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2020: Recipes With Miss Rona... Part 4!

Missing China more than words could ever explain, Miss Rona continues to hijack my plans for the moment! I chose to cook some Chinese food. While Miss Rona enjoys the fame, I knew that I would be challenging myself to cook some Sweet and Sour Chicken from scratch! Xinjiang Pilaf had me thinking about my summer holiday to China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
With an everlasting bag of king prawns to eat, I decided to make a fancy prawn omelette. I had already cooked up enough rice to feed an army the previous day. Absolutely, I needed the perfect Chinese dish to kick off my Chinese leg as a part of 'Recipes With Miss Rona'. Feeling all confident, I mixed my beaten eggs with soy sauce, a chicken stock cube and some olive oil with salt and pepper, but why? I had my prawns pre-cooked, that was the part that didn't take much thought. I don't have a good track record with omelettes, rubbishing that I made sure I followed the recipe by lightly scrambling the egg, bre…

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