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2021: I'm Just Going For A Walk... Part 3!

Enough is enough, I really need to break free from this locked down England! Real talk, I took myself out for another bit of daily exercise because with nothing else open at the time, what was I going to do? Nothing! In my feelings? I think so! Category was 'Hometown Glory! For the win 'Bilston Town Centre' became my 'Main Stage!' B, brought it to the 'Runway!' Come on through!  With life still under Lockdown at that point, I had to get out of the house once again! I didn't fancy walking all the way through to Willenhall through Darlaston like I had before. Choosing Bilston as my destination, I focussed on a route that I hadn't took for a very long time! Walking down Darlaston Lane from my family home, I passed my former and only secondary school. From 2000 through to 2008, I studied at St. Thomas More Roman Catholic School. As I walked past that former 'everyday' place, I thought about how relieved I felt that I never had to go back into tha

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