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DPRK: Sariwon, Reunification Highway & Ryugyong Lights...

After we had bossed the Panmunjom, the DMZ and those Kaesong highlights, we made our way slowly back towards Pyongyang City. Stopping in Sariwon showed us a view from a higher point of view, the walk to that viewpoint was steep! Meeting in the middle, the Arch of Reunification gave us vibes for a reunified Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang brought those Ryugyong LED lights! Feeling tired from the lengthy tour programme, we headed back towards Pyongyang with Sariwon in mind. The drive from Kaesong to Sariwon took us around one hour or so, I most likely napped the whole way because the schedule had us busy. The landscape soon transitioned from countryside to a pint-sized cityscape, we had made it to the outskirts of Sariwon. No longer in North Korea's Kaesong, we were still located within the country's North Hwanghae Province. Arriving at the Sariwon Folklore Park gave us the opportunity to step down from our coach, we needed some fresh air and that is what we got and more! Stretching

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