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Life's A Drag... Carry On, Tiger King & O' Canada: Part 3!

The British Isle has been famous for its drag and camp artistry since day dot, so from the very beginning! Life is most certainly a drag and I wouldn't have it any other way! Would you? From the 'Carry On' films to the 'Tiger King' himself, there's always been drag of a different kind that has existed away from RuPaul's very own 'Drag Race!' Did I forget someone? What's her name? Now that was a 'Carry On' we would say if something was a 'faff', or took us 'around the houses'. Knowingly, I am sure that the BBC knew what it was doing when it broadcast such a camp series of raunchy and side-spliting funny sketches. Did they? Surely? I was and am definitely too young to have known the 'Carry On' films in their heyday but their legacy has carried on into present day. With the recent passing of Dame Barbara Windsor, it seems only fitting to look back at a different form of camp! Stuffed with suggestive lines and enough E

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