbound, its the area that I live in. The infusion of cultures, shops and restaurants all work together fabulously. Over the last four weeks I took it upon myself to try as many Portuguese barbecue restaurants within my side of Newark, for I want to be a part of the Ironbound life. This task has been great and it will definitely carry on for the remainder of my placement. Well, the first time I ordered in one of these restaurants I literally did not understand my food order but ended up with some top quality food. I still need to try the Portuguese bakeries and seek out the best pastries and cakes on Ferry Street to see what places to show the family when they visit. I guess all this trying new foods could be classed as a form of research? I have definitely got a feeling that travelling will be on my agenda throughout this coming year. Who knows? I could be crossing borders, state lines and visiting tropical islands all in the space of this year? As the saying goes, all work and no play makes a dull Joe! I better get working to save the pennies that will pay for my adventures!

My life has changed so much, I guess that I haven't had much time for everything to settle sink-in really? My friends from University are all over the world, some are working for their Industrial Placement in Connecticut, USA and South Carolina, USA. Others are completing their Placement in places like Stratford-Upon Avon, Shanghai, Dubai and Hong Kong! We'll all be sharing our journeys through the medium of Facebook and I shall try my best to send some postcards throughout the year. I promise! This year will bring us so much more than just work, I just have a hunch that life will never be the same again! 

Maybe this Industrial Placement will finally define what career path I want to take? I want to travel so badly! I truly have a good feeling about this year for I know its going to be a struggle but life is a challenge that we all must embrace to the fullest. The airline business must be in the blood? All I know is that I'm where I want to be! Travelling is on my agenda but what destinations will this year take me to?  I have the Island of Puerto Rico in my sites, it's an official part of the United States Of America! No visa for Joe! I know that will make things a lot easier! Wherever I get to this year I know that it will be a memorable experience for all the right reasons! 

Living less than 40 minutes away from New York City is something that I seriously thought would never happen, for I simply can't believe it still, I have no choice but to love it! From Times Square, to Chinatown it so far has been an eye-opener that real New York City is as good as it's portrayed in the movies! It actually looks even better in real life! As for the Chinese food it turned out to be Vietnamese and Paolo Fiorello I'm sure that chicken we ordered barked once in its life, one thing I probably will not get to the bottom of. I take a super-second to glance back at my training period to think about the luxury that is sleep. One cannot ever have enough sleep, but this is such a amazing opportunity that its a drop in the ocean when I really think about it properly.

Another thing that I know I have been lucky with are my work colleagues. I can safely say I work with some great people who never cease to bring a smile to my face or make me laugh so much my mind floats elsewhere. I'm not going to trawl into the list of everyone as I want to finish this blog before preparing for another AM shift. I'm loving life right now and even though my family is far away I know that I will cope with a Christmas Day away from Bilston! Well, missing the upcoming birth of my two cousins will be harsh but we have to have some emotion in our lives! So! As February fades away, I'm going to look forward to March and the upcoming months and make every moment of this experience the best it can possibly be! 

My New Home Rocks!

Joseph Harrison

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