23 March 2012

Greenwich Village ... I Love You!

Greenwich Village! Oh what a place! Nestled between West Village and SoHo is a New York City district that made me feel so at home, so much so that I wanted to relocate from Newark instantly. To be honest the weather wasn't at it's best compared to my other days off but time is precious and I always want to stroll off the tourist map to somewhere different. 

It's currently two months into my Virgin Atlantic Airways placement and I had the bug to see somewhere I hadn't seen before. After talking to one of my co-workers I decided to jump on the PATH train to Christopher Street. I had heard great things about this trendy and historic area of New York. I absolutely had no clue where I was going but I simply trusted the streets of Greenwich Village to take me somewhere interesting. As mentioned before the weather was not really the best that day, but we have to make the best of what we have! I was instantly impressed by the kitsch boutiques that this area had to offer, something that was a step up from the electrical stores of Ferry Street, Newark. 

I'm pleased to say that tourists were not making Greenwich Village and Christopher St. look bad! There is a god! This side of New York City seemed like a world away from the noise and action of Times Square, I suppose 'variety is the spice of life?' Let's explore this area, well more like let's investigate some thing because I absolutely loved what I saw! Now, now Joseph ... keep yourself together please! Ok self I shall try to do just that!

Jam-packed with a vast range of vintage fashion boutiques, Greenwich Village possesses a charm that certainly caught my eye. A neighbourhood that reminded me of Camden, London with a touch of sophistication added for good measure. Just a heartbeat away from the tenement charm of Lower Manhattan lies this sleepy but lively district exists. Greenwich Village is home to some of the most fashion forward young gentlemen I have ever seen, which made this area simply impossible not to adore! I've been in America for about two months now and wanted see somewhere that hadn't jumped out of the tourist guide! So Greenwich Village, open your heart to me because I want to see a part of this town that's true and beautiful! What am I like?! You got to admit that seeing a little eye candy is definitely good for the soul!

Now, I'm not one for going shopping and leaving empty handed, so one charming clothes shop caught my eye. Rag & Bone, is an understated but nevertheless stylish store that tempted my debit card to part with more than a sensible amount of money than I usually would allow. Let's just say that the charm of the shop and its rustic exterior wasn't the only reason I had to purchase something from this gorgeous designer boutique. Oh yes! The type of gentlemen that I mentioned before were definitely present in this store, a shopping experience to remember for a while. Calling all fashion retailers! You need to have a field trip to this part of town because I'm afraid you could learn something from these fashion houses! Let's just say that I can't be attracted to anymore shops that have gorgeous store assistants because I can't afford another luxurious purchase like I made at Rag & Bone! 

Christopher Street, home to the only rainbow flag I have seen so far in New York City, surely I'm only starting to visit the correct parts of this magical and mesmerising city? Perfectly lined with many different bars specialising in the obvious theme, shops of all kinds and a theatre advertising a interesting show, I was loving what stood before me! Did I mention the atmosphere? Oh yes I did, I have a feeling this district might become a hot spot for a night out in the city soon?!

Somewhere close to my heart I know that visiting Greenwich Village was a wise decision. See you soon Greenwich Village! You've become my new favourite part of the Big Apple! I might meet the sun shining upon my next visit to Greenwich Village, that would really impress me much! Greenwich Village will forever be a place that I would return both during and after my placement here in America, well I've got a long while to go still! If Greenwich Village was a person I would say he would be young, gorgeous, fashion forward and always looking a good time! If the stresses of Times Square ever gets too much, then I recommend having a stroll through the charming streets of Greenwich Village!

Love The Village People Please!

Joseph Harrison

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